Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Good Are the Books?

This feels like kind of a waste, to be honest. I'd like to bake something new now that I've been paid again, and was actually looking through both books I got for Christmas the other night for recipes that looked interesting. The thing is, the general baked goods book constantly references castor sugar, which I haven't yet noticed at Real Canadian Superstore. Also, nearly every recipe calls for "vanilla essence", which I've just been assuming is the same thing as vanilla extract. As for why it feels like a waste, I found one recipe in the book about cookies that I wanted to make, for cookie sticks, but didn't copy the list of ingredients then, and didn't want to have to pull the book out to look them up a second time last night. As such, I simply searched Google for "cookie sticks recipe", and the very first result had the same picture next to it as seen in the book. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if all of the recipes in the books couldn't already be found on the internet, which begs the question of what the books are for. I guess the same sort of thing that explains why I have a shelf full of game guides, some that I can't even read, when equally adequate guides are already available on the internet - I collect the guides, and the recipe books are just a little bit more meaningful than getting everything from a quick search or two.

Anyways, I probably will make said cookie sticks tonight, as the only thing we don't have for them right now is chocolate chips, and also very possibly this cookie pizza as well. The only problem with that is toppings. Not everybody here likes nuts, so just as I'll omit the walnuts from those cookie sticks, I also wouldn't put pecan halves in the cookie pizza, so what else does that leave? Without consulting the recipe for ideas, half a package each of peanut butter and plain chocolate M&Ms, crushed, two or three Skor bars frozen and crushed, approximately one eight-pack of peanut butter cups, each cup cut into nine pieces assuming I can find those at Walmart, maybe, maybe half a jar or so of maraschino cherries sliced in half, maybe also some mini chocolate chips, and finally either melted white chocolate or caramel syrup to drizzle on top. Sounds pretty good, but I will admit I also like the idea of spreading ice cream on the pizza after the frosting is put on in attempt to make an ice cream pizza. Probably not the first time though, because that'd require a chocolate crust. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out, but there's still an hour left before we even go to get groceries and I'm already making myself hungry, so I should stop thinking about it.

I do also plan to stop in at work on the way out to Real Canadian Superstore to talk to Melissa a day early. At first I was thinking about just coming right out with it and asking "Can I have another week off in August?", but as that seems somewhat rude, I've taken to the more laid-back idea of "I've been invited to Toronto again in August, but said I'd have to check in here to see if I can get more time off then first". It'd be nice if she consents without any hesitation, but when I asked about that week in May, the first thing she said to me was "What for?" Then again, that's perfectly fine. I don't mind explaining my plans if it increases the odds of a positive response. I am also running out of things to say now, so I think I'm off to have a shower, and after that I have a list of ingredients to work up. Not to mention some pictures of new treats to upload well after that, but it'll be a little while before then.

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