Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Shouldn't Be So Amusing

Yet it is. I have just now received an email titled Thanks for buying A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING!. Because I did, you know. Thankfully, it's more of an album of music than it is a picture of a man named Finn farting, but the cover art is included with the ZIP file, and the cover is exactly what you can see by clicking that link back there, so there is some connection, and I am way too tired.

Really, what have I done today? Decided I was in a bad mood and thus closed Instantbird (my new preferred IM program), then more or less just sat here for the rest of the night. Well, I did go out to Sobeys earlier, and after that baked more of those meringue cookies, at least. I'm not sure how to feel about those things. They're fine for a couple minutes immediately after they come out of the oven, but as soon as they have a chance to cool off and harden, they turn into exactly what the recipe says they aren't - hard, styrofoamy cookies that scrape the roof of your mouth. That is a little extreme to say of these ones, but be that as it may, they're just okay, and not really exceptional in any way. At least this time I took the advice of a couple commenters on the recipe page and halved the sugar to two thirds of a cup. After having a moment where I couldn't wrap my brain around measuring out two thirds of anything, only to look at the measuring cup and see a line quite clearly labeled "2/3". Anyways, after that I made myself a couple of the chicken burgers I bought a box of at Sobeys which were decent (enough so that I might buy another box), ate supper, tiptoed ever closer to insanity by renaming season 6 of The Smurfs (contrary to (apparently) popular belief, replacing every other verb with the appropriately conjugated form of "smurf" gets to be quite vexing - see the episode list for an idea of what I mean), and brought myself up to about 4:30 working on the theme that I hope is visible when logged out now.

At first I found that neat. It appeared that my new customizations were only reflected when I was logged in, sort of like a sandbox mode - I could test everything in relative privacy and work out all of the details while everybody else would see the theme I was using up until now, and then once I was finished, I could properly apply that theme so that it appeared to every / anybody who happened to find their way here after that. It actually took close to three hours to realize what I was perceiving as good was really not the way things were supposed to be, but once I did realize, I got kind of agitated. It didn't make sense that I could only see my new theme while logged in, and I thought it might have been something LiveJournal did on purpose, but thankfully a quick Google search led me to this, which describes my situation exactly. So I'll wait, and in the meantime not apply my old theme again, both to keep re-caching to a minimum, and to provide incentive for getting this new theme done. It's still quite a mess right now, but still a little better than I started, which is progress at any rate.

In other news, I've decided to wait until tomorrow to start making supper. Saving the final pre-baking image from the recipe page and looking at the properties shows that it was taken at 3am, and the recipe page itself says that it was approximately quarter after 9 in the morning when she (the person who posted the recipe) took it out of the oven. Thus, accounting for an hour at most of baking time, it was left to meld in the refrigerator for only five hours. Had I made it, however, it would've been in there for closer to 15, and I shouldn't have to say that I'd rather it didn't become all soggy because I couldn't wait. So I'll just get it going as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Everything is already in the fridge, and the cheese biscuits can be made hopefully at the same time. I do believe I'm just going to go to bed right now though. Not much else to do but put this memory card back in my camera, and it is already 6am. If there's one thing I want to have done by the end of tomorrow (aside from cooking), it's cleaning my desktop up again, so I'll need as much time as I can get. Maybe I should just start right now...

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