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Apparently I'm Not Done Yet

Is this what's known as being taken advantage of? George remembered to bring his external drive to work last night, so we came back here afterward to update things, but while we were working on that, he gave me a list, with items on it from his mom and one of his brothers. They are as follows:

a] Inspector Gadget (including movies)
b] Pinky & The Brain
c] Mario
d] Smurfs

Evidently they want me to download more, so will I do them that favor? Probably. It would appear to be less than Doctor Who was, and again, it's nice to help out, so I have season 1 of Pinky & The Brain downloading right now, have torrents for Inspector Gadget and Mario (both the live and animated series) ready to go in uTorrent (but they're stopped for the moment), and need to look into exactly what "Smurfs" means to know what to look for. A TV series, to be sure, but is it just called "Smurfs", or is there more to the title? As for George coming here last night though, what I've downloaded of the newest season of Doctor Who took an entire two minutes to copy over, but he still ended up being here for another hour or so. Once the aforementioned had copied, he asked me what else I'd downloaded recently, and I named a couple movies that I watched the other night, which he said he wanted to see so I copied those over too. Then we went through my entire folder of movies finding everything I had that he didn't that he wanted to see, started those copying to his external drive, and went out to 7-11.

Approximately halfway there I noticed I'd left my wallet at home (indeed, I had taken both it and my PSP out of my pockets thinking I wouldn't need them to go there) and was considering turning around, because even though he said he could pay for whatever I was getting, I still knew that I wanted to get $4 worth of 5-cent candies, so what did he do? Handed me a 5-dollar bill, and I supplied the 52 cents needed to get a dollar back as change when I went up to the counter. Then immediately upon getting back home, I gave him five dollars from my wallet to pay him back, but I must say that was generous of him. Unfortunately, buying (and eating) so many candies would eventually prove to be not the smartest idea, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The rest of things between then and him going home were comprised of looking for torrents for the items that were on the list from his mom and brothers, hearing about how she had to limit the amount of time they're allowed to spent watching Rugrats each day because they're apparently going through the episodes in no time, saw him practically rolling on the floor laughing at the Super Mario Bros. Super Show intro, tried converting one of the movies he already had to put the video in DIV5 format instead of XVID (it might be that he can't watch XVID-encoded movies on his TV...), and played a couple songs in StepMania which got comments from him about how I should try playing the piano and so on. Used to take lessons, stopped when Adam had to get braces and Mom and Dad couldn't pay for me to continue, and haven't had any great desire to get back to it since then. We also discussed plans for going to Dairy Queen and agreed to move them to next Wednesday, because I do indeed work the same as what I did yesterday, so I'm really looking forward to that. Have a treat on Wednesday, possibly have new episodes of TV shows to give him (at least one of Doctor Who), followed by a day off (except for grocery shopping) on Thursday, and leaving for Toronto on Friday. Fun <3

However, I have not yet mentioned why getting so many candies was a bad idea. I should've noticed something was amiss the moment I started feeling a rather intense pain down at the base of my left hand. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, and nothing like that had happened recently, so I tried to think back to what I'd done differently that day compared to others in the past, and came up with eating 80 sugary candies. Fortunately, said pain went away when I started to get tired, but unfortunately, I woke up about four hours after that feeling the same pain as before, except in my stomach and hindquarters, which wasn't pleasant. Take note that it was ~11:30am when I woke up, and things inside me didn't sort themselves out for another hour. I know that much by being in the bathroom and hearing Naomi walk out to the door to Mom and Dad's room, knock on it, and say "It's 12:30...". Fun. And then, instead of going straight back to bed, I opted instead to get into the shower to wash myself off and shave, halfway through which the bathroom light flickered a couple times and went out, as did the exhaust fan. So I dried myself off, went back into my room, shut my laptop down (I didn't want the battery power to be drained), laid down in bed, and slept (bearing in mind that it was about 1pm then) for an hour and a half. What woke me up was the power coming back on, and thus my ceiling fan and box fan and external hard drives and such else turning back on, and I've decided to just go with this right now instead of sleeping for another couple hours. Being more tired than normal means I'll get to bed earlier tonight, and considering I've been staying up until at least 6:30 recently - as well as that I work a supper shift both tonight and tomorrow - is a good thing.

For now though, I am off to see about getting out to Shoppers. Will walk, if necessary, but I received a package delivery slip today, and need to put it to use. The only odd thing about it is that as far as I can tell it only arrived today, yet it's dated for the 11th of May, and has the box indicating that I can pick the package up tomorrow after 1pm ticked, and next to that, the word "Thursday" is circled. At least this time the package is being held at the Shoppers on Queen St. Time to go see if anybody else is around though~

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