Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Speaks for Itself

I just spent the last couple hours going through my music and marking things to be deleted. My search criteria was music that I had either not listened to for more than a year, or hadn't listened to since downloading it, and I came up with quite a bit. The results are as follows, taken directly from my file named "music deleted":

101GB / 15,458 Files / 1,269 Folders

Amy Hedges                                                  [17.2MB]
Andrew W.K.
  The Wolf                                                  [99.6MB]
  Goosebumps                                                [361MB]
  Star Trek                                                 [5.76GB]
Audiobytes for Autobots                                     [56.3MB]
Beethoven                                                   [712MB]
Blue October                                                [595MB]
buzzG                                                       [92.6MB]
Children of Bodom
  Bootlegs                                                  [218MB]
  Compilations                                              [119MB]
  IneartheD (ex-Children of Bodom Band)                     [114MB]
  Live Albums                                               [253MB]
  Singles and EPs                                           [152MB]
Cranky                                                      [78.5MB]
Daft Punk
  Aerodynamic (EP)                                          [17.3MB]
  Alive (Summer 2006)                                       [74.1MB]
  Alive 1997                                                [62.6MB]
  Alive 2007 (Special Edition)                              [197MB]
  Alive at Bercy 14.06.07                                   [115MB]
  Around the World                                          [55.1MB]
  Around the World (Dumb Dan Remix)                         [10.8MB]
  Around the World (EP)                                     [40.9MB]
  Around the World 2008                                     [21.5MB]
  Around the World 2009                                     [22.3MB]
  Burnin'                                                   [27.1MB]
  Da Funk                                                   [37.3MB]
  Daft Club                                                 [100MB]
  Daft Punk @ BBC Radio One Session (Essential Mix Classic) [164MB]
  Daft Punk Live @ Coachella                                [138MB]
  Daft Punk vs Chaka Khan - Ain't No Television             [8.15MB]
  Darlin' (Demo)                                            [5.48MB]
  Digital Love                                              [32.7MB]
  Discovered (A Collection of Daft Punk Samples)            [96.9MB]
  Face to Face                                              [21.9MB]
  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger                          [22.4MB]
  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Edit)          [10.0MB]
  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 2001                     [56.2MB]
  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 2008 (Alive Club Mixes)  [22.4MB]
  Homework                                                  [169MB]
  Human After All                                           [104MB]
  Human After All (Promo)                                   [48.0MB]
  Human After All (Single)                                  [59.1MB]
  Human After All Remixes (Limited Edition)                 [135MB]
  Kanye West ft. Daft Punk - Stronger (Promo CDS)           [29.0MB]
  Live @ Buenos Aires Urban Festival                        [68.4MB]
  Live at Borealis Festival, Montpellier                    [33.7MB]
  Live at Mexico City                                       [155MB]
  Live at Rex Club Paris 15.05.97                           [103MB]
  Live at Vegoose                                           [140MB]
  Live in Belfort                                           [113MB]
  Live in NYC                                               [90.0MB]
  Live Mixes 2007                                           [9.42MB]
  Live Red Rock Festival (Open Air d'Esch Sur Alzette)      [90.7MB]
  Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer '08 Womenswear Mix            [9.50MB]
  Musique (Volume 1)                                        [145MB]
  One More Time                                             [27.1MB]
  One More Time (Daft Unreleased Dub)                       [10.2MB]
  One More Time (The House Moguls Remix)                    [17.0MB]
  One More Time Alive                                       [18.5MB]
  Prime Time of Your Life                                   [15.3MB]
  Remixes One                                               [57.8MB]
  Revolution 909                                            [65.3MB]
  Robot Rock (12")                                          [33.4MB]
  Robot Rock (Adjuster Remake)                              [13.3MB]
  Robot Rock (Shiloh Remix)                                 [6.48MB]
  Robot Rock (Single)                                       [36.4MB]
