Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Day of Mail

Two yesterday in return for none today is fair enough, I guess. At long last, I went downstairs yesterday morning to find a package on the front chest bearing a sticker declaring it as a toy, which I assumed to be George's other screwdriver. Immediately I started thinking about whether or not I should call work right then to ask if he was in, and if so, let him know that it had arrived, but I decided to wait, because it was only around 2 in the afternoon then. I still went out to the kitchen in search of other mail though, and was dismayed to find only the things that had been on the counter the night before. From then until going out to open the front door to check the mailbox, I was concerned that my zoo membership had been lost somewhere, because I expected it to be one of the first things delivered once the strike ended, only to open the doors and the mailbox, and find three envelopes inside. One was addressed to Adam, another to Dad, and the third to me, from where else but the Toronto Zoo <3 So I have that now, just as George has his second screwdriver (I called around 7 and he was there, so I said he could pick it up when he was done work if he wanted, which he did, and then we went to 7-11), and I'm a little more okay with nothing having come today as such. Hopefully my measuring spoons and the batteries I bought for George are here by the end of the week, but I am now content, at least until the first Monday of July.

On a related note, I briefly talked to Dan yesterday about August, and learned that the day / night of the full moon is Saturday the 13th. He also said that that weekend should (yes, should, not could) also encompass a visit to Canada's Wonderland, which is why he wanted me to come then, and as before, my response is "It depends on what Melissa says". Regardless of specific dates and actually getting that time off though, being able to get into the zoo for free from now until May 31st, 2012 presents an interesting dilem(m/n)a. On one hand, I've been there three times since March of this year, and have thus seen almost everything there is to see. On the other, I didn't purchase a membership just to have the card, so it really ought to be used assuming I go to Toronto again in a couple months. Especially considering Dan could go with me as well and the entire day would cost only $12 plus the cost of food, or $10 if we go on the weekend. One possible different idea that comes to mind involves Xion saying he hadn't been there since he was a kid last time I visited. The three of us could go, more if there was additional interest, but he and anybody else who came along that didn't already have a membership would have to pay the full $23 admission price. Alternately, I could just go on my own, seeing as one of the other reasons I want to go back in August is so I can get myself from Union Station to the apartment without having to get Dan to pick me up, but it'd be pretty rude to just disappear for an entire day.

Setting that aside until I'm next able to talk to him though, I just want to get today done and over with. Something about the fact that I'm closing with Mary has been making me apprehensive ever since I looked at this week's schedule, and if one night wasn't enough, she, either James or Orlando, and I also close on Friday, which will be manageable only on the grounds that it's a holiday and we'll be paid extra for that shift. Assuming I have at least $700 right now, this week's pay will put me up to $1,100 again, but only for a bit. Mom immediately gets $30 for gas, I'll spend at least $20 on snacks between now and the Thursday after next, and also need some more hamburger buns. Not for hamburgers, since I don't have enough money for them this week, but for grilled cheese sandwiches. I intend to buy two packages before work tonight (assuming Food Basics has at least two), and that will be it. Maybe also more meat and / or cheese if I run out, but yeah. Oh, and also in regards to money, I figured it out last night: I am currently owed exactly $1,030. Unfortunately, $870 of that came from my savings account, but yeah, maybe I shouldn't be so stressed out about appearing to be poor right now. On that note though, I'm off to pick up where I left off with trying to create some new userbars to put in this theme's sidebar. I got distracted last night, but there are nearly three hours left this afternoon, so I should be able to finish at least one~

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