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I Noticed Too Late

Before I talk about what the title of this entry means, just a brief update to the stuff concerning money that I mentioned yesterday. Out of curiosity for how much my vacation pay would be (I've been expecting somewhere in the range of $400), I grabbed the old pay stub out of the bottom of the bag - the one from back in May when I'd just come home from Toronto and got paid only ~$250 - and looked at it for anything referencing the word "vacation". Down on the lower half, there was a label and amount all on their own, with the label being "Vac. acc." (so probably "vacation accrual"), and the amount next to it was at least $600. That would be amazing, even moreso considering we've been paid a couple more times since then, and there's a slight chance that amount might be up to seven hundred instead of six. Still, if I can manage, that's all going to be put into savings, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised upon seeing that.

Now, as for what I noticed too late, I mentioned yesterday that George and I were originally scheduled to close on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and that suddenly Mary had taken those shifts instead, right? I thought nothing of it until Orlando said a certain something last night, and then as soon as I had a chance, I went back to check the new schedule, and saw that George was indeed no longer on it, meaning that yesterday night was his last shift. Meanwhile here I was making vague plans before to bake he and the rest of his family, more or less, a whole bunch of cookies and so on, yet the best I was able to give him was the cookie sticks recipe for his mom, and some candies that I purchased at Food Basics before work. I did at least ask for a ride home, because Dominos called to do a food swap and there was lots of pizza left over at the end of the night, but the only relevant things I said there were "Good luck with your new job", and "It's been fun working with you, so... yeah". He did put our home phone number and my email address into his phone so I have some way of contacting him when The Waltons finish downloading (probably not for a while yet though, as season 1 finished just after I got home last night), but in order for that to work, he first has to send me an email or give me a call to let me know his own phone number or email address, as I have neither. An alternate solution would be to just register on Facebook, but there's absolutely no chance of that. In general though, it is just kind of sad. I knew his last shift would be coming up before the end of the summer, but I didn't think it'd be so soon. And now, instead of bringing Manoah back onto closes, a new manager - Laura - is being trained to work them, which I'm not really a fan of. Maybe we'll get along well enough, but the only regularly-closing managers there now are Mary and Gabby, which I dislike for obvious reasons, enough to maybe have to do something about it depending on how things go, but we'll see...

Going back to mentioning Facebook above now though, that reminds me of something else kind of odd and slightly annoying that happened before work yesterday. I went out to Food Basics for pepperoni sticks and candies, then came back and sat down outside under the trees, to continue working on my linked game in Oracle of Ages. Melissa came out to smoke a cigarette in short order, and eventually she asked what I was playing, so I told her "Zelda". Cue her telling me about how her husband has played and beaten all but one of the games, and how they bought a Gamecube just so he could play Wind Waker (presumably), then sold it immediately afterward, then she mentioned that all he plays these days is World of Warcraft, and I foolishly told her that I'd never played it myself. I say "foolishly", because upon hearing that she went on to tell me all about it, and how there's a certain amount of strategy involved in creating your character which she could never get right, but apparently (in reference to me, obviously) "You're smart, so you could probably figure it out really quickly, and actually... I think I might have a trial I could give to you". I actually told her just before that that I didn't play too many online games. I didn't tell her that was because interacting with people over the internet is a veritable minefield for me, and in regards to her saying she might have a trial, just said "Oh, okay. I'll try it...". I actually won't, both for the reason given above and because I've heard how much of a timesink and all-consuming passion that game can be (Melissa actually told me at one point that "It's not a game - it's a lifestyle", with a laugh), but yes. All I wanted to do was play Oracle of Ages, because since Thursday I've made remarkable progress. All of the normal dungeons are complete, and I'm about halfway through Hero's Cave, which, oddly, the map screen calls "Ancient Tomb". Presumably a bug in the game (if I found a map item for Hero's Cave the name would probably change), but it's nothing really grievous, in that it doesn't impede progress or anything.

As for other odds and ends now, Dan replied to the email I sent him yesterday by saying "That sounds alright", and then with a second reply just one hour ago (as in, 1:30pm today) saying he thought of something that I might like working on: installing Linux from scratch and having to choose all the parts you wanted to make your own operating system. That would be neat, because one of the first things I disliked about Ubuntu was not being able to (figure out how to) move or auto-hide the bar on the left side of the screen, but a train ticket is the next thing there, and I think I'd prefer to wait until we next talk in MSN to answer his other question, because it'd be alot easier to go about in there. Secondly, since 8:30 yesterday morning I've had the changed sketch of my keychain to check and approve, which I've done neither of yet, not to mention I have to leave feedback for those measuring spoons now that they're finally here, and third, even though I should get to work on renaming season 1 of The Waltons after doing those things, I think I might go right back to working my way through Hero's Cave, and maybe have started a linked game in Oracle of Seasons by the time I go to work. Feedback and emails first though, because I really can't leave those un-done for another day~

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