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I Know Better than This

What part of my mind led me to the conclusion that it - on Thursday - would be okay to listen to music by Blue October while I was attempting to re-make those meringue cookies that I messed up the first time I tried them? It's decent music, yeah, but last time I touched anything in that folder was at least three or four years ago when I was depressed and out of sorts about various things that were on my mind then. For a little more specificity, I remember it being around the time that "Hate Me" was more common to hear on the radio at work, which also means that it was before 2005, but that aside, I more or less associate those songs with being in that state of mind, so when I'm otherwise fine as I was a couple days ago, they can be uncomfortable to listen to. But then I decide to go ahead and listen to the whole "Foiled" album. And then wonder why I feel angry and upset and sad for a couple days afterward. Probably the best part is how I now have the same album, along with others by the band ready to be put on my PSP so George and I can have something new to listen to next time we close. Maybe I'll opt for something different then though, because considering how busy it's been at work over my past couple shifts, I'd rather not have to deal with how the selection of music is making me feel in addition to being busier than normal and still having nearly everything to catch up on.

They actually called me in for four hours yesterday, which was kind of weird. Cori wasn't available for her shift, so I initially thought I was filling in for her, but upon asking Manoah and Orlando - the people I ended up working with for most of those four hours - I was simply told that they wanted somebody to come in who knew what they were doing. So I helped make food for a couple hours, and then washed dishes for the same amount of time, the frightening part of which is that at 10:00, when Gabby told me I was free to go, I was only about halfway through what was there when I started. I really don't want to go in to the same amount of dishes tonight, especially considering I close. It had to happen sometime though, and at least my schedule for next week is kind of fair (albeit a little lenient). I close tonight and tomorrow, then have Monday and Tuesday off. Following that I close on Wednesday with George, have Thursday off, work from 5-11 on Friday, have Saturday off, and I can't remember what comes after that because I didn't take a good look at those days. The supper shift on Friday might be a little difficult, because that's the day before our family reunion and we're supposed to be going to get our hair cut around 1pm, but at least I got Saturday off without asking. I was going to, but after having just had a week off, not to mention that I would've asked only a week before the requested date, it wouldn't have felt right. So we'll see what happens then, but there are also two additional bits of interest regarding work. One is that I saw Rob (without Munedust), and said about as much to him as I did when I gave her cookies, but we still recognized each other. I smiled and would've said something had anything come to mind but nothing did, and he smiled as well, so I told him to have a nice night, and turned back around to start working on the next order.

As for item number two, as I'm going to this family reunion now, I'm starting to wonder what I might do. I could make yet another cake, but that's getting sort of tired, and cookies are nice but not really something I want to bring out there, so what I might actually try is this. I found it while looking through my bookmarked recipes for something new to make last night, and will definitely have to test it here first (probably on Monday or Tuesday), but that could work really well. Aside from that it wouldn't be refrigerated on the way there, I would just need to prepare it upon getting home from work on Friday, stick it in the fridge until the next morning, and then put it in the oven at Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent's place. Not to mention I also have a 9×13-inch pan of my own to use now, so yes, definitely <3 And also on that note, I think I might try to stick around the house more this time and help out there. Everybody else can go off for hikes through the forest and such - I would rather help get food ready and wash dishes and generally make sure everything is going well back at home. Considering last time we went there I was moping around being depressed, it would be better this time if I could do things that I like, and the above are all things that I would enjoy doing. Also on a third note though, I think I'm only going to bring $20 this time. Gone are the days where we could stop at a service center on the way home and I'd see absolutely nothing wrong with buying two hamburgers from Wendy's, and I'd rather just be able to have a small snack anyway. Say, a donut and tea from Tim Hortons or something. As for going out there, I'll just bring a bottle of water and maybe buy a couple dollars worth of candies at 7-11 before we leave. Healthier still would be making up another batch of these meringue cookies, as they're only approximately 30 calories each, but I'm not about to make up another batch of those just so I can have something to snack on on the way there. Yeah. That's all not for another week, so I've plenty of time to decide.

Moving on to other topics now, I'm pleased with myself over what I did yesterday. After going to and coming home from work, and after having supper and laying in bed relaxing for a couple hours, I got up and started cleaning. Adam, Trish, and Ericka are supposed to all be coming back up here sometime this weekend (most likely tomorrow), which means the mattress will need to be retrieved from the spare room again, which means whoever chooses to retrieve it will have to go through my room, and I couldn't allow anybody in here with how messy it was before. Just general clutter that piled up, not to mention a mess of things tossed all about in my closet, so I cleaned both areas. I was quite amused to find not one but three DS Lite boxes in my closet (two which still have the AC adapters in them), and threw out a bunch of stuff that I was keeping because it seemed useful, but that I hadn't used since setting it wherever it was, so the only things remaining now are this pile of laundry that I brought up from the dryer when I woke up, and my laundry hamper, on top of which is my bread maker. I really ought to go see if there's room for that in the kitchen, and then the hamper can be put in the spare room once the mattress is moved out, but I was up until 5:30 cleaning, and thus really didn't care about that then. Things on my laptop also need to be cleaned up though so I'm going to start working on those. I doubt everything will be finished by 7:00, and I think I'll go find something to have for a snack first, but yeah, after that I'll get done what I can~

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