Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I'm Even More Poor

About that having very little money to last until our next pay like I mentioned before...

Considering that, what, then, made it seem acceptable to go out to Future Shop yesterday and spend $260 on a new monitor and mouse, and have plans to go back today for a new keyboard? I'm not sure, but in the end it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, and something that's needed to be done for a while. The performance of the previous monitor degraded to the point where any time the screen went blank - such as between complete shut-down and initial power-on of restarting the computer, or when launching a full-screen game / program - it would turn off, then the power light would come back on, and just blink, until completely turned off for a couple minutes, and then powered back on again. Searching for said symptom eventually led me to this thread about other peoples' experiences with the matter, including a possible solution in the form of replacing one of the capacitors, but unfortunately that is outside of my (small) area of experience with computers. Dad might be able to, but still, going that route would require tracking down and ordering the proper capacitor(s), then having to wait for them to show up, which was too slow a process to consider yesterday. When I sat down in front of that computer it was to prepare it for installation of Windows 7, and I ended up upgrading various bits of hardware instead. The monitor is nice though, and was only about $200 after tax, so it was worth it.

As for the mouse, while Adam and I were looking at the monitors, Trish walked up to me holding a wireless mouse (still in package, of course), and asked if - since she already owed me $16 for the thermal paste used to fix her laptop - would I buy that mouse for her as well, and get a flat $40 back at the beginning of next month. Apparently she needs a new one because Adam complains about the amount of noise her old mouse makes (probably hardly enough to be noticeable, and obviously not enough to warrant replacing it on his own while he still had the money), so I said sure, and went off to be checked-out. Oh, and as a quick aside, to the employee who came up to me with a "Hey, cat guy" and "Are you a real cat?", you have my appreciation for making things awkward. For what it's worth, my answer to his question was "Kind of", but I just dislike people who say such things and then stand there in complete silence afterward. Anyways, after that we went to Food Basics, because Dad wanted to get some ice cream bars, then made a quick stop at work so I could tell Brandon that 2TB external drives were on for $99.99, then home and back to computer work for me. By the end of the night I had Windows 7 installed, but not much else because my back was much too sore to sit in that rocking chair anymore. Had there been a way to display the desktop monitor's... display on my laptop screen, I would've continued to work on it for at least an hour more, but sadly I don't think my laptop is capable of that. I plan on finishing what I didn't get to (everything post-OS-install) today, then hopefully will be going out to Future Shop again to look for an inexpensive keyboard, and that will be that. Oh, well, aside from everything that still remains un-done on my laptop.

On a different note, being ill today is more or less in the "productive cough" stage. Yesterday saw me dry-coughing so much I was giving myself a headache, but I tried to do something different anyway, by being in the dining room for most of the day instead of up here. It seemed reasonable to think that spending pretty much every waking moment in the same room would keep me from recovering from this illness, and really, I noticed only one other thing yesterday that was undesirable, and it may have a second cause as well. Being fatigued comes with being sick, right? What also needs to be considered is that being fatigued can come from getting too much sleep at night, and I've been getting at least ten hours per recently, if not more. In effort to remedy that, I tried setting my alarm for 10am today, and am indeed awake right now, so hopefully I don't get tired until some time between 12:30am and 2am, and also hopefully I don't have hot and cold flashes like I was yesterday. Yeah, yeah, it's probably my body "fighting off infection", but oh, how I long for consistent internal temperature.

I think that's it for things from yesterday, but since I didn't get to mentioning it before, here are some words about the cheesecake I made for Father's Day, under a new assumed name. As for post-serving opinions, I wouldn't make it again, actually, or at very least not for a little while. It was too sour, didn't bake properly, and was woefully unpopular (had I made one of my normal cakes, it would've been gone by the night after, but there was one piece of cheesecake left until Monday night, so all in all, it's not something I want to make again right now. Strawberry cheesecake, however, would be worth a shot, and these also look pretty good. Do however take a look at the last comment on the page. I don't see how pouring the milk into your cereal 4.5 inches from the bowl could possibly make the milk's texture more soothing or remove the lactose, but yeah, that's it for now. Hopefully I won't be all day with the other computer~

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