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I'd Rather Be Ignorant

Now this... this is one of the reasons I stopped checking my Google Analytics account (except for rare occasions). Who is this person who searched Google not once but seven times for "karadur furry leopard"? Or how about another entry further down the list for "the stuff i feel like typing"? That used to be the title for my LiveJournal here (or rather, it was "The Stuff I Feel Like Typing :P", and while that match may just be a coincidence, I find it hard to shake that possibility from my head entirely. I was only curious to see if the contents of my userChrome.css file that I posted a couple entries back gathered any attention, so I'm... surprised, shall we say, to see all the rest of that stuff. Mind you it doesn't help that my visits are being tracked again, but I've already logged out, and am not about to open Google Chrome again just to see if I can fix that. One of the other things I said reminds me of something I've been meaning to post for a couple days, but just before that, a brief explanation, because I want to this time. On Thursday night / Friday morning, I was up until 7am re-tagging music. I then slept until 3pm, and left the house at 3:40 so I could go grocery shopping before work, leaving me with not enough time to write an entry then. I can't remember exactly what happened that night, but I know I spent quite a bit of time trying to clean up my desktop and move various groups of files to their respective backup drives, and because of that didn't get to writing an entry then either. Moving on to Saturday afternoon now, I wrote pretty much an entire entry before leaving for work, but didn't like how specific it sounded, and decided I would try again later. It is now later, and here I am writing (or typing, if you prefer), just as planned. Getting back to what I was reminded of now...

a] A userChrome.css Correction, to Start
There was previously a section of the file that looked like this:
/* .bookmark-item[container="true"]:not([livemark="true"])                    */
/* inactive bookmark toolbar item containers                                  */
/*                                                                            */
/* now change the bookmark toolbar item containers themselves to be the same  */
/* width and height as the bookmark button, and add a two-pixel margin to     */
/* the right of each container for spacing.  do not, however, apply this      */
/* attribute to [livemark]s, because the menus are fine just as they are.     */
/* after that, apply the attributes necessary to make the bookmark toolbar    */
/* items look like buttons, but only for those items which are inactive to    */
/* start                                                                      */
It should actually look like this:
/* #PlacesToolbarItems > .bookmark-item[container="true"]                     */
/* inactive bookmark toolbar item containers                                  */
/*                                                                            */
/* now change all bookmark toolbar item containers on the #PlacesToolbar to   */
/* have the same width and height as the bookmark button, and add a two-pixel */
/* margin to the right of each container for spacing.  after that, apply the  */
/* attributes necessary to give the bookmarks toolbar items the same border   */
/* and background as the bookmark button                                      */
#PlacesToolbarItems > .bookmark-item[container="true"]
The difference is that before, the English equivalent of that CSS was "to all bookmark item containers (folders), apply the following attributes, but not to livemarks (individual bookmarks)". That might sound perfectly okay, but note that it doesn't differentiate between folders on the bookmarks toolbar and folders in the bookmarks menu - the same attributes were applied to both, when they're only supposed to be applied to folders on the toolbar, which is what the corrected CSS fixes. Its equivalent in English is "to all bookmark containers that are on the bookmarks toolbar (#PlacesToolbar), apply the following attributes". In this case, [container="true"] may seem superfluous, but without it, all items on the bookmarks toolbar - whether they be folders or individual bookmarks - would be given the specified (but not included above) attributes. To somebody else that function may be desired, but it is unnecessary to me.

b] George Will Be Getting Another Update on Wednesday
Of the list I was given last week, I have the following downloaded:

b1] The fourth episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who, titled "The Doctor's Wife"
b2] The complete Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 series
b3] Season 1 of Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
b4] Season 1 of The Red Green Show

I had some of Pinky & The Brain too, but I decided to do away with them both because they were in MPG format, and because I'd rather have this more-complete torrent that's downloading right now. Assuming everything that should be is included, this will be all of seasons 1 through 3, as well as a fair portion of 4, which is far better than not being able to find complete, coherent season-torrents anywhere else. Everything for that show appears to be divided into volumes, where each volume is about one and a half seasons. As for Inspector Gadget and Smurfs, they're both downloading, but will be a while considering their respective torrents are 15.2 and 35.2GB. That should be fun to do again though, especially with getting a pizza from Dairy Queen earlier in the night.

Which reminds me that as I probably won't get to mentioning food anywhere else in here, I went grocery shopping before work on Friday, as mentioned in the paragraph outside of these cuts. I came away from Food Basics with a bag of noodles (that are amusingly called "Scoobi Doo"), four cans of mushrooms, four packets of sauces / gravies, a package (one of the double-packs that they have for $5) of roast beef, and a box of Devil's food cake mix. In other words, almost all to make meals for myself. Then at work I bought an entire package of flatbread at the full price (12 pieces × 50 cents + tax) of ~$6.50, to be used for grilled cheese sandwiches. Skip ahead tonight when I was going to make a couple of those, and I decided to check how much lasagna was in the container in the fridge first. The container was three-quarters full, so what did I have for supper? Lasagna. And chicken burgers. Am I going to get to my flatbread and noodles / mushrooms / gravies before Friday? I doubt it. Seriously, I don't want that lasagna to go to waste, so it needs to be eaten first. Which also makes me want to say that it's a shame Adam will - as far as I've heard - be leaving Arkansas to come back home again tomorrow. Mom and Dad could use this time to save some money by not buying as many groceries. It used to be that a big block of cheese would last four days at most, yet I think we still have some left in the fridge from two weeks ago in the fridge right now. Alas, it will soon be June, which is when Trish and Ericka will be here as well, meaning that more food will be needed, and that I'll probably start being upset about coming home and not being able to find anything to eat. That'll be fun.

c] Mom and Dad Have Some Concerns About My Trip
The short version: before I left for work today, Dad told me in no uncertain terms that something bad was going to happen to me, probably on the 20th, because he mentioned that date specifically.

