Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Either I'm Hearing Things, Or...

I'm not sure how this is happening. Even though the window in my room is clearly up on the wall ahead of me, I could be sure I just heard birds chirping from somewhere behind where I'm sitting, which is rather a feat considering all that's back there is a wall which I'm resting against, and on the other side of it, the TV room. Sure, there's a very, very slight chance that a bird got stuck in the heating duct, but if that were the case, surely I'd hear it flapping around trying to get out as well. Thus if anything it's the second or third sign since 5:00 that I should be getting to bed soon, and I really ought to considering our plans for tomorrow, but I want to do this first.

A while back, I specifically said that I was going to try to adopt a more laid-back approach to writing in here, mostly in the form of not writing every single day, and while that was nice for the first week or so, it seems to be promoting more laziness than worthwhile entries these days, and I don't like that. I don't like this being something that I update only when I can find both the time and the interest, but with that in mind, what's changed? I feel like I've talked about this before, but it used to be that I wrote about anything that was on my mind, be it good or bad or private or public, which continued for a little while even after I made a couple friends, but then it slowly started to fade into where I am now. I think it was an episode of Home Improvement that mentioned the same thing, and the answer given there was that you (or any other person who happens to be in question) grew up, and as such were more alert and wise than they had been before or something. What that doesn't answer, however, is why I wish I could go back to those days again, but can't. Well, let me rephrase that. I wish I could relive feeling that way, but everything else can stay just as it is now. Keeping things to myself does have its advantages as well, I will admit, but at times like this I wish both that it wasn't so early in the morning, and also that I was slightly more inclined to just write my thoughts instead of proof-thinking-through them in my head first.

That being said, there's more to it than the above alone. What also causes issues too much of the time is exactly what's happening here - starting to write and eventually finding the beginnings of an interesting train of thought, and then having that derailed in short order by other thoughts of the time or other obligations that I may have. In my mind it goes from feeling that what I'm writing about is interesting (at least to me) and that I'll enjoy forming an entry around it, but then noticing the time or otherwise getting distracted, and deciding that I'd do better to leave any lengthy writing until another day, and covering the basics (what I've done, what I'm doing, what I'm planning to do, etc.) which repeats for a fair while. In tonight's case, it's already 6am, so not only am I tired, but I also know that if I write about what I want to completion, I'll be up until 7:30 or 8, and I was already up until ~7 yesterday morning, which I wouldn't care to repeat. Maybe what I need to do is work on such entries throughout the week (or some similar length of time), and then post it / them when they're ready. That's kind of what I was planning to do before in regards to working up a new theme and so on, so maybe I'll pick up where I left off with that and try for some longer entries in the future.

As for right now though, I do need to get to sleep soon. I was up so early yesterday night playing a game, of all things, and as mentioned in the paragraph above, I don't want to get back into that if I can help it. Oh, sure, I used to do exactly that with Pic Pic, culminating in the morning where I was up until 9 (which still doesn't come close to the several during years past where I didn't lay down until almost noon, but I digress), but there was a point to that game. I was trying to make a full guide for it, and in the end was successful (although to be completely straight, I should copy the solutions of the tutorial puzzles too...), whereas the one I was playing last night serves no purpose other than to provide a diversion. Maybe that's why I have very few games installed on my laptop (Half-Life, StepMania, Be-Pachi Music, and Knytt Stories are all that come to mind), but yes. Whether or not this entry is any different is still up for debate, considering it sounds more like an exercise in writing something about nothing to me, but again, that's what being tired does.

As such, I'll end this by saying that George may or may not be coming over after work tomorrow night to get some new episodes of Doctor Who. It's nice to be caught up and downloading the new episodes as they're aired now. Also, TV show / movie conversion for my own obsessive-compulsive (something like that) purposes is coming along relatively smoothly. I'm about in the middle of the Pokémon folder right now, which is fair progress from being back at MacGyver last time I mentioned it. Thirdly, I've been given a new, exciting proposal for something to do during my second trip to Toronto in a couple weeks which would not be unlike going to the Western Fair with Josh, his mom, and his grandma before, and finally, I am going to bed. This is definitely going to sound weird if I end up reading it again in the morning (or afternoon), but I can't delay much longer. Until tomorrow~

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