Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much of a Confusing Thing

The decision has been made, and also, I think I know why I've been so incessantly hungry lately - it's because of money. Even though things may make relative sense when worked out in my mind, the fact that I still have deposits and major expenses and whatnot else outstanding is a terrible drain, which obviously leads to stress, which then leads to eating more than I would normally. Take yesterday, for example. I didn't eat any breakfast, but did purchase a five-pack of those little cheese and cracker snack containers (the ones that come with a rectangular plastic knife), and ate the entire pack before suppertime. Then I had two hamburgers at supper, and went out to Dollarama after that, where they didn't have any mini peanut butter cups left, but I still came away from with two packages of mini rolos and a bag of peach rings. I then ate one of the former, as well as the latter, and was still hungry after that, so I ate the other package of mini rolos, and a couple hours later decided that since it felt like a special night (for a reason I'll mention right after this), I would go out to 7-11, for a sandwich and 5-cent candies, and then eat both of those immediately after getting home. In other words, I ate about a day and a half worth of food yesterday, and in attempt to even that out, have eaten naught but cereal since I woke up today, and will be eating nothing else until I get home from work, and even then I know I'll be having chicken burgers, as they're somewhat healthier. Better than that would be to not eat anything else for the rest of the day, but that depends on how I feel when I get home.

As for what was special about last night, around 6:30 I received a message in MSN from Manoah asking if I worked "tonight", and when I told him no, said he wanted to drop off the money he owed me on their way home from picking Tryphena up from work. I said that was fine, and sure enough, he showed up around 8:30 with $450, so I now have that to deposit later. The thing is, I was looking at my recent transactions in Easyweb earlier, and it struck me as odd that I could see the transfer I made to my savings account while I was at the bank back on Tuesday, but not the withdrawal I made at the same time. Then it occurred to me to check the transactions for my savings account, and sure enough, there was one for exactly $300 in the "Debit" column. That was easily fixed though, but then right after that I started wondering about how to proceed with the money Manoah had given me. I eventually figured that by taking the hundred dollars out of my savings that I mentioned yesterday, and combining that with the cash I had to deposit to my checking account, I should be able to afford both a train ticket and an early loading of $50 onto my Visa card to pay for the internet later this month, so now I plan to do all of that in about half an hour. Go up to the bank and deposit this cash, then head back to Via Rail for a train ticket for August, head to Money Mart since it's right next to the train station, and then come back home to relax for a few minutes before heading out to a (hopefully) stress-free night at work. If all my figuring is correct, I'll have about $60 to spare for the next two weeks after the above is complete, and that's perfectly fine. Like I said before, I don't plan to do any baking until at least next Thursday, assuming I can afford it, and otherwise, I have more than enough food of my own now to keep visits to 7-11 to a minimum. Going yesterday night was just plain dumb, and all of this stuff has sort of put me off wanting to use my debit card for a little while.

Another strange thing about last night was how long it took me to get tired. Maybe it was because of the amount of food that I'd eaten, but I stayed awake until ~6:30 with no problems at all. That could also be because of this lamp though. It's really nice, and I do like it, but I kept it on until about 5:30 this morning, reasoning that I should do things that way from now on. Keep the light switched on until I'm tired and ready to go to bed, then turn it off, and lay down to sleep. It makes sense, but assuming it's to blame for my lack of fatigue yesterday, it needs to be switched off at 4:00 or so instead, at least until I'm used to it. I can just imagine what it'll be like once it cools down enough outside that I can flip everything in my room around again. Probably still nice, but distracting all the same.

At any rate though, I've run out of things to say once again (it's going to be a couple days before I go back to normal), so I'm going to use these remaining fifteen minutes to look up departure times on Via Rail's site. I'm not quite so sure about leaving at ~10am anymore (and thus having to be up around 7), but I need to know what my options are before I go there. Hopefully there's something between 10am and 2pm...

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