Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Monday was Mostly Successful

I think this is just about the time I was getting home from 7-11 yesterday. Then came about forty minutes of relaxing again, before heading off to what actually felt like not too terribly long a shift. Maybe it's because the last time I worked before yesterday was on the weekend, and both of those nights were nearly eight hours long, but 4-8 was more or less normal for what a supper shift feels like, then I got a bit cranky around 8:30 because I worked through my forced half-hour break to try and get some more of the dishes done, and the top of the freezer was still covered when that half hour was up, but Cheryl kindly washed the rest, and I - aside from a few exceptional customers, like the lady whose gift Visa card wouldn't work - had a decent rest of the night. That is, aside from two things. Number one, Manoah was the manager over supper, and shortly after I started, he told me about how Melissa had been freaking out earlier that morning over my working a ten-hour shift. Apparently managers are allowed to, but regular staff aren't, hence my being forced to take an unpaid break, and which also makes me worried that she'll bring it up on Friday, which is also a supper shift. Secondly, around 9pm, I was telling George about the above, and he randomly said that "I think they're trying to get rid of you", which had me somewhat worried until I finally asked him (about an hour later) "What did you mean by that?" Apparently he only thinks what he said, because his statement was based on the fact that I'm apparently to be written up if I rearrange line, or if I do anything childish, not to mention possible other unsaid criteria. Not rearranging line is in reference to how I always swap the positions of several pans when I'm up there alone so things aren't quite so much in the way of the food, and I honestly have no idea what's meant by "anything childish". Two other people were playing baseball with a roll of paper towel and a balled up tortilla after we'd closed a couple nights ago. I had no part in that (aside from suggesting that one of the people throw the tortilla at the other), and yet I'm the one who's being watched closely for that sort of thing? Indeed. That all being said though, for a shift that ended up being four hours longer than originally scheduled, yesterday went well, and I'd definitely do it again under the same circumstances (having three days off afterward, etc.), if only the drama were left out the second time.

In other news, the dreams about going downstairs to check the mail earlier quickly became annoying enough that I woke up and actually went to check, and found... batteries. Or so I assume by the fact that the contents of the package are described as "CELL CHARGER 3 PCS". No sign of measuring spoons or radio-cord or anything else, assuming the other two items I'm waiting for in the mail are actually in the mail, but this is only the second day of the week, so I'll be patient. I did, however, get a special sort of email today, to say that I won this, and to ask for payment and a description of what I'd like. Yeah, I know I said before that I was done spending / wasting money on art commissions, but keychains are one of the things I was supposed to be getting before that didn't work out, so it'd be neat to have a second chance with a different person. Of course, given the delay of personal mail lately, I probably wouldn't get it until September, but I won the auction, so that is a start at least. Getting back to George's batteries coming though, those will definitely be dropped off later, at the same time I bring in the cookie pizza that still has to be made. Just watch though. I'll make it, carry the entire thing all the way up to work, and there'll be too many customers for anybody to grab a piece. That'd be unfortunate, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see, and even if it is busy, I can just go up the street to Food Basics for things needed to make those cheese sticks - cheese strings and Italian bread crumbs (unless Italian seasoning is the same thing), more or less. Oh, and that reminds me I also need to get recipe cards from someplace that sells them. I let George take the last couple cookie sticks home when I brought the second half in on Saturday, and asked if they got eaten quickly when I saw him yesterday, to be told something that I didn't quite hear, and also that his mom wants the recipe. That's no problem, but I forgot to write it down last night, and would rather write my recipes out on cards proper instead of having all of them in this ever-growing file. So there's Dollarama, maybe the other dollar store up by Food Basics, Shoppers, Real Canadian Superstore, and Walmart that I could look at. Or just look online, but all I can find on eBay that ships to Canada are cards with pictures that get in the way of the writing space.

I think I should first respond to this email though, and then go move my Cool Whip from the freezer to the fridge so it's ready. I still don't see myself heading out until at least 7 or 8pm (probably 8 so it's a little bit cooler), but there's no harm in getting started right now~

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