Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

[saying about the third time]

I'm just not having a good day or something. This will be the third time I've restarted writing this entry, and have to leave for work in less than half an hour, and have an email to respond to before I go, and just... yeah. I think the biggest reason for things not going well at present is that I'm preoccupied. Hopefully by the time I get home from work later tonight, ~$1,100 will have been deposited into my checking account. All from work, and for reference, $600 of that is vacation pay, which I'll be transferring all but one hundred of into my savings. As for the remainder, I just may look into buying a table lamp from Canadian Tire tomorrow. The one I've been looking at on the site is $60 before tax, but it doesn't come with bulbs, which appear to be another $7 for two, and if I choose to get a slightly more contemporary shade with it as well, another $16 will be added to the total. It is something I've wanted for a while now, because I've been using my plain old ceiling fan light for 26 and a half years now, and it's starting to get just a little bit tiresome. A nice table lamp would give the room a whole different atmosphere, and I figure there's no better time to buy one than when I have a substantial amount of vacation pay, and no current plans for most of it. As noted before, going away in August will hopefully be paid for entirely from checking. There is one difficulty in that right now I plan to be there from the 10th through the 17th, and we get paid on the 11th, which is the first day of the month and thus when Dad will need his $180, but I might just give myself another savings-loan or that. Unless of course Adam gives me at least $200 by then, but he's been antsy enough about owing me $46 for the internet and Trish's things from Future Shop.

This is the exact problem I've run into the past two times now. I also want to say something about food, and how there's a new rule about washing dishes, but I can never get through it. The rule is such that from after the supper dishes are washed until 10am, anybody who makes food is responsible for the dishes they use, which is completely fair. I, however, find my way of thinking from work transferring over to being at home as well. I cannot relax, and thus I cannot eat food until my dishes are washed, but most of the time I dirty dishes here it's because I'm hungry, and hunger tends to make one want to eat first, and take care of the rest afterward. The contradiction is actually pretty draining, but I'll just deal with it tonight. Make supper, then go upstairs to eat and relax, and after that, go back down to wash the dishes again. Hopefully. As for food, there is just precious little here. There wasn't even any peanut butter to use for peanut butter and crackers earlier, and I'm just downright annoyed about that. I still have a job, so I'm expected to give Mom grocery money, but I also try to pay for my own groceries, so where does the rest of that money go? It's effectively gobbled up by Adam, Naomi, and Trish, who, for the moment, are not contributing in any way. For example, I'm still probably going to buy everything I need to make that cream cheese and pudding dessert again tomorrow, because I'd like to try making it properly (that is, allowing it to set completely instead of removing it from the freezer early because I don't want to wait any longer) so I can judge whether or not it'd be suitable to make for Dan and his roommates, but that is once again essentially my money being eaten by other people. I do like baking, but it's nice to get something back every once in a while, which thus far isn't happening. So maybe I'll just skip it tomorrow - buy only the things that I personally need, and make that dessert once somebody here gives me some of the money I'm owed. I still do want to go to Dollarama tomorrow to get a couple packages of mini peanut butter cups, and also to 7-11 for four dollars worth of the five cent candies that I like the most (the sour blue and pink bottles), just to have for when I want candy. Through trial and error I've found that I can't eat more than two dollars worth of the latter without feeling ill, and the candies are something I would keep in the fridge downstairs to snack on. Oh, and I also need to get some more chicken or hamburgers. Those are something I've definitely been missing recently.

On that note though, I really need to send this email (it concerns that keychain I'm commissioning), then head off to work. It's already after 7:00, so I'm kind of late...

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