Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to the Old One~

This is going to be a bit of a mess to sort out. I've reverted to my before-the-previous-one old theme. Why? Because I couldn't think of where to go with the new one. Maybe I'll get back to it in a couple days, but for now, this one works, and aside from a bit of tweaking and additions to be made, is already complete. The messy part of it is going to be organizing and commenting the layer for this theme in such a way that I'll be able to make sense of it in the future. I've started, kind of, but am nowhere near finished yet.

Anyways, I'm quite looking forward to something that will come after the weekend now. After work last night, we went back to George's house to pick up his hard drive, and I ended up being given a carton of eggs, because I told him I was making a cake to take to the family reunion this weekend, to which he asked if I needed any eggs, and said he could give me some. It was actually him and his mom, but that detail aside, one whole carton of eggs. For free, and as one good turn deserves another, I was thinking about what I could do for them now earlier this afternoon. I don't want to make cookies again, because while they might be happy to have them, I'd rather come up with something different, and then I remembered that George hasn't ever been able to try the cake with pieces of Skor and cherries and Cool Whip and whatnot on it yet, and as I could use the eggs they gave me to make it, what better treat to give to them? I have my own 9×13-inch pan now, after all, and we're scheduled to close next Wednesday, so yes, I am most certainly going to do that <3 As for the cake I'm making for this weekend, I also intend to make up three batches of the dough for Red Lobster-style cheese biscuits, and just bake those there. All in all I think it should be a fun day, but first comes waking up early tomorrow to go get a haircut, then waking up even earlier on Saturday to head to the reunion. And to make all that better, my next three shifts at work are all over supper, meaning that I won't have as much chance to sleep in as I might like.

Going back to George for a moment though, we did also look for the things he asked if I could buy online for him while he was here last night, and he ended up spending about $80, which I was immediately given back in cash and still have in my wallet to deposit tomorrow. Thing is, he didn't buy the air filter he needed, because it would've been about $250, but he still spent almost $100 on two novelty toys based on items from Doctor Who. One is the 10th Doctor's screwdriver, and the other is the same item belonging to the 11th (they look different, of course), and they were indeed right around $40 each, including shipping. I also bought a surprise of my own for him, being three ten-packs of batteries that the screwdrivers require (he forgot to look for those, and they were only 99 cents each), but that makes for, oh, five packages that I'm waiting on now. Four rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger, a set of measuring spoons, sonic screwdrivers coming from two different people, and exactly thirty batteries. Well, six or seven, actually. The sixth is the sketch of a commission that was done for me over a year ago, and the 7th is another item I bought online around the same time that I should have received by the end of March. Let's not get into this again though. There are lots of things that I'm waiting on, some from a decidedly long time ago. That's all there is to say.

As for things that have happened since Tuesday, oh... that omelette was really quite good. Everybody who ate some of it - and that is to say everybody said it was really good, and I definitely agree too, so I'll almost certainly be making it again. Now that I have a better idea of the quantities of the various ingredients (such as that I only need one package of cream cheese instead of three, "just to make sure I have enough") and don't have to pay as much, already having cayenne pepper (which is surprisingly spicy on its own) and ground mustard. The cheese biscuits were also tasty, and quick and easy to make, so yeah. Next up will be a cheesecake for Father's Day, which I think I might ask about celebrating either on Saturday or Monday, since I have to work on Sunday and would rather not have to go to work immediately after going out for supper like I did on Mother's Day. In a different direction, I had a dream last night that I was at work, but instead of Taco Bell it was Harvey's (still in the same location and building), and the dining room was completely dark because I was cleaning it, which I found amazingly soothing for some reason. I also had a dream on Tuesday night that I went up to the book store in the mall and Steve was working there, and all in all, just... yeah. I'm not getting anywhere with this, so I'll go work on making some sense out of this theme instead. Maybe I can be done by 11...

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