The long version: where do I start? I mean, I honestly cannot think of where to start with this, because of how unexpected it is. How about I begin by saying they really were concerned. I didn't notice anything too unusual on Mom's face, but Dad was near tears, and saying things like "I just want you to know... coming from a father to his son, I'm really worried for you". Of course, he conveniently went on to say that he wasn't trying to spook me, which did just the opposite if anything. This, or the way that conversation went is not like them. The only example that even comes close is the first time I took the train to London on my own. Mom asked if there was a phone number they could have written down in case of emergency, and I shrugged her concerns off, thinking nothing would or could go wrong. I had a good idea of where I was going, trusted the people I was going to see, and was comfortable staying at that apartment for a couple nights (comfortable then, that is), and she didn't ask again. Skip ahead a couple years to being a little more mature, and I did leave Mom the phone number that Dan Skunk gave me last time I went to Toronto. Of course, when I got back she said she'd tried to call it and it didn't work, meanwhile I called the same number from the train station and got Dan's answering machine, but I still have close to a week to sort that out.

In the meantime though, I am genuinely spooked. Assuming something does happen on the 20th, what could it be? I was musing to myself on the way home that the possibilities are countless, but starting from the beginning of the day, we have the following possibilities:

c1] I could wake up sick
c2] I could... not wake up, to put it delicately
c3] I could misplace my train ticket
c4] We could get into an accident on the way to the train station
c5] The train could... leave the track en route to Toronto
c6] The train could collide with another train en route to Toronto
c7] I could have an altercation with somebody on the train
c8] I could have an altercation with somebody on the subway
c9] I could have an altercation with somebody on the walk from the Islington subway platform to the apartment
c10] My previous visit could've been used to create a false sense of security, and Dan and / or his roommates could have sinister plans for what to do with me

Ten is a good start, and yes, I realize item c10 is kind of far-fetched, but the same could be said of c2 or c5. I wish I could think of something else to say, but I find myself torn right now. I don't want anything bad to happen, but I don't want to say "Alright, I'm staying here" and be bored for an entire week, and I want to talk with Dad some more about these concerns and try to find something that will put him at ease, but he's asleep in the TV room. On the other side of this situation though, I suggested bringing along some extra change to phone them from Union Station (and yes, I do have to say "If I make it there") which Mom seemed instantly relieved to hear, and Dad was only near-tears for as long as it took him to say that he'd had that premonition or whatever you want to call it. What's more, he seems to be 99% certain that something bad will happen to me. Apparently it got brought up while they were praying recently, which is when he got the feeling of me being in danger, but what about the past ~7 months? I'm not too bad right now, but during the worst of that I was more depressed than ever before in my life, yet absolutely nothing was said to me then. Or how about the day I went to London last summer and got punched in the nose? I should note that neither of them were explicitly aware of either of those situations. I still think they assumed I'd gone to work that day, and as for the half-a-year-and-a-month series of extreme lows with periods of manageable despondency in between, they didn't know about that either. They do know about this second trip I'm going on, just as they knew about the first but didn't say anything then, and things are different this time for some reason.

For now, I do plan to talk to them sometime within the next three days. I'd like to hear what they're concerned about, and tell them what I plan to do and possibly bring my laptop downstairs so they can talk to Dan Skunk for a bit if need be, and failing that, I have two other potential solutions. One is to get Dan Skunk to come here on Thursday, and travel back to Toronto with him on Friday. The second is to get a refund for the Chatham-to-Toronto portion of my train ticket, and give that money along with however much more to Mom and Dad to be used for gas, so they can see me taken the full trip there with their own eyes. Although the irony there is that traveling by car or van is almost certainly more dangerous than traveling by train. Under proper circumstances, only one of the latter will be on any given track at time, whereas for the former, any number of vehicles can be crowding up the highway, thus exponentially increasing the chance of an accident. Neither of those options are particularly cheap, but if I know they're worried when I leave, I'll be worried myself for the entire trip. On the other hand, if I know they feel okay about me going, I'll feel okay / not worried in kind. Oh, and here's a third option that I just thought of: go to Via Rail and see if it's possible to move the departing-from-Chatham date to Thursday.

I'm still about three-quarters into wanting to go on this second trip. Before this afternoon, I had every reason to look forward to it, so I should be treating this new information as requiring more detail, and that is something that I won't get until tomorrow at earliest.

In the meantime, work today was okay. I washed dishes for about half of my shift and made food for the other half, then briefly considered using being done at 8 to go out to Walmart and / or Real Canadian Superstore, but anything I want out there can wait until this coming Thursday (assuming I don't end up having to go with the third contingency mentioned in the third cut), so I walked straight home, ate supper had a shower, cleaned up my room, cleaned out some more of my old torrents, started converting season 1 of the original Star Trek series to XVID / MP3 AVIs, and that's about where I'm up to right now. My plans for tomorrow consist mostly of talking to Dan Skunk and Mom and Dad about the above, then leaving for work a little early to go to Shoppers and see if they have tweezers. If not, or if they're too expensive, I will purchase a pair online. Until then, it doesn't make sense to wait two or three weeks for something that I could have by taking 20 minutes to walk out to a store that would most likely sell that sort of thing, so yes. After that I still have a few things on my laptop left to tidy up, and I might go out to Canadian Tire on Monday or Tuesday if an item I've been repeatedly checking on their site is ever in stock, but we'll see about all of that. I need to go to bed right now, and judging from the things that are on my mind, tomorrow is going to be an interesting day...

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