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I Don't Think I'm Interested

While not what I was expecting, I received a sort-of newsletter from the Toronto Zoo today, but the only particularly useful thing inside of it would appear to be the coupon for a free slice of pizza. There's also a programs registration form on the back, which I originally thought was what the piece of mail was in its entirety, but the only program mentioned in the magazine is for people aged 6-16, and I'm ten years older than the upper limit. Going to the zoo itself again in August does seem more likely now though. I talked to both Dan and Xion last night, and by the time I went to bed, Dan said that he could invite people, but there probably wouldn't be too many, and it'd be better to go on a weekday if we wanted it to be less crowded (which I'm completely in support of), and Xion said that it has been too long, so he'd love to come, which is just what I was hoping for. Very few new plans or ideas have been come up with yet, but I did tell Dan that I don't just want to wait until that week to figure out what we can do, so with any luck, we'll come up with some more options soon enough. Xion and I actually have something else to do already, but it doesn't require us to go out anywhere or such. I showed him my then-messy desktop picture from a couple days ago, and he said he'd "like kiss the ground you walk on" if I could make his Windows look the same, and I'm pretty sure I could. Difficulties with that come mainly from the fact that he's running 64-bit Windows 7 with SP1 installed, whereas I'm using essentially the opposite, with 32-bit, and Service Pack 1 permanently hidden from the updates list, but there's one little bit of hope: the visual style he wants applied (it's called Pastelia) doesn't use any custom DLL files, and while I am using a custom ExplorerFrame.dll to change explorer.exe's buttons which isn't compatible with 64-bit Windows, I saw a comment to somebody's submission of those files that were updated for SP1 saying they could be made 64-bit compatible simply by using Resource Hacker to replace the images. That's just what I was hoping, so for now I asked Xion to send me his ExplorerFrame.dlls (64-bit Windows has two) so I can poke around in those. If it works, good, and if not, well, I'll bring along my Windows 7 DVD just in case...

In other news, dessert-related things. The Rocky Road Freeze that I made to share with everybody else last night did once again not turn out properly, and why? Because I wasn't patient, and didn't allow it to actually freeze like before. I just assumed that the recipe saying "freeze until firm", and the top of the filling being firm meant that it was ready to eat, when it actually was not. It was still good though, and Adam had to go out to Real Canadian Superstore last night, so I went along, and bought everything needed to make a second batch. The only difference between the two is that I used a pre-made graham crust purchased from Sobeys for the first one yesterday, and made my own crust from the rest of my chocolate wafer cookies for the second batch last night. It's been in the freezer overnight, so it should be quite cold now, and with luck all I'll need to do us run a knife around the edge, and invert the pan onto a plate. If that turns out, 8-12 people at work this afternoon will be able to try a new dessert, and if it doesn't, well... let's just hope it does, for now. I also want to go out to Staples before work to get one of these, because I finally sat down and properly wrote out some recipes last night. Here is the first one I wrote, after re-writing it a couple times due to messing things up, and then deciding after the first copy was all done that I wanted the step numbers to be in red ink so they'd stand out more. Naomi said I write too small, Trish asked "You write that small already?", which was kind of odd, and Adam, even with his glasses, just gave it straight back. I can understand what it says though, and everything is nicely color-coded so as to prevent confusion. The only confounding thing was how by the time I decided to be done, I'd written down six recipes, and yet had a stack of index cards to be thrown in the recycling bin numbering almost twice that. Just from simple little things, such as writing an ingredient's measurement all in black ink, or from the "Makes one..." part not fitting onto the card. Yeah. Dan asked why I didn't just print them out from the computer, but aside from that we don't have any printer ink, that's also less personal. Taking the time to write a recipe down on an index card essentially says "I liked this enough to want to put the time and effort into writing it down for the future". Printing would work if we had ink, but it just wouldn't feel the same.

Anyway though, I'm finishing this up early today to go check on that dessert. It unfortunately did not reach the top of the pan I put it in, which might make transferring it to a plate difficult, but I also put it in a silicone pan that I bought from Real Canadian Superstore just last night (it was only ~$3), so I'm hoping I can just flip the sides of the pan down far enough to turn the whole dessert over, and then carefully peel the bottom (which would then be on the top) off from there. I did get new chocolate chips at Real Canadian Superstore too, so that's another thing I need to check while I'm down there. If we have everything needed, I'll have some kind-of new cookies to bring in to work on Friday, but now I'm getting ahead of myself. Time to just go check on the dessert for now~

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