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There's Something About That Park

Several hours ago (around 12am), another friend of Dan Skunk's who came to his party suggested going for a walk in High Park, which is the same one we went to during the afternoon last time I was here, when I started off being kind of grumpy at having to walk through the entire park unprepared, but was fondly looking back on it by the time we were on the subway headed for home. That time was nice just because it is a beautiful park, and it's still nice if you go there at midnight, if not just a little bit more creepy. At first I was expecting a slow, cautious walk through it, with a distinct possibility of encountering persons up to no good, but while there were several other people either walking or driving through as well, nothing truly remarkable of the sort mentioned above happened. Unfortunately, there weren't any distinguishing characteristics or landmarks in different areas for the first little bit, but eventually we reached a place where the person who suggested we go for a walk said there were supposed to be some castles around there, meanwhile all there was to be found was a large, empty area with a couple shallow pits filled with sand or somesuch off to the side. Fortunately, however, backtracking for a couple minutes on a different path from that point led us to where we wanted to be, whereupon we all set about exploring the (wooden) castles-structure-thing. Kind of difficult to maneuver about in given the size, but also fun to climb around, until we came to the slides. Dan went down the first one, and declared it to be damp and unsuitable for further sliding, and then was the first one to go down the second, enclosed, spiral slide, only to get momentarily stuck partway down, claiming that it didn't open up. Several other people went down it as well, but I chose to go back to the open slide, which was indeed wet, after which we wandered around the area for a short while longer, before continuing back along the path.

The part we were just starting down was actually the most fun part of the walk. Immediately in front of us was a large (approximately 30 steps) staircase, which nearly everybody else was gasping for air upon reaching the top of, and then beyond that, another short hill to walk up, followed by a fairly disconcerting walk down a non-paved path, behind some fenced-in areas. Looking back now, nothing bad happened, aside from Xion becoming increasingly agitated that everybody else was taking so long, because a friend of his who wanted to come for the walk got left at the apartment, and were displeased as such, but at the time it was worrisome. In any case, shortly after we reached the end of the non-paved path and found ourselves back on the road, I broke off from the front group (consisting of Xion and somebody else whose name I can't remember) because they were trying to get back to their car as quickly as possible, and went back to walk with everybody else. Right around that time, we all noticed another worrisome something. Up in the sky, there were two different things that could be seen. One was the normal, starry, nighttime sky, and the other was an enormous storm cloud (or collection thereof), in which lightning would flash every now and then, causing everybody but me to get all antsy and worried. One person said they didn't want it to rain because they only had the clothes they were wearing, but as for me, please, let my clothes get wet. A little rain isn't going to do irreparable damage to them, and considering how covered in sweat I was from sitting elsewhere than in front of a fan before we left the apartment, I wouldn't have minded getting stuck in the rain. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, after another 20 minutes or so of walking from there, we made it back to the vehicles we'd taken, and went from there over to the McDonalds on Dundas, which we left without buying anything for thinking the location over on Islington kept their dining room open all night, so then we drove over there instead, only to find that their dining room closed at 11pm as well, thus we had to spend another close-to-20 minutes in the drive through to get three (comparatively small) orders. I just ordered a milkshake, Dan ordered a basic combo, and the other person we were with just wanted a salad and a drink. Setting aside what that would've been like back at work though, we then went back into the apartment, had a brief moment of annoyance with everybody else in the vehicle ahead of us, thanks to them using their keycard to open the garage doors to get into the parking garage, but not waiting for us so we could pull in directly behind them. Yeah, that may have been dangerous, but it worked out anyways, as after about five minutes of waiting, Xion came out the exit door with the keycard and opened the door for us, then the person driving stopped halfway down the ramp into the parking garage so Dan could get back into the car (more funny than anything), closely followed by coasting almost perfectly into a parking spot, getting out of the car, and having to step on the trigger-cable to open the exit garage door, then run up the ramp before it closed. That was fun, and the rest of the night is pretty much unremarkable. I had another cookie and can of pop, took my dishes out to the kitchen which caused somebody to ask me "Why is everybody walking around without a shirt on?", then I came back into the room I'm sleeping in, watched a couple episodes of Ghost Whisperer, and now I'm writing this.

