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It's Definitely the Lamp

I see no other explanation for why I'm still awake at 6:30am, but have I gotten up to turn it off yet? No, because if I do, I'll end up leaving this until tomorrow, and then probably won't end up talking to Dan assuming he's online, and will feel like my afternoon went by much too quickly again, so no, I'll just make do with these conditions as they are right now, and at worst, have to set my alarm for 2pm or so, to ensure that I don't sleep in again.

Setting that aside though, I have it now. Two train tickets, one to go to Toronto on the 10th of August, and the other to come home on the 17th, where going there, the train departs at 2:30pm, and coming back, it leaves the station at 7:05. I think my biggest concern now is that before tonight I hadn't talked to Xion or Dan in almost a week, and it's obviously a bit inconsiderate to think "I'll go out and get a train ticket to visit these people even though I haven't talked to them in a while", but I did at least tell Xion before I left for work (he was the only one online then), and came home to find a couple replies that neither confirmed nor denied that he read and understood what I said. Hopefully that will be sorted out tomorrow, but in the meantime, one last money-related thing. I expected the train ticket to cost about $140, but just before leaving to go to the bank and Via Rail, dug out my ticket receipt from last time, in hopes that I could use the remaining balance of my discount because the train was delayed to pay for part of the ticket that I was going out to get then. I was indeed able to, although the lady on the other side of the counter was somewhat surprised by the fact that I'd already used $30 of it to exchange my ticket before. What's more (as if that wasn't enough), I was also able to get the non-refundable non-exchangeable ticket this time, which cost only ~$50 after the discount. Not bad, although I won't be able to leave a day later this time without paying ~$70 for a new return ticket, but I don't foresee that being an issue.

After finishing up there, I went over to Money Mart to put $60 on my card, so the internet will be paid for now, and I still have at least $100 left, therefore making something special next week is virtually guaranteed. It works out better then too considering I have more supper shifts than closes on the new schedule (4:2, as opposed to the previous schedule's 1:5), but I do have something new and as-yet unknown to take into consideration. Another new manager (not Laura) starts next week, and from what I heard Manoah saying about her, if she likes you, then there's no need to worry, but if she doesn't, she can be described as a [profanity starting with b and ending with h]. The same thing has been said of other people in the past though, so I'll wait and see, and if she doesn't like me, I hope it's for something work-related. I've yet to see Laura chastise any non-management member of staff over anything, but that doesn't mean Melinda (I think) will be the same. Maybe.

On that note though, I think it's getting quite close to bedtime. I don't have anything else to do tonight, and tomorrow I only ought to start writing these recipes down like I said I was planning to do the other day. That's actually something I think I might do differently in August as well. Give Dan and / or Xion a list of what I can make (minus that cheesecake), and invite them to pick at least 3 things. Before, I could make everything that I had ingredients and directions copied down for in a couple days at most, but I have more available now, and I'm not about to make five different kinds of cookies and a cookie pizza and two cakes and Rocky Road Freeze concoction, both because I don't have that kind of money, and because I doubt they'd have enough space in their fridge. Cake and cookies are a must though, so I think I'll pick up both the ingredients I need for Rocky Road Freeze and a package of those fudge chocolate chips on Thursday. Speaking of which, when I went to work tonight, I was planning to ask Melissa if I could be scheduled to work a supper shift on the 9th, so I'd have a little more time to pack, and then while I was changing into my uniform, it occurred to me that the 9th would be a Tuesday, and I normally have Tuesdays off. As well, getting back a week later means I'll be coming home on Wednesday night, and because I usually don't work on Thursdays either, will have an extra day off to kick back and relax at home. Oh, and now that I have all these random bits crowding into my mind, one more thing from work earlier tonight: around 1:30am, I gave a customer their food and went to the back to wash some more dishes. I had all of one done when I heard Laura call my name, and when I looked up to ask what she needed, she said I could go out for a smoke if I wanted to. Mary immediately responded by saying I didn't smoke, and as for me, well, would it be wrong of me to say I was kind of offended by that? Apparently she (Laura) assumed I did because I "always sit under the trees outside", but that means nothing, and quite frankly, Laura, have you ever seen me smoking before tonight? No. And now I'm off to bed~

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