Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Planning is at a Standstill

I definitely do find this vexing. I sent Dan an email yesterday afternoon to tell him what Melissa said, and found a response of "Alright :3 That's good. :3" when I got home. I would assume that means "Good to hear, and sure, we'll talk about specific dates as soon as possible", but neither he nor Xion have been online since yesterday afternoon. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't told Melissa I'd probably have an answer for her by Saturday, but yeah, I need to know I need to know I need to know. At this point, given the full moon that apparently requires my presence on the 13th (Saturday), Thursday the 11th to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of the following week will probably be what I put forth. Not to mention that if planning does go forward to the point where I need to get a train ticket, I'll probably look into leaving around 10am so there's more time to go grocery shopping, and also hopefully so the subway isn't nearly as crowded as before.

More immediately however, I'm somewhat seriously thinking about this coming week. I have Tuesday through Thursday off, and while I already have obligations on Tuesday in the form of washing dishes and most likely making another cookie pizza to take to work, I would rather not just sit bored at home for the other two days, so maybe I should go to London then. Thing is, I don't absolutely need anything there. I do need to get a new external hard drive to replace another one of mine that stopped working recently, but I could just as easily walk out to Future Shop here and save myself ~$60. All the same though, I don't want to do that. I don't want to spend so much money here (even though something cheap like this one would be quite adequate), meanwhile if I go there I could justify it by saying I don't go to London very often, and that it's okay as such. Yeah. I think in the end I'll just stay here though. It's less expensive that way, and those two days will still probably go by fairly quick.

As for what was mentioned back at the beginning of the above paragraph about making another cookie pizza to take to work, yes, I do believe I will. I told Orlando about the first one I made, whereupon he and I got into a friendly argument over whether or not sliced cherries had a place in amongst the rest of the toppings, and I started to think that maybe I should make one for them on Tuesday and take it up to work even though I have that night off. After all, I would like to try making one with the same chocolate icing as before, but then only a light sprinkling of toppings on that, then a layer of Cool Whip, and the rest of the toppings distributed over that instead. I think it would work better that way, but for now I need to get some more Skor bars, Peanut Butter Cups, and Rolos. And also hope that the tub of Cool Whip that's been in the freezer since Winter is still good. Quick searching just now has turned up a page where somebody claims to have left a container in the freezer for about nine months and still found it okay to use afterward, but even if not, I can just go up the street to Sobeys. Oh, and since I'm taking the rest to work tonight, this is what cookie sticks with chocolate chips and M&Ms look like. As James pointed out, they are quite literally just one big cookie cut into strips, but they're also not the same as the cookies I'm used to making, for requiring oil instead of margarine or butter.

Anyway though, yeah. It's just about 6pm now and there's a severe thunderstorm watch, so something tells me walking to work tonight is going to be interesting. Just as work probably will be, but hopefully less so than last night, which was good mostly only because Mary kept the dishes caught up and we were paid time and a half for the whole night. George closes tonight though, and before I forget I need to put the picture of that cookie pizza on my PSP to show to Orlando. Then bide my time and maybe ask for a ride to work again since it's apparently 35, or 47 with the humidity right now. And this is on only the second day of July...

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