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The DVDs Might Be Faster...

Tonight, I learned that George's mom would now like me to download The Waltons. Yes, the same TV series I gave Dad the complete set of for Christmas this year, but when I was initially given the request, that seemed like just a coincidence. However, skip ahead to being back at home and remembering the request, and I found that there are a couple problems with downloading the entire series. One, the torrent for season 1 is currently downloading a little on the slow side, and there are nine seasons altogether. Two, I could only find season 8 in RMVB format, but figured All2AVI might be able to convert those, and three, the complete season 9 is not available. From what I can tell, that season is comprised of three discs, and going by what I can find on BitSnoop, each disc is split into two torrents, but the second half of disc 3 is not available. It could just be that there's only one part to disc 3 because that's the last one in the set and there's less data on it, but all of that doesn't even mention the fact that I can only find said disc-parts in direct-DVD-rip format. As in, BUP, IFO, and VOB files. I could just maybe work with those if necessary, but for the time being season 1 can continue to download, and I'll ask Mom or Dad (whoever I see first) tomorrow if I can borrow season 9 to try ripping the disc directly. If that works, I might as well just do the same with the entire series instead of waiting for downloads, but yeah.

In different news, I'd say the cookie pizza went over well. Dad, Trish, and Adam were all dismayed when I told them I was taking it to work, and then Dad showed me a short letter from Uncle Brent about our recent visit containing - among other things - a brief blurb saying that I apparently have a "real knack" for baking, and that that was Grandma's specialty as well, but they'll get theirs eventually, and by that I mean next time I feel like making something to share at home, it'll be one of those pizzas, and I just may invite everybody to contribute their own toppings, at their own expense, of course. Getting back to the one I made tonight though, well, it was actually pretty easy to carry up to work - not at all like the cake I brought to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's house on Christmas Eve - and then once I got there, I gave George his package of batteries, and invited Orlando to untie the bag surrounding the pizza, since he was closest. After that, I remember seeing James take a picture which was sort of neat (neat because it was evidently unusual enough that he either wanted something to remember it by, or was going to show it to somebody else after work / sometime in the future), then he took a bite of his piece, and slowly fell back a bit, then stood up straight again and said "That's really good". Orlando took only a small bite of his piece, presumably because he wasn't hungry, but he said it was good as well, and I don't believe George said anything, but I'll definitely ask on Saturday. Then I invited them to take another piece or two home, because I'd baked it intending for the entire pizza pan to be emptied at work, after which Orlando washed said pan, I said goodbye to everybody, turned toward the door, and started on my walk back home. I was there only long enough to put the pan away again before going out to 7-11 for another sub and some additional snacks, then next door to Tim Hortons for my first Ham and Swiss sandwich since March, and then finally back home for the rest of the night, and things have been largely less-eventful since then.

Regarding that commission mentioned in my previous entry, I sent the artist the money and a description of what I was after, and received an email from Paypal saying that they (the artist) had accepted my payment, but nothing since then. Just maybe because it's ~4:30 in the morning, but yeah. I also up and decided to start working on my LJ entry-book again earlier, so hopefully progress on that lasts for more than a couple days. I have been more bored than usual lately, so I'd rather not find something else to occupy my time and end up moving that file back to an external drive again. I want to finish it, but right now I'm less than 50 entries into at least 2,000, so it's going to take a very long time to complete, if at all. Especially because looking around on Blurb's site just now has me suspicious that there's a maximum of 440 pages per book. Not so much of a problem in my case if I were to do one book for each year, but that'd also cost more, and thus is undesirable. Maybe I'll just set that project aside and instead use those old entries as things to write about on days that I don't have much else to say. Maybe. Some entries are interesting to look back on now, but others are more or less devoid of anything to talk about.

I'm actually about in the same place tonight, which is probably because it's already 5:00, but in amongst being tired I'm thinking about what to do tomorrow as well. It is a very big "might", but I'm considering making yet another one of those cookie pizzas to take in when I go to work on Friday (which will be more likely to happen if I've had a chance to talk to Dan about dates in August by then), which would require more toppings, so I may go out to Dollarama again tomorrow, and from there to Sobeys for the things I need to make cheese sticks since I didn't go to Food Basics tonight. As mentioned just above though, that largely depends on whether or not I'll have dates to give to Melissa. I hope so, because I really don't want this to go undiscussed for another week, but I'm getting kind of antsy again writing about this, so I should probably just go to bed. I don't foresee tomorrow holding much else of interest, but I'll just have to find out then~

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