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One Question is Answered

The timing is (or was, now) pretty annoying. When we left to go grocery shopping earlier, Dan Skunk was online. On the way out, we stopped in at work just as planned, and I explained things to Melissa, and was told that having more time off in August - in my words, a week at most - was perfectly fine as long as I properly booked it off. So then Mom and I went off to Real Canadian Superstore, Food Basics, and Shoppers, then came home and unloaded everything from the car, followed by me going upstairs to tell Dan what Melissa said, only to see that he was no longer online. He hasn't come back since then either, and I was thinking about sending him an email as such, but no, I'll just wait to see if he's online tomorrow afternoon. The biggest potential issue has been cleared up, so the next thing to be done is figure out which dates other than the 13th I would be there for. Oh, and since it's kind of related, a customer at Shoppers was wearing a hat with the Toronto Zoo's logo on it. I found that kind of neat.

In differently-related news, I'd like to find some way of preemptively saying thanks to Melissa now, so I think I might make a couple more batches of cookie sticks tomorrow afternoon to take into work. I didn't take a picture of the sheet I made tonight, but they came out really well (albeit a little on the oily side, so I'll probably try using a little less than half a cup next time), and were quick to make at that, not to mention I bought too many M&Ms at Food Basics (they only had the big bags), so I still have more than enough to make more. As for the cookie pizza, it turned out really well. Mind you, next time I make it I'll substitute both chocolate and caramel syrup for the melted white chocolate, omit the ice cream sprinkle topping (tiny marshmallows, bits of peanuts, and pieces of chocolate in the picture there), and maybe try putting Cool Whip on the crust instead of that chocolate icing. As previously noted, it did turn out well, but was kind of too chocolaty. With those out of the way though, I'm going to next try making these. Yeah, I know, they're fried, not baked, but I want to try making them anyway. After that, maybe something simple like pudding pie, or more complicated, such as the Boston Cream Pie recipe from my non-cookie book. Strawberry cheesecake too, of course, but not until some sort of special occasion, and only in combination with a standard Skor-Cool Whip-cherries cake because apparently very few people here like cheesecake. That still won't be for a while though, because everything I bought today (including several pouches of noodles, as well as a couple packages of cheese and meat for meals) cost nearly $50.

Regarding that, I figure once Adam and Naomi give me their share of money for the internet and Trish gives me $36 for that CPU paste and the mouse she wanted, I'll be better off, but for right now I have right around $20, which isn't much at all. Oh, and as long as Manoah remembers there will also be $20 in the safe for me tomorrow, which I think I can manage with. It's just frustrating to get paid and almost instantly have gone through all of that money. Even though I have reason for there to be less in my account right now, I'd like my money to last until at least the Thursday after we get paid. Another thing I'd like which isn't related so much to money is to stop eating so much of the things I bake. I enjoy making things for other people, and sampling those cookies or such else myself to make sure they taste okay is nice, but it doesn't go any further than that. I've mentioned in the past how my finances and weight seem to be linked, and considering the circumstances right now I'm doing pretty well, so those two pieces of cookie pizza and three cookie sticks I had today will be it, aside from one piece of whatever I make and take to work tomorrow to show people that they're there for everybody.

That's all well and good, albeit irrelevant compared to sleeping though. I think today has been pretty good, and to have something to look forward to as I go to bed, there's a small chance the rest of Dragon Ball Z will be finished downloading by the end of tomorrow. Still no word from Brandon about when he wants to come and get these shows I've been downloading for him (although he did mention getting a 1TB external drive the other day), but hopefully before the end of July, and that's all I have to say for tonight. I just didn't want this entry to end up being only three paragraphs long as well, and I have accomplished that much. Maybe I'll find some way out of this rut I'm in soon, but not yet. I am too tired~

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