Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Must Have Consistency

So I find myself here once again, except in today's case, I have even less time than I did before. Yesterday afternoon went awry as soon as I stepped into the shower because after that I didn't feel like doing anything else, and then today I've spent about an hour and a half thus far just trying to convert these next couple folders of files. I recently took it upon myself to convert every single episode of all the TV series that I've downloaded to XviD / MP3 AVIs for consistency and all that, but I've hit a snag with Looney Tunes. A handful of episodes in the folder I'm working on now have multiple audio tracks, which are in AC3 format instead of MP3. Thankfully, VirtualDubMod does support there being more than one (unless normal VirtualDub does as well, but it doesn't look like it), but what it doesn't do is allow me to convert said tracks / streams to MP3. Even if I save them as uncompressed first, it won't allow me to compress them in the format that I want to use again, so hopefully reinstalling the codec works, because at the moment I can't do anything - not even extract the separate streams, convert them in VLC or somesuch (converting audio is so much easier than video), then add them back in and hope the program doesn't give an error message the second time.

Oh, well nevermind that, actually. Installing this worked like a charm, so now I can just be somewhat unenthusiastic about not being able to set up the entire folder worth of files in the Job Control window, click the start button, and leave that going while I'm away at work. Unless there's some way to make the program automatically convert all audio streams to 128kbps MP3s, but again, I don't have time to poke around looking for that sort of option right now. I think it's better to have something to do when I get home anyways, because I'm already thinking about going out to Walmart after work for everything else I need to make Mom a cake next week, and I'd rather not go from that to being bored again when I get back home. Speaking of next week though, Smittys at 5pm, for four people because Adam will still not be back, and then because I have to work, I'm considering taking Mom out to Dairy Queen for dessert as well. It's right up the street from work, after all, and there's no point making her a cake on / for Sunday if I won't be able to enjoy it with them, so yeah, those sound like decent plans. I've yet to determine if Dad or Naomi will be helping to pay for it at all (and even if not, I do intend to ask Dad to cover the tip at Smittys, because I would rather not), but considering there are only four of us this year, I should think the evening won't cost more than about a hundred dollars.

As for work and such today, I don't expect too much considering I only work until 8. Given how weekend closes usually are, I'd rate Saturday a 7 out of 10, then yesterday / Sunday was a 6, mostly because I got yelled at a couple times, and because of Gabby's decision to figuratively sweep everything else under the rug and leave at 2:30 instead of cleaning up properly. Not all too bad though, sure, and she did make a kind of uncharacteristic (for her) remark on Saturday. Right at the end of the night, James and I were waiting outside, and she opened the door one last time to make sure we had everything, and in so doing, saw a cat way at the back of the parking lot. Her exact words were "Look! A kitty!", shortly followed by "Not you, [Karadur]" and a laugh, which I wouldn't expect from her. Along the same lines though, James and I walked home after that because he didn't have his car, and as we were crossing over the bridge, I noticed a guy and a girl crossing the same bridge in our direction. The girl said hi, and we both said hi back, then she asked "Do you have a cell phone?" which I initially thought was directed to us, but we kept walking, and a second later I heard her ask again, followed by "Darn! I want to take a picture...". To be objective about it, she may not have wanted to take a picture of me, but all the same, I don't commonly see people taking pictures of the river or the bridge.

On a final note now, quick StepMania-related things. Number one, as if finding songs by ZUN, Dai, or Kil wasn't difficult enough, it has thus far been quite frustrating to find more than just this song by Xi. Seriously. The artist's name is "Xi" and nothing more, which is a shame because the song is pretty neat. Number two, the song I felt I had truly made progress by passing before was Gaussian Blur. That, however, gave way to Vertex Beta / BETA, which I felt that I could pass, if only my hand didn't always start to cramp up right near the end. I've figured out a trick to it now though, leading to this screenshot first of all, and also to this second one. The second is especially notable given that I passed it on my first try, but yeah, now I really have to leave for work. Hopefully everything goes well for later~

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