Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mixed Nuts Are My Enemy

I ended up just going to Shoppers after work last night, and left there with a package of honey-roasted cashews, two little boxes of candy (Whoppers and Milk Duds), and a plastic jar of mixed nuts that didn't have a price on it, but which I figured couldn't cost more than the cashews did. A mere $9.99 as it turns out, which is quite unacceptable, but even so, I'm thinking of buying one more for Mom for Mother's day and explaining that while I couldn't think of anything better to get her this year, I didn't just want to buy another jar of salted cashews. As for me, I spent about $20 there which is fair considering I would've spent a little more than that on Cool Whip and maraschino cherries and sweetened condensed milk and all that had I actually gone out to Walmart, and as for not going there, I just ended up not wanting to. It seemed more reasonable to say that everything I needed to purchase should be available at Food Basics, and I could go there at a later date, so maybe tomorrow, or maybe on Friday or Saturday. As for that Bulk Barn gift card that I couldn't use on Sunday, I think I will try to save it until June or whenever things open up for having a chance to go to London. Maybe. And on roughly the same note, in regards to that family get-together coming up in the same month, I will likely make the effort to attend, and as such, it's mostly dependent on the weather for now. That and there being a fair possibility of stopping at a service center along the way home for snacks.

Anyways, getting back to mixed nuts being my enemy, in total yesterday I ate four pieces of cinnamon toast, four cookies, four pieces of chicken, five perogies, both of those boxes of candy, and about half of each container / package of nuts. Today I have eaten a slice of cake and about half the total amount of nuts left over from last night, and because of that, aside from maybe, maybe having some supper in the form of noodles with mushrooms and gravy later, that'll be it. All I've been doing lately is over-eating and telling myself I'll make up for it the next day which inevitably doesn't happen, which is very slightly understandable considering recent bouts of depression / unhappiness, but otherwise is shameful. I am somewhat happy to report that I haven't had any pop to drink in about three days now, which is an improvement over drinking two or three cans a day before, but overall I'm not doing very well. Maybe I should start keeping track again. In better news though, Sheila came out to the dining room while I was sitting down to rest before my shift started yesterday, and the first question she asked was, in a rather hushed voice "Did you make any more cookies?" Then she went on to ask about Adam and if he was still away or not, but the cookies thing is fun. Unless she was just asking to be polite, of course. I told her that I hadn't baked any more yet, and for the moment, that is exactly what I will continue to say should anybody else ask. If you pay me, then sure, I'll make them upon request, but aside from that they're meant to be a treat and a surprise.

As for the rest of the afternoon, I should probably go wash the dishes soon, and then work on what I didn't make it to last night. More or less organizing my torrents again, and finding a new wallpaper to use, which is now easier said than done, having moved the folder to an external drive to free some space, and then hope to be able to talk to Dan Skunk online later as well. My second visit is coming up in about three weeks, and ever since I came back from the first one we've been talking very little, partially because of things that went wrong there before, but mostly because, as is the case this afternoon, he isn't around to at least say "This is the time the train will be arriving in Toronto" to. It's frustrating, but the best way to abate that frustration is to find something else to concentrate on. Might as well start with going to check on the dishes, then finding a better wallpaper. Oh, and as for TV-show-episode-converting, Looney Tunes is all done with, and now I'm into MacGyver. A little easier considering I can just select the entire folder in VirtualDub's job control mode, click Start, and leave it to figuratively chew through those files, but also slower, seeing as for these ones, it's the video - not the audio, which was the case with Looney Tunes - that is encoded in a different format than the one I would like, and that inevitably takes longer to transcode than the audio does. That's enough for today though. I need to get to work on these more important things~

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