Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Everything is Almost Done

Oh, so it's actually getting kind of technical now. Either that, or I just can't find the interest to look for a proper way to do it right now, but first of all we have this, the result of all my fussing tonight, and even in getting that all done and caught up, I overlooked one error until right now. It lies down in the CSS for the content area, and the correction is as follows (indicated in blue, as I have specifications for bold, italicized, and underlined text set up now too):

p not:(.links a:active) a:hover, a:active {border-bottom: 1px dotted #6699cc;}

The problem was that links in the sidebar - when clicked, but before the mouse button was released - would have the same blue border I wanted to show on the bottom of hovered and active links in the entry. not:(.links a:active) simply says "but don't apply this to active (a:active) links in the DIVs named .links. The only other error in the theme isn't fixable that I've found thus far. As it is now, the entry-operation links down at the bottom of each entry (edit, tag, share, etc.) are all separated by a diamond, but when viewing the page for a single entry, the first separator character is replaced with a pipe, and by that I mean one of these things: |. Is it worth filing a bug report for? Maybe, as it is a bug, but it hardly seems worth it over a single character, and I'm also fairly certain the answer can be found somewhere in here. I've just not looked through it thoroughly yet.

The other thing I should mention is that I really, really should be in bed right now. We aren't leaving until 1pm, so that gives me an extra half hour or so to sleep, but doesn't excuse the fact that I'm still awake. I started to get tired around 4 though, so I decided that would be a good time to take a shower then go to bed, but I have not. Smokey was in my room when I came back in here, which led to a good ten minutes of petting and more fur getting all over my pillow, then I finished working on that layout, applied a new visual style, and then spent another little while messing with userChrome.css to compensate for the visual style's titlebar height, had to find a suitable wallpaper, then had to make it so Explorer's folder band was automatically hidden, and yes. For me it's been a productive night, but for anybody else, maybe not so much. I did, however, finish uploading my pictures from the week I was in Toronto, so they can all be seen here. There are way more from the zoo than anywhere else, but compared to last time where that was the only place I took pictures, I'm doing a little better. Videos, on the other hand, are still uploading, and I do intend to link to all of them at once when they're finished, but for now there are several that I can't think of names for, and several others that take at least a day to think for a suitable description of.

I am now definitely going to bed though. Might be nicer tonight considering how surprisingly cool it was today, but tomorrow will come all too quickly. And with coming home from Tilbury and almost certainly having to work in less than an hour. That ought to be fun, but considering how tiresome doing the same thing night after night when closing is becoming, I would prefer to work over supper for a bit. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. Yeah~

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