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Nice Way to Start Back

Awesome night. Started off a little rough, but things got done, we all had plenty of time to sit down, and we were out of there well before the order came. Have tomorrow (today, I guess) off, then I have to be back on Saturday, from 8 - 1, which will either get changed to 8 - 12, or 8 - 5. Guaranteed. Manoah started bothering me about "Crystal" once again tonight, although this time, he couldn't even remember the name at first. One of these nights, I'm going to get his MSN address, or I'll give him mine, and tell him "There is no Crystal" and whatnot on that, so he'll stop bothering me. Well, either that, or his question of choice will change to "Why not?" Fun~

Didn't go to Heart and Stroke today, because I don't know how to get out of bed even after my alarm clock's gone off twice. Set it for 11:30 to begin with. Normally, I have it set for then, and my DS for 12, but last night, I didn't bother to use my DS, so when the alarm clock went off at 11:30, I set it ahead a half hour, and went back to sleep. Then when it went off at 12, I turned it off again, thought "I'll give myself 5 more minutes", went back to sleep, and didn't wake up again 'till 3 :s Perhaps that's what the snooze button's for :p

So yeah. Provided I get to sleep soon (which probably won't happen, seeing as I'm still downstairs), I'll head in there today, and hopefully get caught up for P2P receipting. Thing about that though is that there's a couple areas (Dresden and Camden-Gore (wherever that is) come to mind) that didn't have any names filled in on the receipt management spreadsheet, so the only thing I could do was assign all the receipts for whatever area to that area, then move on to the next one. It'll probably take another hour or so to distribute receipts to all the people that canvassed in those areas, once the kits come back.

And now before I go up to bed, let's try this one more time. squnq: assuming things are still on for Monday (and I've seen nothing saying they aren't so...), you'll obviously need my address, so do you just want me to post it in here, or what? That'd be the easiest way to do things, but I'd rather not if I don't have to, so yeah :p And if you don't see this here, well, I'll probably pester you about it on MSN :3

With that, it's time I went upstairs and got to sleep.

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