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Those Look Quite Familiar

I wonder if it's just a coincidence... Last weekend or so, I started looking around for torrents of America's Funniest Home Videos. Prior to that, the only other time I had searched around for such was when we just got connected with Sympatico for the first time, which was back when BitTorrent was nothing more than a combination of two otherwise unrelated words. Needless to say I wasn't able to find anything then, but I have now, although not quite in the form I was expecting. I wanted episodes with Bob Saget in them, because those are the ones I remember seeing on TV, but aside from a few holiday specials, all of them have the newest / current host - Tom Bergeron - which I'll settle for in this case because they're still kind of what I wanted. That somehow lead to looking up the former on Wikipedia, and through reading that page, seeing "Full House" as the name of another TV show, which sounded vaguely familiar. I couldn't say for certain whether or not I was fabricating the memory before that, so upon seeing the name of the show, what would do do but take a quick look at the page for it, then go find a torrent of all 8 seasons. Thus far I've only watched the first two episodes, but one of the interesting things that I noticed, and the thing that I wonder if is a coincidence or not in this case, is that the style of the counters and cupboards in the kitchen are exactly the same as the ones in the kitchen in this house here. I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad put those in too, meaning that they weren't here before, so thinking that it might have been intentional is kind of neat.

Also in regards to TV shows though, a couple years ago Adam kept asking if I could find anywhere to download episodes of The Red Green Show online. I looked, and could find only a handful, so I ended up buying him what was advertised as the complete set on eBay. Then, just a couple minutes ago I searched for "red green show" on Torrentz, and lo and behold, seasons 1 to 10 are available to download. Might be worthwhile for me as well because it is kind of a fun show to watch, but one of the movies had what looked like a big cat skin on the floor of the main lodge area, and since then I've been fairly disgusted with it, so we'll see.

In other news, I suppose I should catch up on things I didn't have time to write about yesterday. I thought I only worked until 8, so I was planning to mention a few things of interest when I got home, but as it turns out my 5-8 shift is coming up on Monday, so I was actually scheduled until 10 last night, which ended up becoming 12 for reasons that will be mentioned in a bit. First of all though, Dollarama. Dear me, Dollarama. Within two minutes of walking into the place, I had collected everything that I wanted to buy before leaving the house. The other 28 minutes or so was spent wandering through the rest of the aisles buying about $20 worth of merchandise that I did not need. Well, I did pick up two brand-name boxes of Devil's Food cake mix there for only $1.50 each which I'll need for two dates in May, but then the rest was just... I remember going to A Buck or Two in the mall before, back when I didn't have a steady source of income, and not being able to buy all the things I wanted even though they were inexpensive. Now it's like I'm doing exactly the same thing, except at Dollarama instead, and with money to spend should I see something that I want as an impulse buy. I will need to go back there one more time before the middle of next month for a third box of cake mix, but otherwise, I think I've spent enough there for several weeks.

As for work now, nothing too interesting came of seeing that I would be there until 10 instead of 8. It was just two extra hours, and the first three went by quickly enough thanks to orders not stopping for the entire time. I even stayed where I was until 9, which made me think that Gabby would end up cleaning the dining room instead, but no, at about 8:45, she informed me of a couple requests that Melissa had made. One was to clean a grate / vent in the ceiling. Easily done, albeit incredibly dirty, and some of the dust even went up my nose. Request number two, however, was a little more involved. She had asked for the floor in the dining room to be scrubbed clean (normally it's just swept and mopped), so I gave her (Gabby) a kind of flustered look and asked "Will I be staying past ten then?", and she responded with "If you need to, then yeah". My feelings about that were more or less the same as you'd expect from somebody whose shift just got extended by a couple hours, but I dutifully set about doing that anyways. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the main part of the floor until 11 because some customers were there until the last minute, but after that, I got to work, and was about halfway through when she asked how I was doing, also pointing out that it was quarter to 12, and she couldn't have me stay past midnight. As such I ended up having to just mop the rest of the floor normally, but that left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Last time I did the same job it took me on the order of 3 hours, and to have completed half in 45 minutes last night meant I would've finished in half of my previous time, but that was not to be. I would like to tell Melissa that next time she wants that job done, she should arrange to have the person doing it stay until 1. Either that, or in the event that they were expecting me to rush through it and get the entire thing done in an hour, to ask somebody else next time.

Something else of the unusual variety happened after that as well, but I'll skip over the unpleasant details of that and simply say that eating food from Taco Bell on an empty stomach is not a good idea. The beef may not seem that oily, but what I experienced after eating my beef burritos proves otherwise. My stomach is churning just thinking about it, so I should probably find something else to think about. Maybe what work tonight will be like - I would be not looking forward to it more if I didn't kind of like the idea of going to work in April and walking back home in May. Still two hours before that though, so I'm going to find something else to do~

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