  Something About Us (Love Theme from Interstella 5555)     [42.1MB]
  Technologic                                               [41.1MB]
  Technologic (12")                                         [37.0MB]
  The New Wave (EP)                                         [24.7MB]
  The Prime Time of Your Life                               [26.7MB]
  Varios                                                    [974MB]
David Lanz
  Romantic                                                  [189MB]
Dropkick Murphys
  Do or Die                                                 [92.0MB]
  Sing Loud, Sing Proud!                                    [103MB]
  The Warrior's Code                                        [94.1MB]
Emotional Joystick                                          [77.4MB]
  EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalolegend ft. Hatsune Miku         [109MB]
Freezepop                                                   [115MB]
Furry                                                       [609MB]
Furry Loops Music Studio                                    [222MB]
  Crescent                                                  [79.3MB]
  Diabolos                                                  [64.0MB]
  Love Letter                                               [67.5MB]
  Mars                                                      [87.0MB]
  Mizérable                                                 [30.9MB]
  Moon                                                      [122MB]
  Rebirth                                                   [44.8MB]
  Redemption                                                [22.3MB]
  The Seventh Night (Unplugged)                             [79.4MB]
Gaia09                                                      [97.1MB]
  Antithesis                                                [37.4MB]
  Live Generators (1)                                       [95.1MB]
  Multiples                                                 [76.8MB]
  Playthroughs                                              [114MB]
  Swarm & Dither                                            [87.1MB]
  Is it Love                                                [95.3MB]
  Is it Love (Vinyl)                                        [40.7MB]
  Kiss You                                                  [58.7MB]
  Poetica                                                   [96.9MB]
  Rapture                                                   [99.4MB]
  Rapture 2007                                              [25.8MB]
  Rapture Reconstruction (Platinum Edition)                 [199MB]
  Runaway                                                   [65.7MB]
Imogen Heap
  Collaborations                                            [40.4MB]
  Miscellaneous                                             [35.4MB]
    Goodnight And Go                                        [8.02MB]
    Hide And Seek - Jethro East & Lee Davey Remixes         [17.5MB]
    i-Megaphone                                             [66.8MB]
Infected Mushroom                                           [4.21GB]
Irish Energy                                                [52.6MB]
Jan Garabek & The Hilliard Ensemble                         [71.1MB]
Jonny Jakobsen                                              [268MB]
Kitaro                                                      [3.39GB]
Linkin Park                                                 [299MB]
Mark Schultz
  Broken and Beautiful                                      [68.2MB]
McFly                                                       [71.2MB]
Metroid Metal                                               [62.3MB]
  A Triumph for Man + Bonus Material                        [70.1MB]
  And the Glass Handed Kites                                [85.4MB]
Mindless Self Indulgence                                    [256MB]
  Hullabaloo                                                [144MB]
  Origin Of Symmetry                                        [77.5MB]
  Showbiz                                                   [45.4MB]
  The Resistance                                            [124MB]
My Chemical Romance
  Desolation Row (Single)                                   [5.09MB]
  Famous Last Words (Single)                                [9.64MB]
  Kerrang!; Class of 2006                                   [3.83MB]
  Life on the Murder Scene (Live)                           [44.0MB]
  Live and Rare (EP)                                        [43.1MB]
  Thank You for the Venom                                   [12.9MB]
  The Black Parade is Dead! (Live)                          [111MB]
  Under Pressure                                            [6.61MB]
  Welcome to the Black Parade                               [154MB]
  Welcome to the Black Parade (Single)                      [16.9MB]
Nadstat                                                     [55.0MB]
  Angels Fall First                                         [95.7MB]
  Bonus Tracks                                              [33.2MB]
  Oceanborn                                                 [101MB]
  Once                                                      [140MB]
