Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Been Three Hours Already?

I can't remember exactly what time I got to bed last night, but it had to be shortly after 6 in the morning, because I remember glancing down at the clock once to see it said it was 6:01. In any case, from there I had a fairly restful sleep, with less heat-related interruptions than last night, and woke up a couple minutes after noon feeling completely refreshed and ready to go. It did also cross my mind though that even while I may feel fine, I would probably end up getting tired again quickly, so I just went downstairs to check the mail (my radio cord has finally arrived~), drink a cold glass of water, and go back upstairs, actually making the choice to lay back down in bed instead of trying to go about my day and going back to sleep if I got tired from there. I fell asleep eventually, during which time I had a dream about Naomi being annoying and me twisting her ankle in attempt to get her to comply (I think all I was trying to get her to accept was that if she got any of my clothes dirty in the future, she should wash them immediately...), and then I woke up again, and opened my laptop expecting it to be only 1:30 or 2. It was, however, not, and was actually almost exactly three hours after the time I chose to lay back down in bed. I'm not at all annoyed that that happened or anything, because if there's any time I deserve to sleep in it's now, what with finally having a day off and all, but those three hours did seem to go by really quickly.

As for things after that, I just got back from going out to Sobeys for a couple items I forgot to get at Food Basics yesterday - Cool Whip and a graham cracker pie crust, because I am going to try making that Rocky Road Freeze recipe the proper way tonight, in hopes that it turns out better. It is still something I would like to make in August (along with a larger batch of apple crisp), but I have to say I'm a bit let down by the general feeling surrounding that trip right now. I asked Dan the other night if there was anything specific he wanted me to make, or if all of the choices were up to me, and he didn't respond. I still can and will ask Xion, just in case there's anything in particular he'd like made again, but otherwise there's this feeling of "I don't care, really". One thing I absolutely want to do there is bake things for everybody, so this "Oh, whatever..." attitude does not help. Also, this next part will hopefully be solved before the end of the night, but when I talked to him most recently, Dan said we should probably just discuss plans for things to do when I'm actually there, but I do not want to wait that long. If we're going to Canada's Wonderland on the 13th (and thus far I have strong suspicions that we will be), then just tell me "Yeah, we'll go to Wonderland on Saturday", and if we're going to the zoo again, be it with a larger group or just a small gathering of people, let's work out a couple possible dates, and ask around to see who would be interested in going. I know I've mentioned this in the past, but one of the things I like most about trips and such is the planning. Maybe that's common among most people, but working out what can be done when, and trying to find the most sensible order for plans is enjoyable, whereas this right now of leaving all of that until the last minute is not, both for the reason I just went over, and because I may not as capable as I am to discuss them freely in person as I am online. All I want for now is to figure out what things we can and most likely will do, so I have stuff to look forward to. Thus far there's Canada's Wonderland and the zoo, with ideas I haven't yet mentioned anywhere else being maybe going to see another movie, or going for another late-night walk in High Park, or (and this came to me just now), going for a late-night walk out to Sobeys, as I imagine stores there are open 24 hours, and buying a bunch of junk food and such, like I used to do here before our Sobeys started closing at midnight. The only problem with that is that it expects Dan to conform to my "schedule", and I don't think he would take too kindly to a 2am walk out for food that we don't need, and then staying up a couple hours past that to eat some of it. I would enjoy it though, so maybe I could still go, just on my own instead <3

In work-related news now, I wonder if yesterday night was a one-time thing, or a sign of how busy closes will have to go in the future. I walked in to Cheryl finishing up the last couple dishes, so it was really nice seeing that I wouldn't have to worry about doing those, but it was moderately busy, either as a consequence, or just by that being the way things were going that night. Eventually, around 10:30, it got busy to the point where people were lined up in drive through around the corner, and stayed that way for close to an hour. Maybe it was because it started to rain then, or maybe it was something to do with the humidity. I'm not sure, but by the end of the night, I had all my dishes caught up in time to take care of a cleaning task that normally would've been Gabby's responsibility. That took about ten minutes, and washing the dishes created by cleaning afterward took about five, and we were closed shortly after that, so I was left without any dishes to wash. Thus, while she did her paperwork, I had to put all of the cold food away, and then clean the grill while she worked on the hot stuff, then go back to wash all the normal end-of-the-night dishes while she wiped everything down up front, all in order to be out of there before 2. It's not that I mind helping the other closer get a couple things done at the end of the night (assuming my work is caught up, not to mention I'd be less-willing to help some managers), but there's something about doing that on a regular basis that I don't really like the thought of.

That aside though, I'm off to start working on this dessert, and then to wash what dishes have been used since this morning, so yeah. At this rate it should be done / set right around 9pm...

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