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Baking is Getting Expensive

In total yesterday, I spent about $100. ~$20 for a springform pan at Zellers, ~$30 at Walmart for Dad's Father's Day gift, ~$30 at Food Basics for ingredients needed to make that omelette (although it won't be $30 every time, as I'll have plenty of ground mustard and cayenne pepper left, which were $4 each), and finally, ~$16 on the set of measuring spoons I linked to in my entry yesterday. Moving over to today now, I need to go out to Sobeys when I'm finished writing this. One of the things I need there is the smallest carton available of homogenized milk, because apparently that omelette doesn't bake properly when using 1 or 2%, of which I bought a carton of the latter before. As well, I need a small brick (enough to make 1/2 cup when grated) of extra-sharp cheddar cheese, to try making these cheese biscuits within the next few days. Those would be neat to bring to wherever we're going on Saturday too (seriously, I need to ask for the address so I can look up directions on Google Maps and at least familiarize myself with the route and destination...), but for the moment it looks like I'll have more than enough ideas for things to take there. And I still do completely intend to stay in and help in the kitchen / around the house too. My outside time was a couple weeks ago when we went to the zoo twice. That was plenty <3

Speaking of which though, I talked to Xion upon getting home from work last night, and it came up for the third or fourth time that he was hungry, but wasn't able to go out to the kitchen and make a snack because he "couldn't risk waking Ray" (Bungee) "up". Being genuinely curious, I asked him if that was really such a big concern - nobody warned me that I couldn't go out into the kitchen after a certain time while I was there (notwithstanding that when I did, I tried to be as quiet as possible, which is just common sense), and certainly didn't say anything when I did to get a drink of water a couple times. Apparently, however, I was only afforded such leniency because I was a guest. He (Xion), on the other hand, got thoroughly chewed out before for cooking after 11pm and waking Bungee up, which is again understandable, but kind of ridiculous at the same time. I came home last night, and just as expected, Trish and Adam were asleep in the living room. I then proceeded to go into the kitchen and make a small racket pulling a cookie sheet out of the cupboard to put some of the mozzarella sticks I bought at Real Canadian Superstore onto, and nobody said a word, or even gave indication that I woke them up, for that matter (so I probably didn't). Meanwhile, were I in Xion's position and tried to do the same thing there and got chastised for it, I would flatly look at the other person, apologize for waking them up, and say "I'll do my best to be more quiet in the future". Likewise, were somebody to wake me up through getting things ready to cook a meal / snack, I would shrug it off the first time, ask them to keep it down the second, probably ask them to keep it down more firmly than before the third, and sit down with them to discuss the problem the fourth. For all I know the same sort of thing has already happened with them though, so I'll content myself (for now) by saying the same thing I did yesterday: it doesn't seem fair, but as I was a guest, it's equally unfair of me to stick my nose into it.

On a different (but still loosely-related note), there was one morning while I was there where Xion said he would wash the dishes if somebody helped, and I volunteered. What was there took us about half an hour to do, and during that time he made at least one comment about how it'd be nicer if everybody would wash their own as they used them, which I shrugged off with a very slight chuckle, knowing that I'd seen and had to directly deal with far worse at work in the past. Guess what happened last night? The same thing. Starting at 9 (because it took an hour to get the drive through area properly cleaned and stocked up) until 2:30, I was busy with dishes for all but about an hour and a half. That is to say out of five and a half hours, I was busy with dishes for approximately four, which is a whole different level compared to the sinks being full in their apartment. Oh, and yes, I did wash every single one of those dishes on my own. George helped put some away, more towards the end of the night after he had all of his work caught up, but I did about two thirds of the work on my own. That's really not too bad either, if what he said about coming in to the same piles of dishes for the entire week that I was away as well. I may have only been back for about a week now, but should it happen again on Wednesday, I will leave Melissa a note asking if it would really be too much trouble to have a dedicated dish-washing person come in for just four hours per day for the duration of the summer. 8-12am would be preferable, but possibly also a bit too late for them to be leaving, so failing that, 6-10 or 7-11 would be more than adequate as well. I would even volunteer to do that. Start at 5 in the afternoon and work until 11 or 12, during which time dishes take priority, but still be able to go off and help with other things if and when I get them caught up. They actually did that with Jake before, so yeah, do it again. Rotate between two or three people each week. Do something a little more sensible than expecting the supper staff to get the dishes caught up, which obviously doesn't happen.

Anyways though, I need to have a shower and shave before I go anywhere today, so I'll go do that now, then head out to Sobeys which will just make me hot and sweaty again. Yay. Also, pizza is being ordered for supper tonight, which I mentioned yesterday, but I think I'll completely pass on having any this time. Seriously. Not because I'm still let down about not being able to make supper for everybody tonight, but simply because I... don't want pizza. I'll make up a couple more of my hamburgers, or maybe I should check to see if Sobeys has any decent-looking chicken burgers or balls. Not to mention I still have an unopened package of noodles and cans of mushrooms and packets of gravy from before I left back in May, so yeah, I have more than enough to eat on my own. On a completely different note though, one other thing about work: it seems we're going back to the same thing that happened before. Last night, George asked if - were he to give me the cash - I could buy something online for him. As it turns out he wants two somethings, one being some sort of air filter, and the other being a sonic screwdriver that is apparently from Doctor Who. Whether or not that actually ends up happening remains to be seen, but he'll most likely be coming over here after work on Wednesday, so we'll see then. I just hope the air filter isn't expensive, because the screwdrivers were going for around $20 to $30 when I looked last night. Now I am off though. It's already 5, but at least I can take my time knowing I don't have to work tonight. Unless they call me in...

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