Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now The Dreams Start

Very early yesterday morning, around 12am or so, I heard somebody whispering to me. They said that an international package had arrived, and that it was downstairs in the yellow envelope, so I excitedly woke up, went downstairs, and found nothing different from the night before. I even checked the mail box, which has been feeling kind of futile lately, then went back upstairs and slept for another hour and a half. Then I woke up at 2pm and did it all again, except without any mysterious dream-voices getting my hopes up. This is definitely heartening, but there being a backlog of mail to deal with isn't so much. Alas, I'll have to wait a little bit longer at worst, and go downstairs tomorrow to find all the things I've been waiting on at best. As for today though, I had just enough time to shower and dry off before heading out to work, and to take care of usual things (for this time of the month) before going there first. I hadn't realized it was the 27th already, but TekSavvy will have their money when they try to withdrawal it, and I am now more or less another $100 poorer as a result of that and other spending. $60 there, $20 that Manoah asked to borrow until Thursday, $3 at Tim Hortons before work for a bottle of peach juice and a donut, and $4 at Shoppers afterward for a second bag of smores trail mix which ended up being my supper. Really fairly bad, but until Adam and Trish pay me back, I'm just going to try to stay above $900 instead. Much better that way, and as mentioned before, they collectively owe me about $150, which will help.

Speaking of money though, Manoah is no longer certain whether or not we'll actually be getting our vacation pay on the 16th of July. He says if it isn't out then, then that'll be the week that it's calculated and sent out for our next pay, which suits me quite fine either way, as I have no plans for said money outside of possibly going to Toronto again. I still haven't had a chance to ask Melissa what the maximum amount of time we're allowed to have off in a year is, but both Manoah and George said I should be fine either way, and something else also occurred to me. I used to go away to London for three days at a time once every couple months, if not more frequently. At least 5 times, at any rate, and three days times five visits is fifteen days, which is a day over two weeks, which I'm not quite at yet this year. Thus, the only problem I could see is that misunderstanding last time with Dad telling them that I wouldn't be back for another week making Melissa reluctant to give me more time off. Oh, and it'll probably also still be busy. For now though, the next thing I need to do is talk with Dan again and ask him exactly when there's supposed to be a full moon, so we can discuss more specific dates. I could go away as soon as I have at least two days off, but there's no point to going and almost immediately coming home again, just as there's no point going to Melissa with another time off request quite yet. As for Dan, he and Xion were actually both online for about an hour when I came home tonight, but I couldn't think of anything else to talk about right then and ended up not sending him a message, so hopefully tomorrow instead. I've little else to do with my day, aside from washing dishes and maybe walking up to work if George's other package gets delivered and he's in tomorrow afternoon. The latter, however, is unlikely.

Otherwise, today has been about normal. Work was actually slightly better than, because I had the dining room completely clean right at 11:00 instead of having to stay for a bit afterward to finish mopping and such, and then I spent a good hour at least fiddling around with the colors for my current theme here, only to revert back to the old settings eventually because I didn't like how the new ones looked. It would be nice to work out some different color schemes (the one I was working on was orange and blue, with a little bit of purple), but I can no longer think straight to that end tonight. In fact, I don't even know why I'm still awake, considering I keep putting my head down on my pillow every couple seconds, so I'm off to bed. Hopefully the dreams stay away this time~

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