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Shoes Are a Necessity

Try telling that to Mary though. For longer than I can remember, we've taken our hats off after closing at night, or in my case if I'm on line, after closing and once the food is put away. Technically it's against the rules to even do that, but it's alot more comfortable, and if there are no customers coming or going, and nobody else in the building to say otherwise, a little added comfort can help make the rest of the night go by that much more quickly. I even untuck my shirt and remove my name tag, but I think Mary wins in the "something you should never do ever" category. About ten minutes after we'd closed tonight, I went up front to collect the dishes needing to be washed, and glanced down at the floor for some reason. It was then that I noticed her bare feet. She was not wearing shoes, or socks for that matter, and I just kind of shrugged it off, deciding to check again on Wednesday, and if she's still doing it then, ask why, and if it continues for a week or so past that, maybe bring it up with Melissa. I know nobody likes a busybody and such, but I fail to see how she (Mary) could think that's even remotely acceptable.

In related news, tomorrow is the day I go to ask Melissa about the new hour after closing rule, and I think I have a reasonable proposition worked out. Apparently this rule was instated because of George's tardiness on certain nights and keeping Brandon until the end of the night on a Sunday several weeks ago, so I figure that with him being gone now, it would be plenty reasonable for us (the closers) to have a trial period of two weeks to one month in length to gauge future closes by. If being there past an hour after close continues to be a problem, then bring the rule back into effect, and be aware of everybody's stance on it. If, however, nights where we're there past 2 or 4 go back to happening only every so often, then cut us some slack and leave things the way they were before. As mentioned yesterday, the only times that really happens is when it's too busy to make appreciable progress getting caught up while we're still open, and there's absolutely no reason we should be penalized for being too busy. Although on a funny note, Mary was gloating to Brandon about how she got out in 50 minutes on a night where the total sales for the day were about $5,300, which is to say very busy, but the only thought running through my head after that was "did that happen on a weekday or the weekend?" Having a third closer can make a world of difference, but unfortunately the only nights we're granted that benefit are Friday and Saturday. As for being aware of everybody's stance on it, Brandon and I both feel that if we aren't being paid, we shouldn't be expected to work, and it wouldn't surprise me if that feeling was mutual with the rest of the closers. I honestly don't think I could just get up and leave at 2 (or 4) if my work wasn't done, but if things were as they should be I would never be forced into that situation to begin with, so yeah, we'll find out tomorrow.

Continuing with bad things, I'm displeased with myself for something that happened on the way to work. Right near the end of Wellington Street West, one of two guys on the other side of the street started yelling at me, mentioning something about my tail, and saying that he would "[expletive] beat me up". Instead of just ignoring them though, I looked toward him and said "Oh, I'm so scared, guys", and when he continued to yell as I kept walking further down the street, waved my hand dismissively a couple times. For some reason I'm starting to slip into this mindset of "If I don't respond, that means they have something on me", which is absolutely not true. Quite frankly I wish all people understood reason and could comprehend being told "If you're going to beat me up, then do it. Otherwise, kindly don't waste my time or yours with idle threats and posturing", but for now, a reminder to myself that better or worse is nothing but a state of mind, and that even if somebody actually does go through with their threat, I don't have to give them the satisfaction of a response. It's just... I can't remember why, but I was feeling kind of irritated about something on the way to work, and those remarks evidently caught me at the wrong time. Also, on a slightly stranger note, I took a different route home today (ever since I found out Saturday was George's last shift, my desire to take longer routes home has been renewed), and ended up having a conversation with a random guy out riding his bike over by the mall, who told me about how he took his last two dollars and fifty cents to a variety store for lottery tickets, and came away with some $275. Then we reached the end of the block and he turned around to head back in the other direction, leaving me to continue on my way to 7-11 where the unfriendly guy (in my own words, Steve of 7-11) was working again, then back home.

Since then, nothing of great interest has happened, but I do have three new examples of the pronounced lack of common sense around here recently. For one, at least one of the windows in the living room was open, despite the air conditioner being on. Two, the kitchen and dining room smell of food that's gone bad, and three, the door to the cat room was closed, even though none of the cats were in it. The latter isn't really an issue, but the former is, because I was wondering why Smokey kept poking her head into the kitchen until I looked down at her tail and noticed her entire backside quivering. Cue going out to the living room to open the then-closed door, and within five seconds she ran in, and presumably went straight to one of the litter boxes. I can kind of see what Trish and Adam might feel is an ideal solution, being that our cats can use Trish's cat's (Cinnamon's) litter box instead, but it doesn't work like that. Given a choice between two relatively equal bathrooms, I think most everybody would choose to use the one that they're familiar with. And on that random note, I now have about an hour and a half to play Oracle of Seasons. Thus far I don't like it. Having to wait until the third dungeon to get Roc's Feather feels very wrong, and knowing that no Mermaid Suit exists in this game (which means no ability to swim by pressing the direction you want to go instead of the A button) just doesn't feel right either. I'll make it through though, and then maybe try Link's Awakening DX after that. Hopefully I can complete the 5th dungeon tonight...

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