Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Am Sleep-Deprived

Oh, tired, tired, tired. Apparently George had it worse than I do right now when he came in to work earlier tonight, in the form of having not slept since the night before yesterday due to school and such, but I still feel really out of it, even though that family trip is several days in the past now. I obviously went to bed early the night we got home, and set my alarm for 12 noon because I had to do my laundry before heading to work. Then came last night where I couldn't keep my eyes open past 2am and was in an off mood as well, leading to deciding to go to bed four hours early, and I even slept in until 1, but it appears that if anything, I got too much sleep. It's just not pleasant, but all the same I've been having some interesting dreams lately. The one I can remember yesterday had Dan Skunk and I in the kitchen here presumably baking or cooking something, while also talking about some further problems he and his roommates were having with things going missing from their apartment, and a little bit beyond. It was at least good though, because instead of telling me something else had gone missing, he said they caught the person, and when I asked who it was and got an answer, felt this really strong rush of... satisfaction, I guess. Assuming he was in my dream as a result of not having talked to him or Xion for a week, it could be supposed that the satisfaction came from still being close enough to them for that information to be shared with me.

As for the second, it was a little more sad and frightening, but when we went to Uncle Brent and Aunt Carol's on Saturday, we literally went out into the middle of the country - it would indeed be fairly accurate to say "the middle of nowhere" - but went one intersection too far during the last couple minutes of the trip, which is where the dream started. In real life, past the intersection that we accidentally drove up to, there was a dirt road narrow enough so that only one vehicle could fit on it at a time, and signs and such to that effect. In the dream, Mom and I were walking along that road / pathway, and came to a small building, inside which was a shaft about three square feet wide, lined squarely with gray cement blocks, and with stairs spiraling up and down to places unknown. Mom suggested we go down first, but we'd only taken a couple steps when I heard voices of people coming up the stairs toward us, causing me to panic and urge / rush her to hurry up the stairs past the entrance to the building, in hopes that whoever else was in there wouldn't see us. I'm not entirely sure what happened to lead to the next part, but I think we went up to the very top of the shaft, only to find a dead-end, and thus decided we had no choice but to go downstairs past where we'd made it to before, and brave whatever frights we might encounter. You'd think that after going all the way up to the top the people coming up from underground toward us would be long gone, but no. As soon as we reached the entrance / exit to the building I heard voices again, except closer that time, and before I could panic or run away a second time, two guys were on their way up the stairs towards us, with their heads turned inwards talking to each other. I interrupted them with an "Excuse me. Can you tell me where [location] is?", so apparently Mom and I were trying to get somewhere, but they just coldly looked up, then one shook his head to say no, followed by me nodding and smiling at him to say thanks, and waiting for them to pass by us. They did without incident, so we continued down the shaft, and at the bottom found a much larger underground cave. I really wish I could remember what happened there because it was almost certainly the most important part of the dream, but the next piece in my mind is Mom urging me to save myself / climb back up the shaft / get out of there, followed by the entire setting changing into a videogame. The exit to the cave was suddenly a flat-looking ladder leading up into the shaft, and all I had to do to climb it was move the cursor over that part of the wall and click the left mouse button. As I did though, post-game story text came up on the screen, presumably to indicate that I'd beaten whatever game it was that I / we were playing, but I did not care. I was completely panicked and wigged out quite a bit too, so game or not, I just kept clicking that ladder until I was out and away, and that's where the dream ended. Definitely creepy, but it needs some plausible explanation more than just "We saw that in real life!" to be less so.

In other news, I can't last any longer tonight. This is done just as it is because I'd rather not type up the same description tomorrow, but I really need to go to bed, thus I am. Sleeping in tomorrow would be quite nice as well, but as per usual, we'll see what happens then~

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