Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Why I Don't Like Coming Here

Now how, I ask, am I supposed to get to sleep in this mess? I swear. I'm over at Josh's house right now, and he just went to bed so I'm leeching off his internet, first and foremost :p But as for his room, it's a mess. When I first got here tonight, he specifically said "I'll have to get you some new bedsheets. I spilled Dr. Pepper on the other ones." He's gone to bed now, and did he get anything of the sort? No. Of course I could try to find some sheets myself, but I don't know where they are, and there's no point anyways. The condition of the bed here is the least of the problems. Last time I was here, we grabbed a couple garbage bags, and filled them up with, well, garbage :p Tonight, when I came down here, I couldn't help but notice they were still sitting in the corner. *sigh*

So yeah. I obviously didn't have to work tonight after all. Around 2:30 this afternoon, Dad called Heart and Stroke, to say that someone from Taco Bell had phoned, and that it was my choice to go in or not, or something like that. I told him that didn't make sense, because I was already scheduled to work, so I phoned them.

Turns out, Jerome wanted some hours. However, he did not want to close (and who can blame him, really). So they (him and Josh, as far as I know) came up with idea to ask Jessica if she'd cover my shift, and then Jerome would cover hers. As I told John on MSN earlier, I'm not complaining :3

Yeah, I don't have alot of hours this week as is, but my shift tonight was only 4, and I have a feeling I'll more than make up for that on the weekend.

I should probably be trying to get to sleep, seeing as I am going volunteering tomorrow, but I'm hardly tired, and even if I was, falling asleep in this mess isn't going to be easy. Yeah, it might sound like I'm making it out to be a lot worse than it actually is, but you'd have to be here :\

Anyways, the thought ran across my mind earlier tonight that Monday's rapidly approaching (well, sort of), so would it be easier for you, squnq, if I just put my address in here, and let you figure out how to get here? To be perfectly honest, I'm not the best with street names, so yeah :x I took a quick look on Google Maps, and that seems to give pretty clear directions, so I'll leave it up to you. I don't want to make it sound like I'm not willing to help at all, but I can't help but feel it'd be more trouble than anything.

With that though, it's time I tidied up this bed and tried to get to sleep -_-

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