  Over the Hills and Far Away                               [30.0MB]
  Wishmaster                                                [70.5MB]
  Wishmastour                                               [151MB]
No Doubt                                                    [656MB]
Onoken                                                      [43.5MB]
Peter Frampton                                              [93.9MB]
Prozzak                                                     [150MB]
Pure Moods Volume 3                                         [72.5MB]
Rhapsody                                                    [632MB]
ROFLTrax + Breakbit Music
    8x-bit Nostalgia                                        [45.1MB]
    Mental Hospital Volume 1                                [33.6MB]
    SHADOW OF LIGHT - Promises and Lies                     [37.0MB]
    SHADOW OF LIGHT 2 - clear canvas                        [29.5MB]
    The Birthday Bash EP                                    [37.6MB]
    The Chocolate-Covered EP                                [9.98MB]
Ronald Jenkees                                              [68.0MB]
Scatman John Larkin                                         [461MB]
Simon & Garfunkel                                           [133MB]
Sonata Arctica
  Albums                                                    [630MB]
  Best Of
    The End of this Chapter                                 [102MB]
  Live at the Gates of Metal Hultsfred                      [78.3MB]
  Mini CDs, EPs                                             [164MB]
  Singles                                                   [135MB]
  Over the Hills and Far Away (Nightwish Cover)             [4.62MB]
SonicBlu                                                    [149MB]
  Blood on the Asphalt - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo       [122MB]
  Castlevania - Sonata of the Damned                        [291MB]
  Cave Story                                                [39.2MB]
  Cave Story Remix Project                                  [120MB]
  Chrono Symphonic                                          [118MB]
  Donkey Kong Country 2 - Serious Monkey Business           [1.25GB]
  EditorArtist                                              [1.05GB]
  Final Fantasy VII - Voices of the Lifestream              [291MB]
  Gitaroo Man                                               [84.1MB]
  Grandia III
    Disc 1                                                  [30.0MB]
  Halo                                                      [91.5MB]
  Halo 2                                                    [95.4MB]
  Happy! Mario 20th - Super Mario Sound Collection          [104MB]
  Hedgehog Heaven (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)                    [86.1MB]
  Kaleidoscope                                              [124MB]
  Kirby - Rise of the Star                                  [56.0MB]
  Kirby's Air Ride                                          [200MB]
  Kong in Concert                                           [80.2MB]
  Loco Roco                                                 [48.3MB]
  Paper Mario                                               [215MB]
  PoPoLoCrois Monogatari                                    [69.1MB]
  PoPoLoCrois Monogatari II                                 [76.4MB]
  Project Majestic Mix                                      [301MB]
  Radical Dreamers - Thieves of Fate                        [96.7MB]
  Ragnarok Online BGM                                       [224MB]
  Relics of the Chozo                                       [65.9MB]
  Subterra                                                  [208KB]
  Super Mario World Remix                                   [34.0MB]
  The American Album                                        [67.8MB]
  The Dark Side of Phobos (Doom Series)                     [137MB]
  The Simpsons Movie                                        [56.1MB]
Sub-Level 03                                                [292MB]
SuperGreenX                                                 [54.5MB]
Tchaikovsky                                                 [96.9MB]
Three Days Grace                                            [109MB]
Tokio Hotel
  Almost Alice                                              [8.89MB]
  Humanoid                                                  [59.7MB]
  Humanoid (English)                                        [63.1MB]
  Humanoid City (Live)                                      [170MB]
  Schrei                                                    [44.9MB]
  Schrei - So Laut du Kannst                                [71.7MB]
  Schrei (Live)                                             [108MB]
  Zimmer 483                                                [41.3MB]
  Zimmer 483 (Live)                                         [89.0MB]
  25                                                        [69.7MB]
  Kokko                                                     [80.7MB]
  Vihma                                                     [93.2MB]
Zero 7                                                      [166MB]

