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Awesome Shift

This is an awesome song. I heard it at work earlier tonight, and although I recognized it, I'd never heard that version before then. I just did a search in Shareaza for it, found one with the title "Listen To Your Heart (Slow)" and downloaded it.

Work Tonight
Tonight went amazingly well too. Even though it was Sarah, Kevin, and myself from 11 to close (3 hours), we were still
out of there by 2:15. I got in there at 7, and Sarah asked me to clean the fry dump, so I did. After that, I wandered around, helping put dishes away and grabbing fries for orders for about 10 minutes, then decided I might as well go back and get started on the dishes, as in all likelihood, I'd be the one on drive through.

Sure enough, both Kevin and Sarah came to the back, and asked who was going to be on drive through. We all looked around at each other with a sort of "Do you want to? Okay, no. Maybe you?" type look, then I said that I might as well take it, as that's what I usually ended up being on when Kevin, a manager, and me were the only ones working. Kevin usually ends up on line, and the shift manager usually helps him when needed, but otherwise does their paperwork.

One thing that helped tonight was having Angela come in to close the dining room. She's the one that called in sick last night, BTW. Sarah told her that if she was still wasn't feeling well after she was done the dining room that she could go home, and that's what ended up happening. The good thing for us three after that was that it was pretty much dead the rest of the night. Our biggest rush was about 10 cars. Seeing as we got everything caught up before 11 (as in, EVERYTHING - dishes, deckscrubbing, bagging hot and cold line, cleaning mini, etc.). What is there to do when there's nothing that needs to be done? Sit down and relax. For a good hour, at least. We all had something to eat, and basically just took it easy until a car pulled in. I let Kevin play Mario 3 on my Micro, and eventually Sarah took it from him so she could give it a try (because according to her, Mario 3 is the "BEST GAME. EVER!"), and I did random stuff on my PSP.

Seriously though, it felt weird to not have anything to do.

About 1:20, Kevin started getting line ready to be closed down for the night, which meant I had to start doing the dishes he was bringing back. That went on fairly smoothly, until Sarah came back and told me what time it was (2:07), so I hurried through the rest of them, and we were out of there shortly after that.

I'm looking forward to closing with her again, or anyone that can get things done fast enough that we have the rest of the night free, for that matter.

Computer Things
my Dad's new computer is annoying. He got a laptop from God knows where, and I was trying to get the wireless connection working on it this afternoon, and noticed there was a memory card slot on it. I decided to try putting my PSP's memory card into it to see if I could access the files, and let's just say that now I know better. Apparently there's an adapter needed or something, because the memory card slid in and to the back of the little slot. I started panicking when it came to getting it out, so I grabbed a pair of nail clippers from my room (one with the little nail file attached), and tried picking it out with that. No luck. Well, actually, I tried getting it out with a pencil first, and ended up pushing it back further, then got the nail clippers out in hopes that they'd work.

I went out into the TV room in a panic looking for something that'd work, and heard my Dad pull back into the driveway from picking my brother up from work. I noticed a thing I think is used for painting, that's flat and flexible on one end, so I grabbed that. Thank god it worked.

I'm honestly jealous though. That laptop is better than the computer I'm using to type this! Oh well. As soon as we get our money our Grandpa left us, guess what I'm getting >:)

Anyways, as I was walking in the door after getting home from work earlier this morning, I noticed yet another computer in the front hallway. According to what my Dad said, it's not his, but whatever. I opened it up earlier to see if there was anything I could take and use in this computer, and now I know what the difference is between SDRAM and DDR :P The other computer had a 128MB SDRAM stick in it, and this computer is meant to take DDR. I didn't know that before though. I was also considering taking the hard drive, but I don't know what his plans are for that computer, and I know who he'd come to first if the hard drive was suddenly missing. Me.

I've been giving some thought about heading out to the bank later on this afternoon, getting gas money, and also withdrawing $200 more for RAM. I've looked at staples.ca and tigerdirect.ca, and for what I'm looking for (at least 512MB), it seems that'd be more than, or just enough.


...don't mind me. I'm trying to think of a username change that'll fit into the current "guidelines" at Acmlms. To my understanding, you take your current username, add an "x", and rearrange the other letters. For example, what was normally "Valcion" is now "Noxiaclv". What's "Lexidalen"? Danielle. I can't figure out "Trexar W. Cybic" though.

I think I'm going to go with the second one, PM a request to Danielle Lexidalen, sorry, and go to bed. I'm getting pretty tired anyways.

Edit: FFS. Since when did the draft-saving feature not save what you have typed in for the subject and such?

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