Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Has Summer Finally Peaked?

I got home tonight and checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, to find that in the afternoon it's supposed to feel like 50°C. Yes, fifty. Probably alternately known as "Hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk", and I've been wondering since then if that means we've nearly reached the high point of summer, and will start seeing temperatures become more reasonable in the coming weeks. It makes sense to think so, both because it's presently about the middle of July, and because anything above 50 degrees would be cruelly hot / humid, so here's hoping and whatnot. I have also been thinking about going out someplace tomorrow though. Adam and Trish have to go to Windsor to meet with a lawyer who specializes in immigration, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mom goes with them, and if she goes, Ericka will probably be brought along as well, leaving Dad at work, and Naomi and I in the house whenever I wake up, so it'd be a perfect afternoon to do something special. I've been thinking about looking around in the candy store down on King Street (assuming it's still there) to see what they have, but could also see myself getting out as far as Walmart or such, but that might actually require me to take the bus someplace in this city for the first time since I was a kid. I'm pretty confident that I could get out there, but still, I don't want anything from Walmart right now, so it'd just be for something to do. Even so, I'd like to do something, and I'd like to be out for long enough to work up a sweat and respect for the ridiculously high humidity, so we'll see. It might just be sufficient to go out to Dollarama again (maybe the one over by Staples since it's farther away) to look for mini peanut butter cups. Although those would surely melt on the way home...

At any rate, I received a long-overdue email tonight, from one of the several people I have long-standing commissions in progress with. It was from Qemba, to say that she hadn't heard from me in a while, and hoped everything was alright, and to ask what I would like done with a couple sketches she sent in that email, as well as one I paid to get the paper copy of. Her concern is appreciated, but the problem with what she said was that back on the 1st of June, she asked for my address so she could send that sketch, and I sent it to her shortly after midnight on the second. That is to say, I replied to her as soon as I saw that message, but apparently she didn't see it, so yeah. Things are still going there, but I've pretty much given up on keeping after her / artists in general for updates. I only need to hear back from one other anyways, which will very doubtfully happen before my leave-negative-feedback deadline, and otherwise, I like it better this way. I don't like my replies being lost, of course, but that's easily fixed. Just not tonight because I'm going to bed right after I finish this.

Next, I have a screenshot. "What is so special about that screenshot?", you may ask. Just look at the two bits circled in red, then go back and read the first paragraph of my previous entry. I decided to give that a try on my old laptop earlier tonight, and it was actually no more difficult than installing themes was before. Patch the requisite files with Universal Theme Patcher, reboot, copy the theme files into c:\Windows\Resources\Themes, double-click the .theme file (the one that isn't a folder), and that's pretty much it. I was even going to send him an email with a link to that screenshot to show him it worked, but I still have a few things to fix first. For one, gdi++ is neither installed nor enabled in that picture. Two, the desktop icons are not in list view. Three, the parts of the date are separated with forward slashes instead of periods, and four, it may just be me, but the icons (mostly the colors) in the taskbar look ugly against the off-white background. I will fix those things by the end of the day tomorrow, and then show him the new screenshot, but for now, I just sent him an email to say I no longer need his ExplorerFrame.dll files, and as with responding to Qemba, I simply don't have the energy for it tonight. It's not quite so hot in here now, but earlier today was pretty unpleasant.

Work was just plain hot for the first three hours, then I finally got off of line, and went to the back to wash dishes for an hour and a half. Then I went out and amusingly managed to have the entire dining room cleaned and mopped with five minutes to spare, and volunteered to stay until midnight, because the place was a mess. It was Laura's first close on her own, so she deserves some slack there, but even when I left at 12, it was only because if I stayed any longer I probably would've ended up getting in trouble on Friday. I could've spent at least an hour cleaning the floor and helping Laura get line ready to close, but I'm sure my turn with her will come eventually. It's just kind of strange when the shift manager has to check with the staff as to what comes in a certain combo, or what goes on, say, a chicken burrito. Had they started her off as any other employee, she would be okay, but no, apparently they were in such desperate need of a manager, they just hired her and said "Here's what we expect from you". Also on the bad side of things, I noticed earlier that my bed had come pulled out from my wall a bit somehow, so I pushed one side back in without any difficulty, but when I went to do the other, the entire corner of the bottom bunk fell on my foot, because I forgot it was loose, and neglected to remove the mattress first. That does remind me though that I need to go to Shoppers and look for sanitizer tomorrow, so there's at least one place that I actually need to go to, and both of them are a moderate distance from the house. Bed and sleep is still first, however. I called it a night an hour early yesterday and had a restless sleep as a result, so here's hoping for more luck this time, as it's 6:30 already. So early...

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