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More Things to Do

I think today should be one where I just stay home from work and take care of other things here. I mean, what's the point to going in and working for five hours? I'm not there to close the dining room, which is pretty much the whole point to working a supper shift, and I'll very likely not be able to get / keep the dishes caught up, which has thus far been the idea behind having somebody 'til 10, so I'm essentially just going to do normal work for five hours, but not make any appreciable progress toward closing or getting something (whatever it may be) caught up. Or it could just be that these four days seem to be taking an impossibly long time to go by, which is definitely at least partially the case as well. Maybe I could get by through reminding myself that at this same time in a month or so, I'll probably be starting to pack up my things to go out for supper before heading back home, but that's still not for another month.

As for what things I have to do, as far as I can tell, the external drive that I previously thought was broken but then appeared to be working is now not working at all, which is kind of unfortunate. There's a good side to it too though, being that the only files on that drive were all of my music, reinstallation things, and wallpapers. Maybe it doesn't seem good that I lost all of my music, but I still have a folder of some on one of my other external drives from last time I tried to trim the collection a bit, which is at least reasonably up to date in terms of music I've downloaded in the past couple years or so. Thus, it could just be seen as that I have a head start now, and as for reinstallation programs and files and whatnot, as well, as wallpapers, I have my wallpapers backed up on another drive, and I figure I'll format my Windows 7 USB installation stick and use it instead of that 2GB stick that's almost full. I still have the OS DVD, and should it come to it in the future where I actually want to install Windows 7 from USB again, I can just get a new stick. That's what I was planning to do either tonight or tomorrow, until I decided upon the plans mentioned above. After that, I have a complete set of some 9,233 (I think) Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROMs to look through for games that I want to put on my PSP, and then normal backup-related things. I intend to get started on that after work tonight, but supper will probably come before that, so hopefully just before 12.

Work itself today might be interesting as well, and not just for the reason(s) mentioned above. For one, I am almost positive it is Laura's first shift where she is the only manager present. It might also be that Manoah's there until 6 and Gabby works from then until close, therefore there's overlap, but if not, I wonder how things will go... Yesterday night was okay outside of a couple minor incidents with Mary (which is hardly to be surprised considering I just closed with her five times in a row), and setting them aside for a moment, it was also unusual for how much I was sweating. It didn't feel any hotter in there than normal, and I usually don't sweat all that much, even when it is hot, yet I was. Then to make it even better, I cleaned the floor myself, which was - needless to say - a strenuous task, and then had to rush through cleaning up at the end of the night to make sure we got out in decent time. After that, well, suffice it to say, having a shower never felt quite so good before. It looks to be just as hot today, possibly even moreso with the fact that I'm going there three hours before my usual starting time, but I'll manage, somehow. Getting through tomorrow, however, is going to be another matter entirely, because I'd like to actually have a break right about now.

Stuff concerning work aside though, I sent Dan an email yesterday afternoon, mostly out of frustration at not receiving responses to my messages in MSN, to ask some questions about August, and let him know that I'd purchased a train ticket and so on. I came home to find a reply saying that sleeping arrangements would be the same as before, or he could set up another bed in the living room (possibly cooler, albeit a bit too much like being in London), as well as that we'll probably discuss plans when I'm there (the only thing I insist upon thus far is going grocery shopping on Wednesday night). We have going to Canada's Wonderland as a distinct possibility, and in response to my mentioning thinking about asking Xion if he wanted to come along to the zoo, he (Dan) said that would be neat, and that if I was okay with it, we might be able to get an actual group together. Just so long as everybody will be reasonably quiet and respectful and not want to jump all around the zoo just to see specific animals and disregard the rest. I actually had a dream last night that we went there, and ended up having to leave before going over to see the snow leopards again, but yeah, that's an option too, and I would like to make use of my membership now that I have it. The other thing concerning August that I thought of last night is giving Dad his money. It'll be somewhat difficult to do that if I'm leaving on Wednesday and we get paid on Thursday, but why not ask him if I can give him his $180 on the second pay of August instead? I would be okay with that, so hopefully he will be too. I actually still need to tell both him and Mom that I'm going away in August (thus far I've just told Mom that I might be), but I can't right now, as everybody else has gone to Sarnia for the day. Yeah. Lovely and such, because I was thinking about asking for a ride to work, but I'll get by. I am leaving right now though, just to make sure I have lots of time to sit down and cool off outside~

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