Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Guess That Went Okay

After deliberating over it for most of the afternoon and evening, and faltering somewhat after getting home, I added Xion to my MSN list, and we talked for about half an hour. As you might expect, we talked more in those thirty minutes than we did when we were actually together in the same room for close to a day altogether, but one of the things I want to mention in this entry consists of several different things he said. In the order that they appear in the chat log...

Xion: i miss ya btw, cant wait till we meet again :3
Xion: and i dont mind you being all silent rl, you said all the right things and were chatty when it was needed
Xion: all in all i loved just hanging out with ya

Then, after I told him exactly what I wrote in here about thinking he was adorable when trying to escape from his prison of Chris's legs...

Xion: alright, and thats not creepy, you just made me blush.

The "alright" part was in reference to me recommending sm-ssc over normal StepMania.

Immediately following this came

Karadur: Trust me, several of the things you said then, and what you did just now made me do the same
Xion: hehe well your a adorible person a wonderful baker, and i wish i had those talents
Xion: some day id like to take you out for a meal
Xion: just to thank you for those tasty treats :3
Karadur: I would like that :3
Xion: ~wiggles his tail~

After that, conversation trailed off into other things related to what I was doing at the time, but one last bit of interest was brought in right at the end of chat, when he said he was going to bed

Xion: night kitty :3
Karadur: Goodnight~
Xion: ~licks your nose lovingly and poofs~
(4:11:39am) Xion has signed off.

Not to make it sound like I don't appreciate his kindness, but these are the things that confuse me about people. Had he licked me on the nose there and then flopped down into his own bed, I probably would've been extremely uncomfortable, not to mention confused. Talking online isn't much different either, but here I'm left wondering if I should reciprocate, and what the other person will think if I don't and what it means if I do, and all those other things. I do use *hugs* or *shrugs* or *sigh* when appropriate, but I do not presently have an allowance in my brain for *licks your nose back and curls up in bed* or somesuch. As with how I initially felt about what Bungee was doing though, it's not about what I think other people expect of me. It's what I can actually see myself doing.

In other news, had I known my first shift back at work was going to be so busy, I might very well have been glad to know that Dad accidentally told them I wouldn't be back until next week. Apparently coupons came out while I was away, and I missed the initial busyness due to those as such, but as far as I'm concerned, this afternoon was just as busy as they were over the past week. Granted, only Sheila and I were making food, but at one point people were waiting fifteen minutes for their orders. Maybe I should also cut myself a bit of slack, considering they put me on line on my first shift since last Wednesday, but that aside, it was definitely pretty hectic. To make things even better, I was supposed to be done at 11, but ended up staying until 1 to help George and James get things caught up and to clean the dining room, and they still probably could've used my help closing at the end of the night, mostly because of all of the dishes. I shouldn't expect much else from summertime, but last time I worked before today it was neither slow nor really busy. Today, the entire afternoon and night - except for a couple five minute breaks here and there - was filled with constant orders or working on other tasks. As for the note I left yesterday though, Melissa and Sheila were both working today, but I didn't hear anything from Sheila, and all Melissa said was that Cheryl would probably give me my shift back on Friday, most likely, and didn't say anything else. Just as I mentioned that Orlando said I could have my shift back on Saturday if she approved and nothing came of that, and how James said I could close on Sunday again, but the schedule wasn't changed to that effect either. As it stands right now, I do not have any shifts - at least officially - until the next schedule is made up. More time off isn't necessarily a bad thing right now, because I started cleaning up my room today and am about halfway through that, as well as still having videos and pictures of our trips to the zoo to upload, but I am back, so I'm pretty sure I'd like to work again. I'll just have to stop by tomorrow and actually speak to one of them then.

More immediately, however, I think I'm just going straight to bed. As far as I know I don't have to and was never scheduled to work on Thursday, which is good because I really want to buy a box of frozen hamburgers as well as a box of chicken balls for myself at Real Canadian Superstore. That may be alot, already having enough mushrooms and noodles for four meals, but Xion (I think it's purely a coincidence in this case) bought a box of hamburgers last week that I used one of (with his permission, of course), and that got me to thinking that I'd like to try buying stuff of that sort for myself as well. I should have about $30 to spare this week, but yeah, I'll see tomorrow. I'm about to lay down in bed without finishing this again, and I might actually fall asleep the second time...

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