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Such Lack of Maturity

This is really a sad state of affairs. While I was making supper after work tonight, a commotion quickly picked up upstairs, and when I had a free moment, I went out and poked my head into the living room to ask Adam and Trish if they knew what was going on. Indeed they did, and it's like this: over the past... while, several things have gone missing. Trish can't find her DS, and noticed some of her money has gone missing on at least one occasion, as well as that everybody went out to Sarnia today as I mentioned before, and the left-over bottles of pop mysteriously vanished sometime between them getting home and me making it back to the house when my shift ended. All things considered, there are only two people in this house at present who I suspect of taking the DS, and Trish defended one of them earlier, saying that they wouldn't, because they would not know how to use it even if they did. Then there's the money. It should go without saying that of the three people who don't have jobs in this house, only one of them would actually have no qualms about doing anything with stolen money. As for the pop, I believe it's an issue because of everything else that's gone missing. Normally, a can of pop here or there would be nothing to fret over (unless you literally need pop to live or something), but that going missing in conjunction with a moderately expensive handheld console and other money would make me upset too.

So that's essentially what was happening tonight. The person who was most strongly suspect was upstairs crying and screaming and shouting because the internet and TV had been turned off as punishment, which was really considerate of them when Ericka was also upstairs trying to sleep in Adam's room. Trish eventually had to go upstairs and bring her down into the living room, but just before that, Adam said that she (Trish) doesn't even want to stay here with all these things that are happening, and I can't say I blame her. I am not, however, saying that somebody was actually responsible for taking those items though. Until conclusively proven otherwise, they could've just gone missing, but the fact that this other person was throwing a tantrum when they could've been mature about it and calmly told Adam and Trish "I did not take those things" (assuming that were the truth) doesn't help their case any. It almost makes me feel like working to clean out the spare room on Tuesday and inviting Adam and Trish to move their stuff up there, but I'd rather not do that because then they'd have to go through my room to get in or out, and I like my privacy. For now though, it'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Maybe nothing, or maybe I'll be woken up early by another tantrum. I was actually thinking about telling Adam and Trish to consider calling the police if it didn't stop tonight (seriously), but it did, so this'll be the first time I've mentioned that idea. More immediately though, is there anything I can do? I would offer to let Trish (and Adam, if need be) store their money in my room, since I have a lock on my door, but that might be inconvenient for them if they need money while I'm at work or out someplace else. I can't do much to stop the stealing, until / unless something of mine goes missing (and right now the only items I have that aren't secured are cheese and meat and such in the fridge in the basement), and I'd rather not get directly involved in trying to get to the bottom of a situation that doesn't directly concern me, but if what happens tonight happens again, I will do something about it. Trish shouldn't have to want to stay somewhere else, and Ericka should be able to get a good night's sleep without being woken up by a childish fit.

Along the same lines though (more unbecoming behavior and less theft), work was interesting once again today. I was originally supposed to help make food over supper, but right after I changed into my uniform, Laura asked if I would do a favor for her. She wanted to know if I would do drive through over supper for her instead, because she wasn't very good at it. She promised to get the dishes caught up, so after checking with Manoah, I put a headset on, and did three hours of that. During those three hours, nothing truly exceptional happened, but the orders once again started piling up, just as they did yesterday night. At the worst point of the night, one guy ended up waiting twenty minutes for his food, when ten minutes is completely unacceptable, and a lady in drive through ended up waiting sixteen minutes for one item. I should probably mention at this point that Laura's offer was to switch with me, so I would be on drive through and she would help to make food. Thankfully, Gabby started just after that, and things got a bit better, but that's when Laura was put on front cash, and she apparently started to get frustrated. One of the things she kept doing was ringing in orders wrong, which you kind of have to accept from somebody who's new to that position. That's generally why other new employees have somebody there to help them for the first day, but she didn't, and was subsequently scolded by Gabby, and told what she'd done wrong, and to be careful in the future. She (Laura) just had a sour look on her face after most of those, but then 8:00 came, and it went down to there being just four of us in the building, with me at the back washing dishes for an hour and a half. People did of course keep coming into the dining room, and she must've been getting frustrated by then, because Laura started to hit the sink with a sigh every time she washed her hands, and generally wasn't very pleasant. Maybe she'll get better with time, but for the moment she honestly reminds me a little of Steve. What remains to be seen is how things will go when she closes on her own, but I'll miss the first several of those, as after tomorrow, my next two closes are with Manoah. I will be there to close the dining room a couple of those nights though, so we'll just see what happens then.

Otherwise, I'm still thinking about what happened tonight. Maybe - assuming nobody else does - I should say something tomorrow. Not about the things that have gone missing, but about lack of maturity and respect for other people. I wouldn't at all mind forcing that person into a corner if they talk back. You want to keep talking over me when I'm trying to say something? You don't use the internet for a day. Oh, so you're not going to stop? Want to make it two days? Three? A week? If you really didn't take any of the things that have gone missing, then you wouldn't mind helping us look in order to clear your name, right? I'd be kind of reluctant to go with the immediate latter, because then even if none of the things are found, it lets that person off the hook until something else goes missing, but no, I don't think I'll put up with another night of that behavior, so just as we'll see what happens on Wednesday or Friday, we'll see what happens tomorrow afternoon. Whatever the case, it had better not be loud...

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