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What Have I Done~

Bought Vista Ultimate earlier tonight. The full install version. ~$520. Good God.

I JUST managed to get it to allow me to use 1440x900 for my resolution, and Aero's enabled as well, so yay, I guess :p Installing it was difficult in itself though. Had to shrink the first partition on this computer by 20GB, then joined it with the 10GB partition that was already there, to give me a total of 30GB for Vista. So I still have XP installed in case I need to use it for whatever reason.

Ideally, I want to shrink the two partitions I have now, so that they're just large enough for XP and Vista, and then make a third partition out of the rest of the space, for storage. The big problem with that though is figuring out exactly how much space is required for each.

So yeah. We went to Staples around 8, then to Taco Bell, so I could get some food. While I was there, something happened that resulted in Jerome taking my Friday night shift, and also, heard an interesting story about last night. Apparently there was some guy that was trying to order at the window, on foot. Of course, he was told "No". Then he came inside, and started asking a bunch of questions. What sort, I don't know. What I do know is that they called Josh, because I was at his house, and he advised them to lock the dining room doors, and if the guy came back, to call the police.

Glenda was there when I went in tonight, and all I can remember her saying about it was that "It was pure evil". Creepy.

Also went to volunteering today, which sucked in that I didn't even have so much as a chance to change out of the clothes I wore to Josh's house last night, so they probably stank. I did get quite a bit more done for P2P receipting though, so within the next two days, at most, I should have the first part of that done. Then the second part is to go back through everything, and actually put in how much each person brought in. Like Michele said today though, we're definitely ahead of things this year. God. I can still remember the first time I did it. It's still back in one or two of my old entries somewhere, but to sum it up, I was thinking of *ahem* doing something to the PRISM (the database system they use) computer, because of how far behind I was :s

Feh. For now, I'm heading to 7-11, and when I get back, I'm gonna fiddle around with Vista. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to buy, but I have it now, so I might as well.


Hmm. Do I dare still go? It's 1:30 right now. I just spent the past half hour figuring out how to get the sound working. GG Microsoft. Y'know what? Screw it. Too late now.

WTF? I just tried using cacls to give myself permission to view the "System Volume Information" folder, and I got an "Access denied" message. So I remembered what I read before, about using the following command line to gain system priveledges in XP:

at xx:xx /interactive "cmd.exe"

Then you'd just run explorer once the window popped up. So I figured I'd try doing that, and it won't even let me use the at command. What's the point of calling it an administrator's account if you're not even the true admin?

For now though, first impressions of Vista:

+ The box it came in is nice :p
+ Nice clean interface (especially the new logon screen)
- Way too many "zOMG did you do this if you did click yes and if you didn't click no because we're telling you to" windows
- Effing confusing to get all the drivers working.

But once you get everything up and running the way it should out of the box, it's alright. I'm sure I haven't seen the worst of it yet though.

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