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Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Think I Forgot

Here's hoping this will turn out to be a normal day off, instead of turning out how yesterday did at about 4:30. Right around then, I was getting ready to go out to Value Village and such, but the phone rang and in short order I heard Mom walking through the TV room towards the door to my room, and knocking on it. At first I thought that would just be somebody wanting me to take their shift, and I was prepared to say "No, sorry, I already have plans for tonight", but it turned out to be something slightly different. George was on the other end, and said that he was calling to make sure that I knew I worked from 5 - 10, and that he didn't think I did because just before we parted ways on Sunday I said "See you on Wednesday". He also asked if I needed a ride, which was nice of him, but I declined, hoping that even though I had very little time to get there, I could still ask Mom for a ride, but out to Food Basics instead first so I could get the ingredients I needed to try a new cookie recipe. So off we went, where I bought three of the four things I needed, and then gave her $4 and asked if she could buy me some marshmallows at Sobeys, because she said she was going there after dropping me off at work. Upon getting there, I immediately went back to check the schedule and to my surprise found that I was scheduled to work from 5 -10, which I could be sure I wasn't before. I recall mentioning back on or around Mother's Day that I'd like to go to London for the day by myself again, and that I could go on either Monday or Tuesday of this week, because when I last looked at the schedule before that I had both of them off, so looking back now, I... guess it's a good thing that I didn't. Anyways, work itself was more or less normal, if not slightly busier than usual up until 8, but after that, I went out to clean the parts of the dining room that Cori hadn't (including the mens' bathroom, where I found 5 mostly empty bags of poppy seeds, along with a bunch of seeds in the toilet and many more on the floor...), and had everything done including mopping the floor by ~8:56, which enabled me to go home at 9. All in all, not bad for a surprise shift, or any shift, for that matter, but I know my schedule through to Friday, and if it gets changed again (so as to make me work tonight, or on Thursday) without anybody informing me of such, I will be displeased. But hopefully it doesn't come to that.

On the better side of things, the new cookie recipe I tried making worked out pretty well, and I intend to make another batch tonight, mostly to see if baking them for a minute less helps. The batch I made last night came out crispier than I'd like, but before I go any further, I should say that these are what I'm talking about this time. My first attempt made only 22 cookies instead of 3-dozen, and like I just said they ended up being a little too crispy (as well as somewhat burnt on the bottom of a couple), but aside from that, they're quite good. It should be noted, however, that one batch of cookies requires only about half a bag of marshmallows, meanwhile Mom bought two, so I now have a bag and a half, of which the half will be used later tonight, but what about the other bag? Toronto, of course. I think it's enough that I'm leaving almost a week worth of food in my room and in the fridge down in the basement. Marshmallows are light and easy to carry though (at least when they're in a bag), and everything else in the baking needs category that I need to take there is stuff that I've been planning to for a while. Mind you, I am getting kind of worried that I'm going to literally make too much, but whatever to that. I can just bring some extra plastic bags like I did last time. Continuing on that note though, I talked to Dan Skunk briefly last night, mostly just to tell him that he would be getting even more cookies, some time after which he said that somebody else wanted to stop by to visit on Sunday, so he wanted to know if that was alright with me, or if I'd rather just keep him to myself, as it were. My exact words then were "That's perfectly fine" and it is, because I can think of no situation in which it would be acceptable to say no, and after that, my mind started working away on coming up with things that I could do that day. At least go out to Zellers and look for a small measuring cup there because I want to get one of my own, but what else after that? Probably make it into a scaled-back version of what it would be like if I went to London for the day. Go to Dollarama and buy snacks for on the way home, and stop in at whatever other places catch my interest to see if there's anything I want there. I'm definitely doing that. Even if it rains, I enjoyed going out to Food Basics on my own last time, and would enjoy doing the same for this next visit, but for things other than baking needs <3

Speaking of rain though, I think if anything bad is likely to happen, it raining on days that we plan to do things is most likely. Whether or not that constitutes something really bad happening to me is debatable, but I don't want to get out to the zoo only to have it start to rain and not let up. On the other hand, I still might get sick before Friday comes. I asked Mom if she was still worried / concerned while we were on the way to Food Basics yesterday, and she said it was Dad - not her - who had been, and after getting a ride to work from him on Sunday (apparently I'm getting an awful lot of rides to work lately...), he seemed less worried, and it also turns out there's another piece to this that might be causing some apprehension. Adam will not be getting home until June, presumably with Trish and Ericka in tow, meaning that from this coming Friday until Saturday of the following week, it will only be Mom, Dad, and Naomi (not to mention the cats, of course) in the house, which makes me feel kind of bad just thinking about it. Just imagine how it would feel if Naomi was going away as well... At any rate, yeah, there is some slight concern there. I'm not sure what else there is to say about it right now though, so I'm off to either start on the dishes, or to go out to 7-11 to get two more chocolate bars with which to make cookies. Maybe even both, since I (should) actually have today off~

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