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I'll Get There Soon

Despite having the entire day off, I did not so much as touch the music folder on my external hard drive. In fact, I actually downloaded more, entirely from hearing a song on the radio at a place I went out to earlier in the afternoon, and liking most of what I heard by the same artist in a random Youtube playlist of their music when I got back home. Said song is The Edge of Glory, and while I've heard it a couple times at work before now, it wasn't until I went to Dollarama today and heard it there that I thought "Hey, this is a really catchy song", and sung along with the first six words of the chorus whenever that part came back around. Of course, at that point I didn't know the name, so I then had to search Google for "on the edge song" when I got back home, which eventually led to finding a torrent of the 320kbps MP3, and that in turn led to procrastination about responding to Qemba earlier, in the form of searching for "640kbps mp3" instead. Apparently they exist, but support for them is very limited, not to mention it's supposedly impossible to tell the difference between a 256kbps and 320kbps MP3, but I would beg to differ. It's hard to describe exactly why, but the latter sound not better, but nicer. Or I could just be imagining it. What's really worth talking about is of a completely different sort.

Today was, from what I can tell, the hottest day of summer, or on a larger scale, the year. I didn't go out to Walmart or anything, even by bus, but did walk to Dollarama in the mall, and then around to 7-11 for candies and an ice cream cone, since it seemed appropriate. Initially setting foot outside wasn't bad. It just felt really, really humid, much like a day at the beach, what with the very air being hot, and kind of thick as well. I made it to the end of the street without any problems, but was already sweating by the time I stopped at the Queen Street intersection. I expected as much though, and was prepared, having brought a bottle of water along, so while I was waiting for the light to change I just took a drink of that, and eventually continued walking. From there to the mall was unremarkable, as was Dollarama's continued lack of mini peanut butter cups (I hope they haven't discontinued them...), but I bought a couple bags of mini Rolos, and two small boxes of chewy Gobstoppers for later, and set out to walk back home again. I decided to go a different way, however, heading up and around what used to be Liquidation World, or No Frills before that (and I think Price Chopper way back when), then down to Richmond, and it was there that things got interesting. I was about halfway to Lacroix when I started feeling completely drained of energy. All I wanted was to be back at home, or at least to stop and not move until I cooled down again, which surely would've taken a while then, but I continued on anyway, feeling more and more tired with every step. That feeling passed eventually, but while it was there, it was really odd. At any rate, I finally reached 7-11, and went right back to get two dollars worth of five-cent candies, because it seems those are the one thing I can't visit that place without getting these days. Unfortunately, before I was completely finished counting those, my whole body just started pouring sweat. I actually had to wipe it away from my eyes before I went up to pick out an ice cream cone and pay. Now, I know the same has happened before, albeit on a lesser scale, but there is a difference. Walking out to Walmart and suddenly starting to sweat upon going inside is understandable, presumably because it's my body's way of adjusting to the sudden change in temperature, but never before has quite so much just come out of nowhere. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of this, but I think I'm entitled in this case. That aside though, the rest of the walk was normal given the circumstances - I unwrapped my ice cream cone no more than a minute after leaving 7-11, and it started to melt before I'd even made it across the train tracks. At least the walk overall was enjoyable (I want to say "for paying homage to summer"), and I most definitely did immediately have a shower when I made it back to the house. I only wish now that I'd brought my camera along to film the walk, but oh well. There's nothing to be done about it now.

Since then, I made lots of cookies tonight. Three batches, of approximately 36 each, which are just waiting to be taken to work tomorrow. Although Melissa declined to have a piece of the dessert I brought in on Wednesday, saying that she was trying to lose weight, and I don't know who else is working aside from her and the new manager. What I do know is that I hope I'm tasked with cleaning the dining room and taking orders when people come into it from the start of my shift this time. I have absolutely no desire to try to make orders quickly over supper, but I probably won't have a choice, and I'd rather not get yelled at by the other new manager because I'm trying to maintain a balance between times and not sweating in the food. I'm also getting tired enought to not be able to think of what to write next though, so I should probably call it a night soon. Sleep yesterday night was far better than on Wednesday (almost, if not entirely because of a dream I had where I came into possession of what I think was an Anubis figurine that I found to be the absolute best thing ever), so with luck tonight will be the same, and maybe I'll also go downstairs in the morning to find a package in the kitchen. I've been waiting on one all week for which the status is to the effect of "Item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs", with another note below that saying "Item delayed due to temporary surge in volume as we resume operations", so maybe not until next week, actually. But that reminds me I need to go leave feedback for that radio cord (which might actually get used on Sunday), so I'll do that now before I go to sleep, and nothing else until tomorrow~

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