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Karadur Inacu 

Looks Like Summer is Here

I need to do something about this, but of course the frustrating part is that I don't know what. Thinking back to last night, I was considering writing an entry before going to bed because a couple unusual points of interest had come up during the day, but between going out for supper, working, making a cake for Mom at home, and possibly one or two other things, I went straight from finishing the cake to eating some toast, and from there almost immediately to bed, and now, as per usual, I still want to write about the things that I was going to mention last night, but don't at the same time because the weather outside is really annoying (yes, annoying - there's not a cloud in the sky and the unchanging amount of sunlight coming in my window is fairly monotonous), and if I could just go downstairs and get the phone I might have somewhere to go for a walk to, but I only want two things at that place, and neither of them are explicitly in-stock, so I'm left, here, writing this and wondering about what sort of a day off it's going to be.

Amusingly, back on Thursday of last week I was about half-seriously considering this being the day that I would go to London. There was nothing immediately preventing me from doing that, because I could just put my entire next pay to my second trip to Toronto and use the hundred dollars I had set aside from last week for that purpose to spend in London, as well as that I had two days off, so there wouldn't be any rush in the form of going one day and having to work the next, alas, if I had gone, I would've been there about half an hour ago, so I'll have to get to it later. Speaking of which though, when we went grocery shopping last week I'm pretty sure Mom told me that we next have appointments to get our hair cut on the 10th of June, which is a Friday, and also the day before the family get-together that I still haven't made an official decision regarding my attendance of, but as before, I probably will try to go. Considering I asked for a week off this month, asking for a single day off next shouldn't be much of an imposition, and the only way I'd really enjoy the day otherwise is if I told everybody here that I had to work, but meanwhile asked Melissa to have it off and thus had the house to myself, but that would be dishonest. Fun, yes, but also considering that Trish, Adam, and Ericka will be here by then, I can see there being at least several afternoons of them going to the beach and me having the house to myself as a result.

Regarding the things I wanted to mention last night though, let's start with Mother's Day. Supper was nice, and Mom commented several times that up until when I told her we needed to go (~4:50pm), she didn't think we had anything planned at all. Then Naomi brought the same up again at least five times throughout the meal, which by the end of it was getting annoying. I found it amusing too, but didn't keep going on about it. At any rate, regarding that as well, Dad said something about my "quiet confidence" which I felt was quite apt. Had there been any exceptions to the following, I hope Dad would've let me know, but Mom didn't need to know anything until it was time to head out. The reservations were made at least a week beforehand, so all we had to do was show up on time, and be able to pay for the meal, which Dad and I cooperatively took care of. Oh, and going way ahead to Father's Day, assuming I pay for the meal again, Naomi and Adam will be covering the tip. I will see to that much. Dairy Queen was also a nice treat, but nothing remarkable, and then before leaving I purchased three more Buster Bars to share at work, making the total cost of the evening ~$90. $60 for supper from Smittys, $20 for the four of us at Dairy Queen, and another $7 or so for the extra three Buster Bars. Not too bad, and it leaves me with about $60 to last until the Thursday after next. I'm still not done yet though. Of those three Buster Bars I bought, James got one, and George and I had the other two on the way home, which was a bit different. At the end of the night, he asked if I was going to Tim Hortons, and I didn't answer straight away. I still don't want to go there, simply because I don't miss it yet, but didn't want to go into a long explanation of that again, so I came up with a slightly different reason to say no - because I was going straight home to make Mom's cake. Which I did, but as for George, upon hearing that he said he would walk with me then, and he did. After putting his backpack in his car, we both walked the 20 minutes back to the house, said goodbye and "See you on Wednesday" to each other, and went our separate ways. He also made a comment about being surprised that I wasn't taking some "crazy long route", so if it happens again anytime soon, we can discuss options, as it'd be fun to go for a walk like that with somebody else.

In a different direction now, we also have plans regarding Dairy Queen for next Sunday - to split the cost on one of their dessert pizzas, and have that as a treat. Hopefully he remembers though. On that note, however, I am going to see if anything is being prepared for supper yet, and if she's downstairs, tell Mom her cake is in the fridge in the basement. Then maybe make the phone call I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, because it'd give me something to do. Anything after that remains to be decided upon~

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