Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Few Slight Changes

I suppose it would make the most sense to start off with item C from yesterday. First and most importantly, while talking to Dan Skunk when I got home from work about what Mom and Dad said the other day, I came across a nearly infallible reason that I shouldn't be worried I'm putting my life in danger by leaving for Toronto on Friday: if they truly had foreseen something bad happening to me, they would stop at nothing to keep me from going, just like if I had a dream about something bad happening, I would be worried myself. Of course, I did actually have a couple dreams about the trip, one where I got off the train in the middle of nowhere, and the other where I'd forgotten my train ticket but could tell from a song that was being played on the train that I didn't need it to travel then, but I am well aware that they were just dreams. As for Mom and Dad, like I mentioned yesterday, Mom appeared visibly relieved when I suggested bringing some extra change and calling them from Union Station (but it wouldn't be right if I didn't say "if I get to Union Station") and didn't say anything else yesterday. Dad, however, did bring it up again because I asked him for a ride to work because it was raining, but all he said was that he hoped I hadn't been spooked by what he'd said, and that he wanted me to know that they care, so I tried to put his mind at ease by explaining most of our plans - to go grocery shopping, to bake things, to go to the zoo, to go see a movie, to go for a walk in the park, and to go to Canada's Wonderland, not necessarily in that order, and upon hearing those things his demeanor changed completely. Maybe it's just a matter of how prior to that, all they knew was that I would be going away for a week, but didn't know what for. At any rate, I hope that's settled now. Only time will tell though.

On the better side of things, I've been thinking about going to Value Village to look for a new pair of pants and a t-shirt for a couple days now. I finally decided I would go either today or Tuesday, since I have both of them off, but then proceeded to spend my last $20 at Walmart not on tweezers, but on random food. Cotton candy, jellybeans, a container of some cranberry-raisin-peanut-cashew-pumpkin seed-coconut mixture, and a bag of smores trail mix. Except for the third thing, I'm happy with what I bought, at least. I've wanted cotton candy since last Wednesday when George and I went to 7-11, shared the tube of jelly beans with him, ate pretty much the entire bag of trail mix myself (it was comprised of graham cracker pieces, mashmallows, dark chocolate chunks, chocolate-covered peanuts, and pecans), and oh, I also bought two Lunchables, one of which I ate while waiting for it to be 7:50, and the other which I forgot in the walk-in. Well done to me and all that, but it should still be there when I go in on Wednesday. Anyways, that is all well and good. The main point is that I spent the $20 that I should've saved to spend on clothes on candy, meaning that in order to go today or tomorrow, I would have to use some of the money I have saved for next week. As it turns out, however, I do not. Upon waking up and going downstairs to the kitchen today, I found a government-type check for $65. I figure $20 - $30 of that will go towards clothes (although that may end up being less with the sale), and some of the remainder will be going toward buying the remaining ingredients I need to make these. Specifically, graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and Hershey bars. Maybe not tonight, but considering I want to go out to Value Village and such already, we may be able to go to work and Food Basics after that.

Otherwise, I'm mostly just waiting on things in VirtualDub and uTorrent. The latter is more important though, because I'd like to run Gmail Backup before the end of the week, but can't very well do that while uTorrent is running, but I also want to keep that program open and the torrents in it downloading so I have as much as possible for George on Wednesday. Apparently his brothers are absolutely obsessed with Garfield right now (in his words, when he wakes up it's Garfield; immediately after they have supper it's Garfield; when he leaves for work it's Garfield, and so on from there), but soon enough it'll be Mario or Pinky & The Brain (if that finishes downloading in time) that he has to put up with. As for our plans to go to Dairy Queen, it was also decided that we'd save the pizza for after work, which will indeed be fun to do. I might have to not eat anything for the rest of the day before that, but it works for me. I can't think of anything else to say right now though, so it's time to go ask about going out to Value Village. Hopefully around 4 or 5, but I have until 9pm, so there's no rush~

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