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My Internal Clock is Broken

I can't believe this. When I started writing this it wasn't even 1:00, yet I was and still am thinking about calling it a night right now. There's lots of stuff I could be working on, but between this heat / humidity and waking up around 10:30 this morning, I have absolutely no desire to work on anything else. For what it's worth though, after reinstalling it several (at least four) times, the sound in Wubi / Ubuntu is finally working. The first time I managed to fix it, following the directions here is what did the job, but then I uninstalled pulseaudio for some reason, and after that I could either have sound and no volume indicator, or a volume indicator and no sound, but not both. That's when I rebooted into Windows yet again, uninstalled Ubuntu, ran the Wubi installer, rebooted into Ubuntu, and... the sound worked, perfectly. I did still have to install some additional packages selected by the media player to listen to a few MP3s, but it's weird how it just randomly started working. It continues to function properly even after updating (with all packages relating to pulseaudio unselected, mind you - maybe blindly updating was one of my problems before...) and rebooting, but I'm back in Windows 7 now for no other reason than that I couldn't get the touchpad scroll to work. The option was quite obviously selected in the Mouse properties, and I tried running a couple terminal commands found with Google (sudo rmmod psmouse, followed by either sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps or sudo modprobe psmouse proto=exps), but those didn't work, leading to deciding to be done with it for the night. Now I think a part of the problem might be related to my assuming there was a Synaptic touchpad in my laptop, whereas it's actually of the ALPS variety, but again, that fiddling can wait until tomorrow. I don't want to spend too much time in Ubuntu because I haven't installed uTorrent in it, and would like to have more of an update to report to George tomorrow than a couple new episodes of Doctor Who, so for the moment, Windows 7 will be fine. At least I understand this, whereas in the other OS the most advanced thing I figured out on my own is that CTRL-Z can be used to break out of a command info / man page.

As for non-computer points of interest, last time I came home from spending some time away, I said that it felt as if my mind was still in Toronto while my body was back in Chatham, and that's still pretty close this time, except for that my mind is elsewhere in general as opposed to being in one specific place. Every time I got up to go to the bathroom today (which was quite often for some reason), I felt kind of dizzy as I turned around to face my door, just as other parts of this house - such as the kitchen - look kind of new instead of just being part of the house ta I live in. Probably the one thing I'm surprised hasn't changed though is / are the cats. I didn't see Tabby today, but the other two reacted to me just as they did before I left - Smokey by running into the cat room and waiting for me to come in and scratch her, and Little Cat flopping down wherever she was, expecting to be petted. Everything else feels kind of different, so as I kind of said earlier this afternoon, going to work tomorrow will be a real treat. Well, I imagine it will be, but picturing it in my mind helps somewhat. Odd as it felt being back at the apartment and thinking about eventually having to go back to work where there would probably be a large pile of dishes to be washed on my first night back, picturing what the same looked like before I left alleviates the apprehension. I do expect to be somewhat clumsy, of course, but I guess you could say it's like riding a bike. If you haven't been on one in a couple years, the idea of getting back on and biking away somewhere may seem difficult, if not impossible, but all that's needed for past experience to come rushing back is to sit down on the seat, and pedal forward a couple times. So as for work, it'll probably seem vague and disorienting until I was a couple dishes, after which I'll be markedly irritable and unable to wait for another chance to go away. Oh, and to make matters just that little bit better, I'd be surprised if I make enough to cover giving Mom and Dad their money for June this week. Going away was worth it, but coming back home? Not so much, it seems.

I'm also surprised and appalled at how much of a difference being roughly three hours north makes. The weather in Toronto was - for the most part - nice. I did end up coming home from the zoo the first time we went with a sunburn, and the second time with what I'm assuming is a tan (it looks like a sunburn, but doesn't hurt if I rub the area), but overall it was neither too cold nor too hot. Chatham, however... Suffice it to say this is the first day I'm back, and it was apparently 32 degrees Celsius (42 with the humidity) earlier. As of getting home from work tomorrow night, managing with the heat will be a little easier, as it'll be June then and I can pull my portable air conditioner out for the first day of the three months of summer, but right now it's just unpleasant. If it continues to be this bad I probably will purchase a second box fan from Walmart once I have the money saved up, but until then, this is yet another reason to wish I was still there. Yeah yeah, I know, all good things must come to an end, so it's probably good that even the very end itself was fun and notable. Just as I turned the corner to exit the train, I saw Mom, Dad, and Naomi all standing out on the platform waiting for me. I'm not sure why it is that I previously went away to London for three days multiple times and was never granted the courtesy of a ride home, but they were waiting for me this time, which was nice. What's more, when we got home I found a little Beanie Baby leopard in front of my bedroom door (Mom insisted it was a snow leopard, despite the tag not containing the word "snow" anywhere, as well as the animal being varying shades of oranges and browns), and inside of my room, a card. Now, the card has me kind of confused, because there's a dog of all things on the front, but inside was a note from Mom thanking me for taking her out to Smitty's on Mother's Day, and that it's really nice to be on the receiving end of my generosity. That was unexpected, considering she's never given any of us that sort of thing before, but in regards to what she said, I'd have to respond by saying I'm glad that she / they appreciate what I have to offer, and also thank them for letting me share what I can. I enjoyed baking two cakes and almost six batches of cookies on Saturday night almost as much as I enjoyed hearing that people liked them, and as for Mom, I enjoy thinking of and doing things that I think will make the other person happy. The same goes for baking cookies to take to work, or - even though it's only happened once thus far - to give to Munedust for her birthday. Being generous is a good feeling.

I don't think there's much else to say about recent events, but there are still a few things I forgot to include in my list earlier, which follow below:

a] At the zoo on Saturday (the second time we went) we were on our way up the boardwalk to see the lemurs when a lady walking past us in the other direction stopped, called out to me, and asked - in regards to my tail and ears - if I bought those in the zoo. I told her no, that I'd actually purchased them online, to which she asked what site I bought them at. I answered that by saying I'd paid somebody to make them for me, because they are essentially one-of-a-kind items, and she went on to ask about other things after that. Her second question was "can I see your tat[too]?", which I thought was "tail" at first, but after a moment I realized what she'd actually said, and turned around so she could get a better view. After that she asked if it went all the way down, so I pulled my shirt up as best as I could (considering it was messy from the Beaver Tail I got into a fight with) to show her that yes, it did go right down to my waistline. Her only questions after that were in regards to what animal the ears, tail, and tattoo were supposed to represent, followed by a final "So snow leopards are your thing then. Cool!", before some parting words and going back off in her own direction.

b] I can't remember what night I noticed it, but the apartment I stayed at is only an hour and fifteen minutes or so (walking) away from where Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob is. Seriously, the distance is roughly 8km, which I could easily walk, and failing that, there's a bus that runs up until 11pm (I think) that I could take. I think it would be really neat if we were to go to another family reunion at their place and stay the night. I could walk up to where Dan Skunk lives from there and either visit for a bit then head back home, or stay overnight, and either be picked up in the morning or take the train back home the next evening. On the other hand, if and when another family reunion is planned at their place, I might be able to make plans to visit Dan Skunk and his roommates at the same time, and walk there the next morning, very likely getting there before the rest of my family. And there is of course the third option, being to just walk down there for a quick hello then heading back home, but no matter the arrangement(s), they're all fun and practical ideas. Maybe somewhat less applicable, but that aside, knowing that I could do any of those is what really counts.

There are probably more than that too, but for now it is bedtime. Tomorrow I will try to get touchpad scrolling working in Ubuntu, and will hopefully have a semi-pleasing report to give about my work pay after that. It might work out...

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