Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Post Feeling-Better Update

I don't think I feel like just letting this go again, so... yeah.

I think it's reasonable (provisionally) to say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. There is, of course, only one side of the bed to wake up on, but setting aside that technicality, I did. From the moment I woke up until I sat down under the trees outside work, I was grumpy, for several reasons. Number one, even though it's the weekend and mail wouldn't get delivered right now even under the proper circumstances, I'm getting tired of waiting for my things. I mean, in three days minus a month, I registered for a Toronto Zoo membership, and was given a temporary membership slip along with brief notification that the actual card would be mailed to me. Have I received it yet? No. How about those measuring spoons I ordered? Those were paid for back at the very beginning of the month, and I've seen absolutely no sign of them. I know I'm not the only one affected by the strike, but that doesn't stop it being annoying.

Secondly, Adam now owes me a little more than a substantial sum of money (what he owed me before plus $100 for the new monitor, keyboard, and mouse). Trish also owes me $36. Why then did they both apparently see nothing wrong with going out to get groceries today, and not thinking to let me know that they remembered they owed me money, and would pay me back by next week, if not later? It's just common sense, and to be sure I wouldn't care half as much if I still had money to spend myself, but for the moment I'm about $300 below where I should be, and it's hard to have any enthusiasm for going out for a treat under those circumstances. Being poor makes me cranky, I guess.

Moving on to the third item though, I've been unusually hungry these past couple mornings. Normally I don't even have an appetite for cereal, but both Friday and Saturday, I made and ate two grilled cheese sandwiches before going to work. I actually chose to have those on Friday, but as for Saturday... Originally, having a couple of the mini chicken burgers I bought at Real Canadian Superstore a couple weeks ago seemed like a good idea. They were small enough that I could put two on each bun, so off I went downstairs, only to find a completely empty box. I know for a fact that I only ate four of them, and finished off the other couple boxes of full-sized burgers that I had afterward, so I was quite upset. Had whoever ate the rest asked if they could have some, I would've said sure, because they were too small to really do anything with, and there were still fourteen in the box, but no. I think the fact that said person left the empty box there is even more annoying though. As if eating food that doesn't belong to you isn't bad enough, you also have to leave the empty box there. Just... no. And next time I get burgers of any sort, they will most definitely be stored in the freezer above the fridge instead.

In better news (well, slightly better for this first one), they're pretty much all done. I have as much as is available of The Red Green Show right now (seasons 1 to 10), same with Family Guy (except that only goes up to season 9), and have the first two seasons of Dragon Ball Z downloaded, with the rest coming in one big update because I don't feel like sifting through the file list to mark only those files that belong to season 3. The bad part of this, however? I don't know when Brandon and I will next see each other, and even if I did, there's no telling when he'll be available to come over here to get those shows. George has some updates of The Red Green Show to get as well, but I'd like to wait until his second sonic screwdriver comes, so he can have something other than a show that I don't even know he's watched yet to be over here for. Also, my desktop and torrents folders are clean once again. That actually took not too long, but the problem before was that I couldn't muster the concentration needed to get anywhere.

Finally, to end on a couple neither-good-nor-bad things, the first has to do with Xion and Dan. I haven't seen the latter in MSN since last week, when he apparently went out telling Xion he was stressed, and as for him, apparently he was at a convention a couple days ago, because I asked if things were still okay as I hadn't seen either of them on for more than a couple minutes in a while, and now he's back and online, but with a status of Away, since 1:26 yesterday morning. Maybe things are still okay, but it's kind of odd, and as for the possibility of going back in August, I'm still not really sure. I don't want to ask for another week off only three months after my previous vacation, and I don't want to go when it's too hot, but as I experienced when I was there in May, it's overall less humid up there than it is down here.

Anyways, I started playing Kirby Squeak Squad before I left for work earlier, so I'm going to pick that back up for another couple levels or so. Hopefully just a couple, at any rate~

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