As for the rest of the day before that, however, it started off quite bad, but picked up by 7pm or so. As mentioned up in the first paragraph, I woke up around 12:30 today, and ended up staying in this room until 3:00, thanks to my mood getting worse and worse and worse. The ridiculous part is how I was getting upset over Dan Skunk not including me in what I was doing. Would I feel comfortable going to the beer store to return empty bottles and buy some more beer with a friend back at home? Even if it's not for me, no, I wouldn't, meanwhile I was annoyed that he went of to do that without even asking if I wanted to come today, and even moreso, that he didn't ask if I wanted to come out and join him and the couple other guests that were there then when he got back. If our positions were reversed, and I had him over to the house back in Chatham for my birthday and had several other friends over as well, I would ask if he wanted to come out and join us as well, but that's kind of a moot point now. The "kicker", as it were though, is when he came in here to tell me all of that "there's another kitty here now if you want to come out and say hi to him". Same as my answer to the question Xion asked me yesterday, those facts don't really mean anything to me. Had he said "some of the other people I invited are here now if you want to come say hi to them", I might not be writing this (and to be quite clear, I'm doing this now only so it's out there and I'm not feeling sore over it for the next five days), but yeah. I did eventually stop feeling sorry for myself, whereupon I went out to join them in watching a movie where some guy had to defeat all the ex-boyfriends of a girl he liked and wanted to date (if it helps any, there were two scenes where he was granted a sword powerup, one from the "power of love", and the other from self-respect), and more or less did my best to be a part of the proceedings. About the only other thing worth mention there is getting supper. We very quickly decided on pizza, and nearly everybody went on the walk down the street to Pizza Pizza, but it's the walking back that was actually fun. The guy carrying the pizza and I were walking faster than everybody else, so we decided to try to make it back to the apartment before them, and were successful. What I do wonder, however, is how I remember the buzzer code for this apartment, even though I've never had to use it before. The closest I came was filling out the delivery form when we ordered pizza last time I was here, but for interest's sake, it is 0038. Yay and such.

All the rest of those things aside, what else could I say about today? Maybe the fact that I've now done something on only my second visit here that I never ever did when I went to London - took a shower. Shortly after I woke up this morning, I decided that I absolutely needed to have a shower and shave so I'd be presentable for the party, and was nearly ready to go out to Shoppers to get soap to that effect when Dan told me I could use his, so I did, and that was that. It's just kind of significant, I guess. Showering in strangers' bathrooms - even Josh's with all the nights I spent at his house in the past - feels kind of strange, but it's quicker than the alternative, and definitely necessary considering the heat lately. Although if the storm earlier tonight (although it was more the build-up to the storm) was any indication of what the heat brings with it, then please, let it be unbearably humid at least through tomorrow. It's a holiday so I can't go shopping (although assuming they're open, I probably will try to go out to Tim Hortons for lunch / an afternoon snack), and I declined Dan's offer to go to the zoo "tomorrow" on the grounds that it might be closed, and if not would be too busy to enjoy, as well as that if we were to go on Monday, I wouldn't get nearly enough sleep the night before, so the most I can see happening is watching another movie or two, and maybe playing Scrabble because we played a game earlier tonight, which I quite enjoyed, for never ever playing the game before. Of course, it didn't help that by the end of the game I seemed to have gone through all the I tiles in the pouch, but I'd like to play it tomorrow. This is getting really bad though. I'm afraid to even go back and proofread this entry for thinking it'll sound horribly disjointed and / or redundant, but maybe this is what I get for leaving it until the end of the night. Perhaps tomorrow will be different, but for now I'm off to bed again. I'm really looking forward to it tonight <3

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