62.4GB / 9,199 Files / 645 Folders

It's odd how when the file size is above 100Mb, Windows rounds to the closest whole number, yet happily displays a decimal point when it's less than that, but strange behavior aside, that's quite a bit of music, and on the drive that didn't hold the whole set, at that. I honestly could've deleted pretty much the entire soundtracks folder, as I could count on one hand how many albums that are still left in it I listen to music from when the urge strikes. Note, for example, the Subterra folder. It truly was a paltry 208kb (the abbreviation was capitalized above so as to be consistent), and contained only 4 files, almost certainly copied from the game's directory, as they were named "rigel1", "rigel2", "rigel3", and "rigel4". Or how about the "The Simpsons Movie" album? I remember going to see that movie with Adam and Josh, but I don't remember the music being really mentionable, or something I wanted to download when I got home, yet somehow it wound up in the soundtracks folder anyway. On the other side of things, for all the music I just deleted, it's fitting that I'm now downloading a bunch more. Discographies of Apoptygma Berzerk, Basshunter, and Michael Gettel, because why? I simply want to replace what I already have by the first two with updated and properly tagged files, and I used to listen to an internet radio station a very long time ago (it was called MysticRadio), on which I heard a song by Michael Gettel called The Straits, and really had to search hard to find an MP3. Then I lost it when my very first external drive stopped working, and couldn't find it since then. Skip ahead to tonight, and a simple search turned up several torrents, one of which I am downloading right now.

It's actually about time this happened. For the past week and a half (if not more), I've found myself feeling really bored, and now I have not one but two things to finish before the Wednesday after next. One is working through all that new music and maybe even going through everything on my external drive to properly tag everything, and the other is to borrow a bottle of (diluted) bleach, a couple rags, and a roll of paper towel from work to attempt to clean my walls. I've become used to them over time, but now that I have that lamp and everything looks different than it did before, I notice how dirty the baseboards and such are, so I'd like to at least try to clean those, and last time I checked, there was an abundance of all three things I'd need at work. The problem with those plans are that I don't have more than one day off in a row until Monday of the week after next, and by that point I might either just want to finally sit down and relax for more than ~24 hours, or not really care anymore. Maybe I could just break up the cleaning over Tuesday and Thursday of this coming week. I know the wall behind my bed (in the position it's in now) will need to be done eventually, but that can wait, as the rest will take long enough, and there's also at least one more baking-related thing I'd like to try before the 10th. Imagine, if you will, baking a cookie, then dipping the bottom half into melted chocolate, and placing it onto waxed paper to cool. Just that simple addition seems like a really interesting idea, but what I'm not sure if now is how I'd get the chocolate to the consistency needed for it to stick to the cookie, but not spread out everywhere and make a mess on the waxed paper. As for idea 2, this stems from Dan telling me that he really liked the peanut butter cup cookies last time, which means I'll almost certainly be making more of the same next time. Instead of chopping the peanut butter cups into pieces though, why not make each cookie with a whole cup? As in, spread some dough out for the base of the cookie, then place the peanut butter cup onto it upside-down, cover it with more dough, and bake the cookie for the normal amount of time, being sure to let them cool afterward. That sounds even more interesting than the first idea, and not terribly expensive as long as Dollarama continues to sell the 8-packs for one dollar, so yeah, I'll have to try that once we get paid again. I think I can spare ~$20 (at most) to make new cookies <3

I think I'll just end this entry here tonight though. It's almost 6:30am once again, which isn't as bad this time because I don't have to be up early tomorrow, but I once again had an amazingly relaxing sleep last night (the kind where you don't even realize you were asleep until you wake up in the morning), so I'm hoping for the same to happen again. As for packages, nothing came today, and I received a reply from Qemba to the response I sent her last night that said, among other things, that she "wants to offer me a free 1.75 inch chibi button since this has been such a long process!!" which is neat. It has indeed been a while since things first started with her (about a year and three months, give or take a few days), but it's a good thing in this case, because there's progress, even if it's not as fast as normal commissions. It's definitely bedtime now though, so yeah. Until tomorrow, etc.~

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