Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need This Break

Quite frankly, I'd be perfectly content spending my entire day tomorrow in my room as well. It seems that all of my options for going out somewhere involve spending money that I don't have thanks to an unexpected expense (new shoes for work, as my old ones were starting to come apart), and that's about all I would've done. I don't have to wash the dishes even though it's Tuesday because of the ongoing circumstances surrounding Naomi and the internet, so I was getting kind of excited thinking about going to Dollarama again to buy a couple packages of peanut butter cups to make cookies with, but that requires money, and I'd rather not spend any more until we get paid if it can at all be helped. I still might do that though, and just pay for the peanut butter cups with cash since I still have some in my wallet, as that'd be fun to do. I don't have any normal semi-sweet chocolate chips at the moment, unfortunately, but there should still be about a third of a bag of the miniature version down in the basement fridge, not to mention more fudge chocolate chips which were quite delicious. Also, I can continue cleaning the walls in my room, because I started on that earlier tonight and the results were pleasing to say the least. Kind of difficult at first, but having to be patient and use a bit of muscle is well worth being able to step back afterward and see a completely clean surface, free of stains and dirt and dust and such other things. The one downside is that my room still smells of bleach, but that's what I get for making absolutely no effort to vent the smell out.

That aside though, needing a break is part of the reason I've missed the past couple days. The other part is that LiveJournal was down for most of yesterday, but that aside, I fell right back into the same emotional trap (so to speak) as before: I started to talk to somebody new about a commission, and things went well right from the start, which made me happy and excited for about a day and a half, but either once I got used to that or once the feeling passed, the relative contentment from before came back, and I wasn't prepared for the change. It's getting better now, although I was kind of angry with said person for most of yesterday and a couple hours out of the afternoon today for saying "she" of all things. It actually took until about 9:30pm to finally get over it, by telling myself they were allowed to say whatever they wanted, because it could only affect me as much as I wanted it to, but I believe such absurd things were the reason for my trying to cut back on commissioning people, so apparently I forgot about that. In the same general vein though, I also have a choice to make about print size(s) for my commissions from Qemba. For the moment, I've told her that I'd like them to be roughly the same size as a normal piece of paper, but giving the inside of my door a good, thorough cleaning earlier tonight made me think that I should just maybe get a larger print - what she described as a "wall scroll" to hang up back there. Sadly, I don't think any of the images I have from her thus far would suffice, but I still have two slots left, and my mind is made up for only one, so just maybe... Assuming it doesn't cost extra to print and ship such a large picture, along with needing to have it laminated / otherwise protected from wear, of course.

Otherwise, I'm mostly just tired right now. Had LiveJournal not been down yesterday, I would've posted an entry which would've included a part mentioning that I'd finally figured it out - the way to get a relaxing and refreshing night's sleep, even during the summer - but then sure enough, I didn't get a very good sleep last night, thus poking a nice big hole in my theory. For what it's worth though, I was going to say it required your bedroom to be cool, and you to stay up at least half an hour later than you did the night before, because it worked three times in a row prior to that. The dreams were kind of odd, but sleeping right through until 1 or 2 in the afternoon with nary an interruption aside from waking up once or twice and immediately going back to sleep was really nice. That's exactly why I'm writing this entry right now, instead of waiting until tomorrow. If I don't, I won't get a very good sleep, and thus won't have a good start to tomorrow, whenever I wake up. What would be truly blissful would be to sleep in until 3pm or so, then wake up to see dark, rainy skies out of my window, and eventually go downstairs to find both packages I'm currently waiting for on the counter in the kitchen. I actually had a dream about being at work during what looked like Fall back on Thursday or Friday, but it's not as nice when it isn't real. I know I say this every summer, but I simply cannot wait until the average temperature drops back down to ~10°C, alas, it isn't even August yet, so there's still much waiting to endure first.

I think with that I'm off to bed though. I'm feeling less stressed out about things than I was before, which was the main point to writing this entry, so we'll see what happens tomorrow with more baking and such else. I still have to upload the picture of that Rocky Road Freeze, and it'd be nice to get cookies in there at the same time~

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