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It Must Be Here Somewhere

I'm having kind of a different problem right now. Thinking back over going to and coming home from Uncle Brent and Aunt Carol's place today, the basic directions are very easy, yet try as I might, I cannot find the exact location on Google Maps. For interest's sake though, we took the following route:

Step A] Head to the eastbound 401 exit in Chatham.
Step B] Drive to London, and take the first exit, to Wellington Road
Step C] Turn left at the intersection, and head straight along Wellington until you reach Pall Mall Street
Step D] Turn to the left, drive forward, and turn right at Richmond Street
Step E] Drive straight for a long while, through several towns, among which are Exeter, Lucan, and Wingham, that I can remember
Step F] Turn left at Rona, which will be on the right-hand side of the street (not sure of the exact street name though)
Step G] Head straight for a bit, and turn right just before the cemetery (again, not sure of the specific road name)
Step H] Drive straight down that road, past the first intersection, and turn left at the second
Step I] Go straight for another little while, and eventually you'll see the driveway to the house on the left

Considering Dad said it was ~200km away, those directions are surprisingly simple, and getting through London is most certainly the only complicated part, which itself is fairly easy as long as people don't start to panic and begin yelling instead of talking in their normal voices, which thankfully only happened on the way home today, and even then that person was promptly effectively told to sit down and shut up, albeit in a kinder manner. Mind you, it didn't help that Trish wasn't feeling well most of the day, and noticed - when we stopped at McDonalds on the way home so anybody who needed to could go to the bathroom - that a suspicious lump on her arm had begun to leak some sort of pus, as well as that she had a fever by that point, but Adam, Mom, and Dad all took her to the hospital when we got back, and I heard at least one of them come in about half an hour ago, so hopefully things are well again, and if not, at least properly dealt with.

As for the family reunion itself, I'll say mostly fun. The bad parts were limited to Naomi taking a picture of me when I didn't want her to, and several people growing impatient when supper wasn't ready at 6pm because my third sheet of cheese biscuits were still in the oven. The good parts, on the other hand, were numerous, and mostly related to the things I made. I received several comments that the cheese biscuits were really good, and in addition a couple more along the lines of that they tasted just like the ones at Red Lobster, which is to be expected when I use a re-creation of the original recipe, and was also told by everybody that had a piece that they liked the cake as well, which was nice. However, going back to bad things again, to the aunt who thought I would like to take part and applied a temporary tattoo of a centipede or something right next to my ear, please kindly never touch me again, and thanks for the red mark that was left from scrubbing that thing off. I do mean the thanks though, because I would rather have the red mark than I would an insect. Everybody else may have been in the process of getting their arms or cheeks or necks or hands or whatever decorated as well, but they can do what they want, and I'd appreciate the same allowance.

On a different note, getting ready this morning was kind of interesting. The first thing I did after I got out of bed was had a shower, but once that was done, I went down to the kitchen to finish preparing my cake, because I realized they might not have a strainer for the cherries there. So downstairs I went, to find Dad in the kitchen, who immediately told me that we would all be going to Spiros for breakfast, to which my response was an equally immediate "No, you guys can, but I won't be". Number one, it's too early in the morning to be eating a full meal, and two, I'd like to save as much room as possible for whatever food is served at the reunion. In the end I did get a donut and blueberry white tea from a Tim Hortons along the way, and ate quite a bit of cheese and crackers before our actual supper, but I'll just let today slide, as it were. It's not like these events happen every weekend, after all.

I think that's enough for tonight though. A package came for me back on Friday that appears to contain the AAA batteries and charger that I bought on eBay, so I need to make sure those work, and then either go to bed early or find something else to do. Possibly chat with Dan Skunk or Xion since it's been about a week since I've talked with either of them and I feel kind of bad about that, but we'll see. And then tomorrow before I do anything else I need to make reservations for Saturday, because Mom was supposed to do that yesterday but forgot, and we've been gone all of today. Going to bed early is sounding better and better though...

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