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That Ended Too Soon...

Just another great example of a dream that I wish would've played out a little bit further instead of ending just as it was getting interesting:

I had been called over to Grandpa and Grandma's house to do some assorted work around the house (cleaning and such), and once I was finished, the rest of our family along with Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's daughter Joanna came over for supper. I don't remember much about that specifically, but the next part I do recall had me outside doing something, and Dad coming out in a huff asking if I didn't know that Grandma and Grandpa's pet was an outside cat, and that it was looking really anxious. As such, I went in to let it out, and then things more or less wound down after that. I remember going over to a sink that isn't there in real life (at least not last time I was in that house) to wash my hands, and then we all went back out to the van to be on our way. For some reason though, Dad refused to let Naomi and I get in, and being annoyed with him already over his overreacting about the cat, and thinking Naomi must've done something to deserve it as well, decided that putting up a fuss wasn't worth it, and started walking. So off I went down Delaware toward the school, and I'd walked no more than a minute when I heard Naomi shout from behind me "No, Dad, that's my Walkman!" I turned around and suddenly the van was nowhere to be found. Dad was standing up ahead of everybody else, and Mom, Adam, Naomi, Joanna (for some reason) I were all staring at him. He turned around and started running off, with a Walkman that was presumably Naomi's indeed in his hand (I could hear the music quite loudly, too), and everybody else took after him immediately after that. At one point I said "He's an old man - he won't get too far", but surprisingly he managed to put some distance between himself and the rest of us, but then just as we were catching up to him, he brought the Walkman up over his head and started swinging it around in a circle by the earphone cord, then threw it to the ground, and stopped right where he was. The Walkman continued to play music, if that should make a difference, but unfortunately I can't say what happened after that, because I woke up before anything else happened. I know I was angry, because as much as Naomi may be annoying at times I would never suggest deliberate destruction of personal property to get the point across, and then, already in an aggravated mood because of the dream, I opened my laptop to see if Dan Skunk was still online, because he was when I woke up for a minute around 10:30, but found that he'd gone off again. Maybe there's another convention going this month or something, or maybe I'll have a chance to discuss what I need to with him later tonight, considering I don't have to work. Soon would really really be preferable one way or the other though.

Thankfully, even considering the doubly-annoying start to my day, knowing that I don't work tonight was enough to make it better. I did actually briefly have the opportunity to take Cassidy's 5-10 shift when she called last night, and really thought about it this time too because if I do go away in August I'll need money for various things, but decided to say no, that I'd stay home, and instead extended an offer to Orlando. He's uncertain about whether or not he wants to work his 4-8 shift tomorrow afternoon, so I up and volunteered to - if he doesn't want to work - take his shift and work an extra three hours considering I already close on Monday, and have the following three days off. He told me he'd call sometime today to let me know, but I must say that in the meantime, I'm really hoping he chooses to stay home himself. Much as it may be unpleasant to start at 4pm instead of 5, I would then do the same thing as I did the night I closed with Sheila before - the afternoon before that, go out to 7-11 for snacks, and have them all ready and waiting for me at home so I can look forward to them throughout the shift. Incentives are nice, but it still remains to be seen if he'll call or not, and as this is one of the very few times I've not only offered to take somebody's shift but gone to them instead of them coming to me, it probably won't go any further. As for those three days off this week, I will most likely see about getting out to Future Shop at some point for a new external drive, and then will work on organizing a few specific old folders in amongst my seeding torrents, such as the ~23GB one of Touhou music I downloaded a while ago. And speaking of music, I have a rather funny yet frustrating problem on my hands.

Last time I went to Toronto Dan's birthday was on Sunday, and we went out to High Park at midnight to walk around. On the way home, the person who we were getting a ride from - Teddy, I think his name was - put a CD on that was essentially childrens' music, but really upbeat stuff at that. The fun part was that I liked it, enough so that I was thinking about asking him if I could make a copy of the CD to listen to on my own. I ended up not doing that because I was worried he'd say no, but since then, a few lyrics from the song I like most have been stuck in my head, and for the life of me I cannot find the song itself anywhere, nor can I find lyrics corresponding to those that I think I know. In my head, the part I can remember goes "Um-um-um-um-um-umbrella, la la la la la la, [unknown] together...", where the unknown part represents approximately ten syllables that I can't remember the words for. Teddy was commenting how unusually upbeat and complex it was for a childrens' song, which doesn't really help any because all I can find on Google and such is a kids' version of the other "Umbrella" song that used to be played on the radio frequently, and yeah. On the better side of things though, a certain black and white cat's name from presumably the same line of kids' shows was also plaguing me, until I searched for it on Google images. The cat's name is Jess, but unfortunately the theme song of that show doesn't offer any useful leads toward finding the other one.

In a completely different direction, I came home last night to find a dialog open stating that one of my programs needed to update. It initially looked like Palemoon's update dialog, which I was kind of surprised at because it was upgraded to version 5.0 not too long ago, but upon closer inspection, I found that it was actually for Instantbird, and clicked the "Install this update" button as such. That, however, was a bad idea in retrospect. New UI elements have been added in the newest version, in the form of a display picture area and a small input box for you to type your display name, but I don't use either of those, so I immediately went looking in the options for a way to disable them, and couldn't find anything. That in turn led to looking through the about:config page for that program, and somewhat worryingly finding that the password for my account was stored in plaintext under messenger.account.account1.password. There's a bug report about it here, but yeah, I think the easiest solution would be to change my MSN password to be as long and complicated as possible.

Before that though, I have a trip to the mall to make. It is my hope that Dollarama is open until 5 as well, because I need to get some chocolate bars to make another one of those cookie pizzas, and after that, oh, it might work to just ask if I can get a ride out to Future Shop today since they're open until 2. We'll see, I guess, because I do not have time to think about it any more right now~

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