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Whether or not it means anything is debatable, but I guess they could be related. Since last week I have, on occasion, opened Project64 to play a little bit of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, as that's one of the games Adam and I used to enjoy playing on the actual N64, and in the area I most recently completed, there's an item you acquire which is a camera that brings ghosts and other invisible objects and items into sight. Along the same lines, I had a dream last night that worked on roughly the same premise. It looked like we (our family) were at another family reunion, milling about enjoying dinner and talking to people and doing all the things you'd expect, when I started to get the feeling that something was wrong. As per usual with dreams, I can't remember exactly what happened between then and the next part that I actually do remember, but I went from having a suspicious feeling, to walking around the room taking pictures of everybody. Most of the pictures came out normal, but eventually I took one that was just what I was waiting for - a couple seconds after the camera flash, a faint purple light could be seen starting to glow on the person who the picture was taken of, and it's as if that's the mission I was given.

It was somehow communicated that there were five of those entities in the room, and I had to use the camera to expose them, followed by wiping the area covered by the glowing light with what I'm assuming was rubbing alcohol. I don't remember what happened to the first or second, but the third was on a young girl's dress, and I had a hard time finding it at first because that girl was Aunt Joyce's daughter (in the dream, anyway), and I feared that if Aunt Joyce saw me taking a picture of her, I would get in trouble. Eventually I did get one though, which I immediately showed to Aunt Joyce, causing her to start crying, and to put her head down on the table in hopelessness. The fourth ended up being on Adam's hand, and I remember seeing it right up close as I wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rubbed it off, but I can't say where the fifth and final one was, because, of course, I woke up. I'd be lucky to dream about much more than getting mail and finally talking to Dan tonight, but yeah, I thought that was interesting, and was actually going to write about it right then and there, but ended up going to other things instead, because there was of course no mail for me, and I've only seen Xion online today, and don't feel like talking to him until I figure out these outstanding arrangements.

Given that, one could surmise that it hasn't been the best day, and that much is true, but it could've been much worse - back at ~7:30pm, I decided to go out to Harvey's for supper, as I've wanted a Great Canadian Mushroom Melt for a while now, and before leaving the house, figured that given my mood, I might as well just set aside trying to eat in moderation and get whatever I wanted from Harvey's and 7-11, and possibly make other things to eat at home as well. In the end I didn't, settling for one of the sandwiches mentioned above with a poutine and a bottle of water, then a package of noodles when I got hungry again after that, but yes. I will give myself a day like that eventually, but I'd like to not eat anything for at least a day beforehand so I don't have to feel terribly guilty and whatnot. Maybe next time I get three days off in a row, or maybe sooner than that if I end up with the same sort of arrangements I had on Monday of this week. It's also good that I didn't do that today though because I probably would've spent too much. Over the past couple days I've been going on the assumption that we will get both our regular pay and vacation pay this coming week, after which I'd be fine again, but there's no guarantee. And just so I don't forget, I should probably also mention that Brandon currently owes me $20 for a t-shirt and CD that were only available online. At least they're being shipped to this address, so I can keep them until he gives me the money.

Further to the day on a whole though, I'd say it's been pretty okay overall. I got back into Oracle of Ages again, and to date have managed to make it all the way up to the eighth dungeon without cheating (with exception for save states), which is kind of an accomplishment with how confusing the 7th was. Pretty straightforward in terms of what you have to do, but getting the last normal key was kind of tricky. It wouldn't surprise me if I'm all done with that by the end of tomorrow, but I do also have other plans, in the form of going out to get everything that I didn't today - index cards, a pizza pan of my own, baking groceries, and various goodies from Dollarama for next time I make a cookie pizza. Not to mention that once all of that is finished, I'd like to make both those mozzarella sticks, and this pie-like creation. Cream cheese may not have gone over terribly well on Father's Day, but marshmallows and chocolate would be a tasty touch, as would be substituting the peanuts with cashews, which I definitely intend to do. I think I might just go to bed early tonight though, because I don't have anything else to do and I'm tired already. I wonder what dreams will come tonight...

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