Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Was Mixed Up

While examining my two most recently received pay stubs just now to see how much I made on Canada Day, I noticed that I had been reading them wrong before. It made sense to assume that my vacation pay was more than my normal pay, because that has all year to accumulate and such, but I actually made only $550 in vacation pay, and a little over $700 before taxes from my hourly (and holiday) wage. Had I not worked on Canada Day it would've been about $120 less, but yeah, that's interesting, mostly because it means that I have a free pass to transfer $100 from savings back into my checking account, but I'm going to wait on that. Adam just paid me the $46 I asked to have as soon as possible from him, and Dad gave me $20 to cover his payment for the internet both this month and next, so I now have $80 in my wallet, and should be getting at least the same amount from Manoah tomorrow. I can't come into money without having expenses though, and this afternoon was certainly no exception. I spent about $20 at Real Canadian Superstore, and another $30 at Food Basics, and that covers only the things I personally absolutely need - shampoo and conditioner, noodles, margarine, cheese, chicken burgers, buns for burgers, etc.. I have officially decided to wait until next Thursday to make dessert or bake anything (I would really like to try making a batch of oatmeal cookies with the fudge chocolate chips I saw at Real Canadian Superstore), and that depends entirely upon whether or not I can afford it. By that I mean at this point it would seem wiser to take that $100 from savings and combine it with half of the eighty dollars I have in my wallet right now to get a train ticket. That way I'd have it, and would only need to make sure gas and the internet were paid for on the Thursday after next.

As for buying a lamp, I did. That and a package of four bulbs that weren't listed on the website, but I can't very well be surprised. I like the lamp though. It was quick and easy to set up (with exception for the shade, because I didn't realize the metal braces were supposed to be pulled all the way back), and does indeed make my room look quite different, as expected, but for some reason, turning it on revealed some old writing on the wall, which was clearly put there by Adam, as it's in his handwriting. There are three words, being "Surf", "Surplus", and "Special", and he has no idea what they were originally put there for. It kind of makes me want to go around the rest of my room looking for things written on the walls that weren't visible before, but I got exactly what I wanted in the end, so that's good. Less so is the fact that it cost nearly $80, which combined with groceries means I spent ~$120 this afternoon, but that's okay, because I expected as much to happen. I even still plan to go out to Dollarama in the mall later (probably around 7:30, since they're open 'til 9pm) for the packages of mini peanut butter cups that were in the "Optional:" part of my grocery list. That still leaves cereal and baking needs to be considered, but as mentioned above, those can wait until the Thursday after next, and I find that I really only want to buy myself cereal if I've started eating it again in the morning, and we run out. Ergo, if I just go back to not eating until I get hungry, and then eating only a small snack instead of a full meal, I should be okay. The biggest problem with buying some (aside from the aforementioned) is that my food box is completely full already. I'll try for a larger box tomorrow though, and if that actually fits under my bed, I'll have it, at least.

Otherwise, I'm kind of uncertain about work tomorrow. Reason leads me to think that because I've been on drive through for three closes with her in a row now, Mary will put me on line instead, and now that we have to try our hardest to be out within an hour, I worry that I'll be straggling behind. Provided it's not busy I can get things caught up and ready for closing, yes, but my way of cleaning is a good bit more detailed than Mary's, and as such, takes longer. Last night, however, went remarkably well. At first I was worried that because Laura - a new manager who is still in training - was closing for the first time (with Mary there to train her, of course), we wouldn't be out in time, but I actually stepped out the back door at 1:40 or so, and then only waited for about ten minutes for them to finish up what they were doing, only for Mary to say "You were free to go hon" when they finally came out themselves. That's one thing I don't really like - yet, just to be on the safe side. Necessity of the manager I preferred working with no longer being around, and Manoah not being available for full-time closes because he doesn't have a reliable method of transportation (that is, he can't always get a ride to work or home at the end of the night) is making it so that she and I are getting along a little better, but if you ask me, we aren't that close yet. Laura, on the other hand, is somebody I got along with well enough last night, but as it was only her first close, and one where it wasn't just her and I there alone, at that, it's too early to say anything for sure. Oh, and since I mentioned George above, I should also mention that he still hasn't emailed me. Which isn't a surprise, considering, but season 2 of The Waltons is almost done downloading (currently at 91.4%), and I would like to keep him apprised of progress, or if not that, just ask when he'll next have at least an hour free, so I can tell him to come here then, and have cookies ready.

Definitely not tonight though, so I think I'm going to go see about supper, then work on writing my recipes down onto these cards, now that I finally opened one of the packages and used one of the pens earlier this morning. Oh, and I also received an email today to say that my keychain was mailed out, so now I have something more to look forward to in the mail. Next should be the radio cord which I no longer have use for what with George being gone, so maybe it'll come tomorrow. Probably not though...

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