Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Day (Relatively) Well Spent

Well there. I think I'm nearly at the end of this day, and to be frank, I'm glad it's over, entirely because I spent about two hours earlier trying to get something in a new Firefox / Palemoon theme to look right, only to give up and revert to the theme I'd been using before, but then spend another hour or so messing with the appmenu button to get it to be the same width as, and flush with the tabs. For some reason that had to be done through the theme's browser.css file instead of through userChrome.css like the rest of my modifications, but that aside, I'm done, and thoroughly annoyed, and have just a little bit more to go on now regarding August. Apparently Dan was recently away in Oshawa, and as of tomorrow will be at his friend's cottage for an untold amount of time. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't need to talk to him just for ten minutes about his invitation to visit again, but yeah, at least I can set wanting to aside until the end of the week. Maybe he'll be back before then, but it's better to assume not.

In other news, Orlando called earlier tonight, which - as per my previous entry - means I now work 4-close tomorrow unless whoever answers the phone when he calls in decides to ignore him telling them that I already offered to take his shift and calls somebody else. I do hope not, because a long shift like that would be a nice lead-in to Tuesday through Thursday, and I've already got things all planned out. I can wake up at 1pm, go to 7-11 for snacks to have after work at 1:30, come home and have a shower since it'll probably be humid outside, leave for work at 2:30, go to Food Basics for chocolate syrup, then head over to work, possibly stopping at Tim Hortons on the way for a cold bottle of iced tea or peach juice. After that, work from 4pm until about 2am, get a ride home from George assuming he remembers his hard drive, update his TV shows, enjoy my snacks, and go to bed, with hopes to sleep in on Tuesday morning. It sounds nice, but yeah, I can see Sheila calling somebody else if she's working when Orlando calls, and she's most likely to be the manager over supper.

As for the days after that, I can for one thankfully say that I no longer need to buy a new external drive. Whatever happened with the one that appeared to be broken before was fixed by rebooting my laptop, and as a precaution I'm being more careful to [Safely Remove] said drive(s) now. It would definitely be nice to replace my 120GB drive - the same one that only chkdsk was able to fix before - with anywhere from 500GB to 1TB, but I do not have the money. Going to Dollarama this afternoon cost $14 (mostly because on top of the things I needed, I also purchased four pepperoni sticks, two packages of gum, and a container of cotton candy), which is essentially all the money I have, unless Manoah did indeed put $20 in the safe for me, and I actually remember to ask for it tomorrow afternoon. That being said, I still plan to go to 7-11 (as long as I still start at 4 tomorrow), but that's only because - as mentioned before - I'd like to have something to look forward to throughout the afternoon, evening, and night. Then, going back to those hard drive things, I would like to sort through all my music and delete everything I haven't listened to since I downloaded it, and if I can find the interest, make up an easier-to-follow breakdown of my various LiveJournal themes. Something that shows the actual colors and fonts instead of just referencing them by name or hex code. In other words, it took long enough to decide on the colors for this one, and I'd like to find another way of showing it off. About the only thing I can say for now is that this site is a most excellent resource, both for palette ideas, and for simplistic wallpapers.

Actually, I think that's about all I have to say, because once again my mind has gone blank. Every time I glance up at Palemoon I'm reminded of the amount of time I spent on that today and then I can't think of anything else, so yeah, I suppose that'll be it. Getting to sleep early tonight would work better anyway~

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