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That's About It for Baking

So today has been fun. Woke up around 11:30 entirely on my own, and sat in bed for about an hour and a half doing various things online, before getting bored and deciding that if Dan Skunk wasn't going to wake up, I was at least going to go make one cake and possibly head out to get groceries on my own afterward, but it didn't quite end up turning out like that. I did at least make the first cake on my own, but by the time the two halves had come out of the oven he was up and about, so I said that we could go grocery shopping just as soon as I was finished with that, and went back about my business. Skip ahead about half an hour, and I was just getting ready to head out when he came up the hallway again and asked if I'd mind waiting for Xion, because he wanted to come to but was planning to have a shower first. I said that was fine, and paced around for but a brief moment before deciding that I'd head out on my own to take care of the personal errand mentioned yesterday, and either meet them back at the apartment or somewhere along my walk back home. Indeed, just as I reached the crest of the overpass that Bloor St West passes underneath, I saw them coming up the other side, and thus stopped to wait. Once they caught up with me we all continued back in the other direction (towards where I'd just come from, and eventually beyond), and had a rather slow, hot walk out to Cloverdale Mall. We needed to go there entirely because I wanted to get a big glass pan such as the one I've used at home to make cake, as well as a measuring cup, and I found and purchased both of those (along with a bottle of water) for about $35. The pan was $18, the measuring cup was $8, and I'm not sure what the price on the bottle of water was, but that's fair. Oh, and I also picked up a cookie sheet so there would be three for making cookies later, so I'm now going to have quite a lot of extra stuff to take home.

At any rate, after going to Zellers we went over to Food Basics, which was roughly across the street. Or rather, we went to Subway first because both Xion and Dan were hungry, and then went over to Food Basics, where I spent another $40. All on things I needed though, so it's not like I went in and just slowly browsed through the aisles to get everything that was of interest. I bought, oh, too many things there, and even with asking the cashier for two bags to carry stuff in in addition to my backpack, both were quite full. Anyways, off we went, to begin our long trip back to the apartment. I know I mentioned this last time I was here, but I definitely walk faster than the rest of then. The closest Food Basics to where I am right now is roughly two and a half kilometres away, which I'd say is the same distance between the house back in Chatham and Wendy's on St. Clair. Assuming it is, I could walk to that Wendy's in half an hour. It typically takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get to work, and Wendy's is only a couple blocks past that, so it's not too far. Meanwhile, to get back to the apartment today took, well, let me put it this way: I left the apartment at 3pm. We did not make it back home until 7pm. Considering shopping took about an hour total, that's still a two-hour difference. Compared to the amount of time I spent baking, however, that is decidedly insignificant. As I just said, we got back home at 7pm. I almost immediately started working on making cookies, and by the time I was finished with all of them, and made some supper for myself to eat and cleaned up the kitchen one last time and sat down on the couch, it was 1am. Don't get me wrong - I am satisfied with how the baking went because aside from the cake that I already planned to make at a later date, everything is ready for tomorrow. Five batches of cookies and two different cakes, not to mention other plans for food that may or may not exist. I know I kind of wanted to get something special from Subway (such as a party sub or one of their platters) for Dan's birthday, but the way things felt and still feel lead me to the decision to content myself with pizza sometime between Tuesday and Saturday.

That being said, a couple other interesting things happened. One was somebody else coming over (I think he was a friend of Xion) for a bit, and just before he left, asking him (Xion) in regards to me "So what do we have... leopard, or snow leopard?" Xion of course indicated the second, and said something about just looking at my tail or ears, and then the friend whose name I don't know commented with "Well, technically snow leopards' tails are thicker...". Dear sir: I have a host of thicker tails at home. They, however, are still in fairly good condition, as opposed to the one I have right here and now which has been with me for close to a couple years, and will continue to be used either until the fur is hopelessly matted, or something else unfortunate happens to it. As for item number two, it involves Xion once again. Somewhere in amongst my making cookies, I went out to the living room again to check the measurements for a couple ingredients on my laptop, and while I was out there, he said / asked (possibly with a lead-in, but if so, I can't remember what it was) "What's your preference?" Sexual, apparently, and I gave him a neat and tidy response of "I'm not really sure. It isn't something I think about all that much." He responded to that (to everybody else in the living room) "Now see, that's respectable", and then looked back at me to further comment with something to the effect of that it's "been on the table" for a little while. I don't know if that means it's something they've been theorizing over amongst themselves since last time I was here, or if it came up in the 24 hours since yesterday evening, but it was exactly that sort of question that I had the response for. That whole area is kind of messy, so what better way to avoid the mess than to be removed from it? Unfortunately, being asked that makes me wonder what other sorts of things they've said or asked each other about me. When I was asked that question, Dan said that he wanted to ask in MSN but we always ended up talking about other stuff so he didn't have a chance, but aside from that (and in no way is this intended to attract pity or such else), I typically think that as other people see me, I am unremarkable enough that there isn't anything about me worth talking about. Evidently I am mistaken though, so once again, interesting.

Also unfortunate though is the fact that it's almost 5am already. I don't know what time the party will be starting tomorrow, but I need to get to bed soon. Still, I'm thirsty, and there's one other bit of moderate interest (from Naomi this time) that seems worth mentioning. When I woke up this morning, I checked my emails to find that I had received a response to the second one I sent Mom and Dad yesterday. In its entirety, it is "you actually told mom and i 10:30, but glad to hear you made it there safely. enjoy the zombie apocalypse tomorrow! ;D. Zombie apocalypse? I've heard of no such thing. Although there was a brief mention of something like that happening at 6:00 while we were out walking earlier, but we were still out walking at 6pm, and nothing remarkable happened. Sure, I couldn't control the shopping cart with all of our stuff in it (while we were walking on the sidewalk on the left side of the street, it kept veering off to the right, whereas once we crossed over to the right sidewalk, it kept turning to the left), but I guess I'm just missing something. For the moment that something is sleep though, so I'm off to get a drink of water, and then to bed. Maybe I'll be able to sleep past 11:30 this time~

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